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  1. Iver Hicarte

    Question My C: Drive won't let some programs/games write some files to it ?

    So I downloaded a game called Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis (a classic by the way, loved and addicted to it since it was released), and throughout the many years that I have spent playing this game, I have come to notice that it acts like Minecraft, there are some files that will only...
  2. omar80747326

    Question Windows 11 upgrade

    When I upgrade to win 11 from 10, will it keep both 10 and 11? Or delete Windows 10 and keep only Win 11 on my pc?
  3. _dawn_chorus_

    [SOLVED] Will a Win11 OEM key activate Win10 if I install it?

    Just bought a laptop and it came with Win11 but I prefer 10. If I install Win10 on here will it unlock with the imbedded Windows license?
  4. Y

    Question Random BSODs recently (haven't had any for years) ?

    Hey, Could anyone take a look at these dump files, please? I've had 2 BSoDs within 4 days for an unknown (to me) reason. I know that in the past it used to be my PSU, but I haven't changed any hardware recently. Also, when it was my PSU, dump files were never created; here they are dumped...
  5. B

    Question GTX 1070 clock-speed is at 139mhz most of the time ?

    The gpu's clockspeed most of the time is 139mhz, but during furmark, unigine heaven and games it goes up for a little bit, then back to minimum... The problem is I can't get my GTX 1070 to work properly, I installed previous and even the latest drivers. I tried everything, even clean installed...
  6. N

    Question Can i take an SSD out of a Windows 11 pc and place it in a windows 10 pc and use it as my main?

    Hi, I have 2 pc's, one with WIN 11 and 1 with WIN10 Pro, can I just take out my win 11 ssd and put it in the win 10 pro pc and use as main? thanks alot, nick
  7. X

    Question Graphic card Nvidia 1050 ti never is in use.

    Hello, I have an Asus GL703G 1050 Ti ,and after change my ssd , the videocard its never in use, I already tested and works, but in some games the graphic card from intel enters, even when I choose the high performance, also I re install the drivers from the video card and updated the BIOS, but...
  8. Bxzza

    Question Windows 10 bricked?

    So i posted about something that lead to this the other day, i was having some random crashes on boot/shutdown however, since then my windows has completely bricked (i think?) i physically cannot get into windows, wether it’s through my m.2 or a bootable usb and i’ve looked and looked online on...
  9. AverageCheapskate79

    Question For clevo seger P170EM updated BIOS Windows 10 22H2

    So an old friend of mine and myself have been working on this build off and on for a little over a year and we got the GPU BIOS updated from the manufacturer and sometimes it will show that it's working sometimes not but I noticed that nearly all or all of the hardware in the hardware manager...
  10. _dawn_chorus_

    Question Is changing my boot drive from MBR to GPT pretty safe?

    I am trying to confirm Win11 will work on my current setup (relevant specs: 8700k, Gigabyte Aorus Pro Z390, 970evo 1TB boot drive, 5x storage drives) and I have found I need to enable secure boot, which I cannot do because my boot drive is apparently MBR and needs to be GPT. I found a video...
  11. J

    Question Lost Windows 10 after plugging SSD in a different system ?

    So ,I got a new computer with fresh win10(64bit),and I wanted to get data from my old SSD(which was in win10 32bit system).I plugged it in the new system(directly with SATA cable) and all data and WIN10(32bit ) wasnt showing up. There were some files from old Windows instalation that I had years...
  12. L

    Question WIN10 Automatically Shut/Reboot Problem

    Ok. Have had this problem for a while now, and it's starting to get annoying. Going to tag it here in WIN10 because that's what I'm running, and it's where I think the issue is. The system: Intel i7-8700K (not overclocking it) -Corsair HX151 Cooler Radeon RX Vega Giant Phantex Case with 5 fans...
  13. D

    Question Asus Rog Strix g15 - G513RM-HQ064W: can i install win10?

