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  1. P

    Question New build wont boot after it ran the first time

    I just build a new pc and everything was starting fine for the first time. Played some games and shut it down. Wanted to start it the next day but now it automatically restarts after i get the win10 screening with the loading dots underneath. You can see the screen for about 2seconds and then it...
  2. _dawn_chorus_

    [SOLVED] OS install from 1703 usb won't update to latest version?

    I have a windows 10 USB I bought during the 1703 era so any time I use it I have to sit through all the updates since. No big deal, I have used it several times on old systems with imbedded windows keys to wipe them clean. I just did this again for the first time in a while, putting an ssd as a...
  3. R

    Question PC during Windows 10 update

    Hello, There is a new Windows update for my computer and my PC had to update twice today. The first time I updated it I clicked update and restart, and it restarted my pc after the update. I didn’t use my PC for about an hour, so it was idle. But then, I was finishing some work, and it said to...
  4. S

    Question SSD disappeared from boot-menu after testing "boot from DVD-only"

    Hello, hopefully I can still get things together right, as this is really getting me to my limits for the last 48 hours. My MSI H81M-E34 doesn't boot from anything anymore, doesn't even recognise the SSD anymore. I m ending up in UEFI shell or nothing. Had a dualboot Win10/Ubuntu which I...
  5. AaronBerry

    Question Wifi network adapter stopped working

    The wi-fi adapter on my mother's laptop, just stopped working. I got a message that the drivers were out of date, so I had to get on my laptop to download the drivers. I copied the download to a SD card, and then transferred the card to her laptop. I then ran setup and installed the updated...
  6. wkwallst

    Question Win10 Sleep/Start Screen

    I know this maybe a silly question, but it bug me. When I logon from sleep mode I get a travel post card image/picture. I then have to click this to go to log in screen. Is there a way to by pass this and go direct to log in?
  7. terrormiah

    Question Thinkpad x1 carbon SSD stuck in write-protect mode

    Okay, so, for the last couple of days I've been trying to salvage the ssd in my mom's 5th gen X1 Carbon. She told me that it stopped working back in feb after an update. My assumption is that the computer died or was turned off during the update but I'm not sure. Anyways the issue is now that it...
  8. M

    Question Bug in windows search

    hello folks! so there is a problem with my searching bar "right of the start icon in the desktop" in the windows explorer searching is doing well! but in the search bar of START, its like my keyboard is not working in there! and another question this problem is related to that "index thing"? or...
  9. C

    Question Win10 randomly freezes

    Hello everybody, as I said my pc started to randomly freeze or even give bsod. It's been happening for the past 3 months. Sometimes it happens as soon as I get to the desktop, sometimes after I open chrome or discord, sometimes after 5 mins of playing games (different games too). Sometimes...
  10. AtotehZ

    Question Network drive in Windows 10

    Hello everyone, I need to set up a network drive that can be easily accessed on my local network. It will be set up on a Windows 10 pro server that's on 24/7 and has to be accessible from both Android, Linux and Windows. What is the best way of doing this? Back in WinXP I had no problem with...
  11. AtotehZ

    Question Installing Win10 on secondary drive while booted up.

    Hey, I'm having an issue with a mini-pc. It won't install Windows 10 when booting to a USB for some reason. The temporary solution I've found is to take an older drive, install windows 10 on that on my main desktop, plug it into the mini-pc, boot up. (The older drive couldn't be installed from...
  12. [SOLVED] Pc starts and shuts it down itself randomly

    From day to another I heard at night my pc starting itself, i turned it off, then after 30 minutes it started itself again, so I turned off the extension cord. I used to put it in sleep mode a lot. In June sometimes it woke up from sleep mode, after I shut it down every time and unchecked all...
  13. C

    Question B450f windows 10 crashing, then nvme failed, now vga light on.

    Hi all, I've been having an insane amount of issues with my most recent build. After getting everythingworking for the first time yesterday, every reboot, windows would fail to start like 5x in a row saying it was missing a different driver every time. Once I got windows up everything was fine I...
  14. A

    Question How to access old Win XP drive with security settings ?

    Some time around 2008 or 2009, I decommissioned an old HP tower PC and transitioned to a Mac. I copied over the files I wanted and backed it all up to an external drive. I removed he hard drive from the unit and bought a USB enclosure for it so I could access it in the future. Fast-forward a...
  15. Jerry03

    Question Laptop black screen after clean install Win8.1

    My Laptop: Samsung Notebook Serie 3 300E5C S04 Info: The Laptop has a broken screen so I need to connect a monitor or tv. Yesterday I started my Laptop and it worked. I can login and so on. Now i wanted to make a clean Win8.1 install or Win10 because this was the Laptop of my sis. But I wasn't...
  16. _dawn_chorus_

    [SOLVED] Will Win7 computer with embedded key update to Win10 with USB?

    My Dad has an older computer that came with Win7 installed and I was going to stick my Win10 USB in and update it. I have been able to update several devices that came with Win8 originally this way and their embedded Windows Key works to activate the new installation of Win10. Will this work on...
  17. A

    Question Few keys not working after some time in Win10

    Hello All, I am getting a strange problem in Windows 10. Few keys stop working after sometime of windows login, may be 10-15 mins. Those keys are totally non-responsive. Keys include - left ctrl, del, F2, num5 [numpad keys work fine] etc. My windows is up to date with all patches installed...
  18. _dawn_chorus_

    [SOLVED] Can I run Office (paid) on an unregistered copy of Win10?

    Will I be able to register my copy of Office on an unregistered version of Win10?
  19. Z

    Question Laptop most of the times doesn't recognize HDD

    Hello, so I upgraded my laptop with SSD and I put HDD in place of DVD ROM. Now most of the time my laptop doesn't recognize HDD. Sometimes hdd make very short sound like he is gone boot. HDD work fine when I connect him with usb. My ssd has similar problem when I connect him on same place, but...
  20. S

    Question UI Lagging while 6% load cpu and 3% load gpu

    Hello, so I was playing Hunt Showdown and my pc started behaving strange. I dropped from 60 fps to 22 fps and the gpu load also dropped in the taskmgr. It was like the whole PC stopped for some ms and then worked perfectly again. Soo I wiped the ssd's and installed win10 fresh. The problem was...