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  1. A

    Question Bsod while playing

    Hi all after experiencing during last 10 days some random crashes to desktop while playing lost ark, today i had a BSOD(also while playing LOST ARK). SPECS CPU: I7 12700K GPU: RTX 3060 16 GB RAM8(KINGSTON FURY BEAST 3200 MHZ 2X8GB) MOBO:TUF GAMING B660M-PLUS-D4 CPU COOLER...
  2. Vule1901

    [SOLVED] Windows 10: Need help reading full memory dump files (2400g machine with issues)

    Hi everyone, since changing my ram from Geil 8gb kit 3000cl16 to Patriot (hynix cjr) 16gb kit 3733cl17 (running stock 2133 and 3200cl14 currently which passed 32 memtest86 and multiple other ram tests) I started having a lot of different issues (mostly video tdr errors with amd notification)...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] BIOS Detects 16GB RAM, Windows 10 Task Manager Shows 32GB RAM?

    My specs are as follows; Mobo: Gigabyte Aorus X570 Master RAM: G Skill Trident Z Neo 8GB 3600MHz (4 Sticks) GPU: AMD Radeon RX 570 XT SSD: Samsung 970 Pro 500GB (2) PSU: CORSAIR RM1000x Case: Thermaltake Core P8 Glass E-ATX Hybrid Liquid Cooled OS: Windows 10 Home 20H2 BIOS: F34 <--- Win...
  4. O

    [SOLVED] Could you help me identify my PC's problem?

    Hello, my PC gets often stuck on switch-on-switch-off-loop before the "enter BIOS" screen can apear, but other times it works without a problem. (So I guess I at least identified that the problem is not my one-year-old PSU?) Today I switched my PC on and it worked. I could move the mouse at...
  5. S

    Question Windows registry has done me dirty(literally). Need help with USBport Device IDs.

    Ok so I bought a new mic and everything seemed fine till about a week later when it decided to just become incompatible. I did some checking and apparently the device ID migration just wasn't working for this since the day I plugged it in. I tried a bunch of fixes and thought it was the Mics...
  6. S

    [SOLVED] Trying to Dual Boot Win 7pro and Win 10 pro

    I have a Samsung 850 SSD with 512 GB. I have 210 GB's free. I'm using Windows 7 disk management to shrink the drive but it will only allow me to shrink it to 40260 MB. I'm completely confused as what to do. I wanted to split the drive in half and have one side for Win 10 and the other for 7...
  7. R

    [SOLVED] New build - incomprehensible problem. Help!

    Please help me with this completely incomprehensible problem. I’ve been at this for two weeks now, and I am at the end of my rope. This is not my first build. Win10 installs, goes through “setting up devices”, then “Getting Ready”, then it restarts, the splash screen refreshes three times, and...
  8. AtotehZ

    [SOLVED] Installing Win10 on secondary drive while booted up.

    Hey, I'm having an issue with a mini-pc. It won't install Windows 10 when booting to a USB for some reason. The temporary solution I've found is to take an older drive, install windows 10 on that on my main desktop, plug it into the mini-pc, boot up. (The older drive couldn't be installed from...
  9. A

    [SOLVED] AOEMI Partition Assistant OS migration new drives created?

    I successfully migrated my WIN10 from a SATA SSD to a NVMe M.2 SSD using AOEMI and I'm wondering why 2 extra drives were created afterwards. A Local Disk(599 MB), and a System Reserved(499MB). Can I delete these or merge them into another partition?
  10. A

    [SOLVED] How do I delete a second copy of WIN10?

    I migrated my WIN10 from a SATA SSD to an NVMe M.2 SSD using AOMEI Partition Assistant, so now I have 2 copies of WIN10, one on the SATA and one on th M.2. Is it safe to delete the WIN10 on the SATA SSD?
  11. J

    Question Upgraded to Win10 and now it's deleting partition tables off my storage HDDs.

    So, I needed to upgrade this PC to Win10 from Win8.1 with great hesitation in order to get a new network adapter working because it doesn't have drivers for Win8.1. The upgrade went smoothly, everything worked fine, and then I noticed three of my hard drives were missing from This PC: View...
  12. K

    [SOLVED] No start after hibernation

    My desktop computer doesn't start, and doesn't even show the bios screen, after pressing the keyboard power key. I was running windows 10 in legacy boot mode. For some reason it would often restart after I clicked shutdown. So last night I pressed the power key on the keyboard to try and...
  13. S

    [SOLVED] What is the best way to convert a Windows 7 Lenovo Thinkpad edge with very little space left to win 10 now forced into it

    Reluctantly getting pushed into conversion for windows 7 to windows 10 due to they cutting us off in jan . Have a older lenovo thinkpad edge. I Core 3 about 10 to 40 gb left on hard drive. Dont think i have enough external hd to back it up but lookingvto get a TR3 workstation built asap...
  14. Aidan B


    I just started having that problem last night, but my MSI laptop keeps having this BSOD. I recall it first happening when I plugged in my charger, and it seemed to immediately BSOD. I let it restart, thinking nothing of it, but then it will boot, let me open some files and such a minute or two...
  15. B

    Question Overclock shows in OS but not BIOS

    I've got an older system (ASUS P8Z77-V PRO and i7-3770k) that I ran at stock settings for a long time. I started messing with an overclock this evening and was at 4.4GHz with 1.25v using a Hyper 212+ and was seeing core temps of 90C using HWmonitor when running 8K FFT torture tests in Prime95. I...
  16. trpys

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Blue Screen HELP

    Ok so recently i used treefilesize to delete some things off my SSD where windows is installed, now i know what im doing when it comes to being cautious on what to delete, but for some reason. i originally tried to boot off my PC and very much couldnt it would go black for a second and bring me...
  17. themiziko

    [SOLVED] Installing windows 10 + Microsoft account ?

    Last time I was reinstalling my win10 I immediately used my Microsoft account to complete the system setup, but it messed up a lot of names of my system folders etc,. However, Microsoft account provides some useful functionalities and I can't quite put my finger on why, but it just feels "right"...
  18. K

    Question WHEA Uncorrectable Error After BIOS update While watching youtube

    My laptop Just had a BIOS up date and when i went onto youtube and after like 5 -6 mins it had a BSOD. i ran sfc /scannow on cmd and it said there was corrupted files but it coudnt fix all of them. Heres the log file: Heres the BSOD...
  19. H

    Question Advice needed for Asus Strix Z270F and installing 2 SSDs

    I want to install 2 SSDs on the Z270F: 1 will of course be the boot drive with Win10 and all programs on it, 1TB should give me lots of future room; the 2nd will be strictly a backup that I periodically clone from the 1st drive. I already have an XPG SX8200 Pro M.2 2280 PCIe SSD for the main...