    I'm in the market for a new laptop my use cases will be heavy video editing and university this rog strix g15 looks good to me the only issue is win11 which i really don't want so I've planned to install win10 onto it although I've seen a lot of controversial answers on whather is possible or...
  14. T

    Question Win 10/ AMD 6600 System Stutter In Specific Games

    I'm asking here because I think it's a Win10/GPU drivers issue, but the exact cause I'm not certain of. I recently did a clean reinstall of Windows 10, and previously replaced my GPU for a brand new AMD 6600. After the clean install, I started to notice a few issues with stutter in specific...
  15. M

    [SOLVED] New Build WIN10 Sulks

    Hey, I just built a new PC, 5600x on b450 Tomahawk MAX 2, Kingston 16 gb DDR4, GT1030 2Gb GDDR5, and I get freeze at the boot screen (I can enter BIOS). My old build is fx8350 on 970A-UD3P, gtx650ti, 16gb DDR3 ram, I had 3 drives connected 1 HDD with win10, one SSD with win10 and a 4TB HDD, I...
  16. P

    Question NVIDIA Control Panel default screen refresh rate for all configurations

    Howdy! I've recently upgraded my screen to a higher resolution and faster refresh frequency one, but in the meantime forgot to upgrade my ancient DP cable, which is probably too slow to support the bandwith required. That's my hypothesis, as when I've turned on the monitor, there was no signal...
  17. N

    Question Disk check and repair when laptop boot, laptop slow and freeze

    Good morning. I have been having issues with my laptop for months. Before continue those are my laptop specs: Laptop: ASUS X556UA (purchased in 2017 brand new) Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.59 GHz RAM: 8.00 GB (7.87 GB usable) - 4GB motherboard + 4GB Samsung Ram DDR3...
  18. TwinDenis

    Question How to install Windows 10 from Windows 11 without losing files and programs?

    Hello, I recently got windows 11 and had issues so I wish to go back to windows 10, I clean installed windows 11. I would like to know if its possible (if so, how) install windows 10 without losing programs or files. Thanks
  19. F

    [SOLVED] Win10 Disk Management - delete?

    I was trying to create a partition on an external hard drive using Win10 Disk Management. It didn't ultimately do what I wanted (long story), so I right clicked on teh external hard drive, with the Windows Management tool, pressed Delete and now I can't see the external drive in Windows...
  20. ptminerva

    [SOLVED] Win10 Cannot disable "Use HDR"

    View: Picture says most of it. I cannot disable HDR settings, my monitor is the LG 27GL83A-B . Any ideas? Am I just missing something silly here?
  21. O

    Question CPU Usage jumps all over the place between 30 % and 100%

    Well, the screenshots speak for themselves The screenshots were taken when my computer was using opera gx with a few tabs open and one image open in the photos app my cpu is a Intel Core i5 10600K it's been going on since 3 days even when i have no other app open it still happens and in the task...
  22. M

    Question MSI GTX1050TI Strange HD Audio Problem

    Hi chaps, Running Windows 10 64-bit here on a Dell Optiplex 790 PC. I have just installed a second-hand MSI GTX 1050TI. I use an old TV connected to the graphics card via the Display Port connector. When I am using a media player, MAME or a web site such as YouTube there is no sound coming...
  23. H

    [SOLVED] whatsapp desktop app uninstalling itself

    after closing whatsapp if i try to open it, it wont open. it doesnt display any error messages either. i have to reinstall it everytime i open whatsapp. i tried to uninstall it through apps and features then reinstall it to solve this problem but the same thing happened. so i tried uninstalling...
  24. P

    [SOLVED] Low Hz and Resolution on Boot Up

    This problem started a few months ago. My GPU is an RTX 2080 XC ULTRA, and my monitor is a BenQ XL2420TE (1080p, 144hz). A few months ago, my computer crashed, where the monitor turned off, but it sounded like the audio was still going (through the headphones), and it wouldn’t respond to me...
  25. H

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte b450M ds3h, ryzen 5 3600 (Audio problem)

    hello everyone. I have a problem with audio for about couple of months already, lost all my hair, tried pretty much everything that i could find in google and so far nothing worked. I cant run audio on this motherboard. Whenever i use any headsets or anything else audio is not working, or i...
  26. bewatermyfr1end

    Question External USB HDD encrypted with VeraCrypt is not recognized by Win10 ?

