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    Question Lenovo wont boot with Media Creation Tool Win10

    I have the following problem. I wanted to reinstall Windows 10 on my Lenovo Ideacentre 310S. So I installed a Win10 iso file on a USB stick. USB stick plugged into the Lenovo and set as boot option. Now it does not boot. Connected the hard drive and USB to another PC and formatted the hard...
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    Question When i turn off my PC all the lights and fans stay on ?

    I've tried reinstalling windows, clearing the cmos, a lot of the power and sleep settings and i cant get it to work. let me know if you want specs (its a custom built pc).
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    Question Freeze and shutdown when loading windows 10

    Hello friends, as the question suggests, I have a problem when booting windows. I'll get right to the point and explain what I tried. Sometimes during the loading windows 10 screen, the circle with dots when its loading freezes/stops and my PC shuts down in a period of 15-20 seconds. Sometimes...
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    Question New laptop blue screening and then going to BIOS ?

    I bought a new Asus Vivobook 15 laptop. Right out of the package, i tried uninstalling the preloaded antivirus that came with it and it blue screened during the uninstall. The weird thing is after the blue screen it sent me to the BIOS, i restarted and windows was in the recovery screen and I...
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    [SOLVED] Blue Screens of Death when I try to launch random programs-

    My Computer: Proc: Intel I5 8400 MB: MSI Tomahawk Z370 RAM: 2x8 GB Ballistic Ellite Power Supply: EVGA BQ600W HDD: Samsung Evo Plus 970 and Kingston M.2. 120 GB Hi, i'm becoming crazy since two days ago. Everything started with random Destiny 2 freezes (No Blue screens of death, from now on...
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    [SOLVED] issue m.2 PCIe installing win10

    Hi, I have a GA-X99-UD4 mainboard and installed a intel SSD6 2TB in the M.2 10gb slot. The drive is recognized by windows(other SSD on the system) as well as within the Win installer(USB). but after installation/first reboot, I get following error: file winload.efi is missing with failure...