    Hello. Today is my first day with Windows 10 Home. I updated the system after first launch and then installed "DoNotSpy10" to get rid of some telemetry stuff. When i connect my external WD Elements USB Drive (that I used under Win7 without problems) nothing happens. Device LED is glowing, but...
  27. max_ily1

    [SOLVED] Ethernet connection randomly shows as "No Internet"

    This question has been asked quite a lot of times, but none of the solutions featured helped me. I'm using a Windows 10 PC with a Realtek PCIe gaming ethernet, which is connected by Ethernet to an AP. The AP itself is connected to the main router through Ethernet as well. I've switched my...
  28. Helpwithwindowsplease

    [SOLVED] No boot and no bios and 1 beep

    So I cleaned my PC today, mainly cleaning fans with small brush and vacuum near to pull dust away. Before closing case I made sure all the fans on case, GPU, CPU and PSU were running. In this weather I was concerned about overheating Anyway, went to reboot and only get Asus splash screen and a...
  29. A

    [SOLVED] Win10 update > connection to local server freezes after restart

    Hello, We have a small office network setup here. There's about 7-8+ users connected. We have older machines (2012, core2duo, ddr3, etc), and an older server. I believe the server is also 2012. Our PCs have upgraded to windows 10. and we've had several updates of course. One of these...
  30. Loooooongboii

    [SOLVED] All of my system audio cuts out when I launch certain games and will only come back after I close the game ?

    So when I launch games like BF1 and Sea of Thieves my entire computer audio cuts out not just the games. The audio will not come back until I close the game. Any suggestions? I tried a lot of stuff and nothing works, and I really do not want to reinstall windows to fix this issue. Any help...
  31. Arisius

    Question Micro-stuttering audio on Win10x64 Pro ?

    Hello! I would like to reach out to your community I have a problem After installing Windows 10 on Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD 250Gb. I experience micro stutters on rare occasions. This mostly happens in the chrome browser (youtube). Spotify and games. On very rare occasions. Occasionally...
  32. N

    Question Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse not waking up when resuming from sleep

    I've been facing this issue for a while now regarding sleep mode. The PC enters sleep mode normally, but when I click the power button again to wake up the system, the keyboard and mouse stays off, and the monitor doesn't turn on. Everything inside the case turns on (fans, RGB), and if I power...
  33. P

    Question Windows 10 boot message every time I start PC

    View: I have to press F2 every time I start my PC, I already tried updating the BIOS or replacing the CMOS battery 2 times, and when I do this, the error doesn't show up for a couple of days but it eventually comes back. I also tried changing the boot order in BIOS...
  34. B

    [SOLVED] Laptop's keyboard and Enter key suddenly don't work in Windows Search/Run box ?

    omen software cannot be accessed now,as enter key will no longer work in the search/run box,and cannot access anything that way anymore suddenly.And also keyboard software issue that has been progressively getting worse,as software was added/installed installed software: browsers - a number of...
  35. rockii

    [SOLVED] Can't install windows 10; no device drivers were found

    Just got a computer from a friend yesterday, Everything was working normally until I brought it back home and tried to install windows 10 via the windows 10 media creation tool from a usb flash drive. After clicking the correct language settings and region, I click install but this error...
  36. I

    [SOLVED] How to install Windows 10 on unsupported chipset? Dell Precision T3500

    Hello community, I have a Dell Precision T3500 running Windows 7. I want to format it and install Windows 10. However, I am unsure about what to do with the drivers situation because my PC only supports Windows 7 drivers. Now the model of computer I have is really popular so on benchmark sites...
  37. S

    [SOLVED] How can I stop win10 from auto restarting after update

    Basically I left my PC be and went to sleep and multiple times I wake up to a login screen. I know it is not system crashes because reliability monitor did not show a crash but shows updates. And in the advanced options in windows update, all the options are off. But it still restarts in my...
  38. K

    Question Boot time became slow on SSD

    Greetings, I have 480gb kingston ssd. Bought it about a half a year ago and since then it also became my boot device. After migrating Win10 from HDD to it, boot and loading times were 3x faster and was quiet happy with it until about last month or so. For some reason, boot time became very slow...
  39. U

    [SOLVED] Multiple random BSOD

    get multiple BSOD daily. Or i can go days without getting one. It doesn't matter if my cpu or gpu is at 100% or at 10%, I still get BSOD. The majority are the IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, but I also get: KERNEL-AUTO-BOOST-LOCK-AQUISITION-WITH-RAISED-IRQL ATTEMPTED_EXECUTE_OF_NONEXECUTE_MEMORY...
  40. A

    Question system not booting suddenly

    Hello guys I have samsung evo 970 m. 2 drive I addition to 2x 2b sshd firecuda Every thing was fine and working perfectly One of my sshds health was very low and i replaced it with newer one After removing dead sshd and connecting new sshd system suddenly not booting even when i connected...