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  1. netcommercial

    Question Old guy, old O.S, old VIdeo card help

    Thanks for looking in, long time since I've been over here. I fired up the ol' Workstation after a long hiatus and got the Blue screen of Death in regards to GPU drivers for my Quadro 4000 PNY GPU. Uninstalled driver, re installed driver, tried numerous things but I think the ol card (low...
  2. M

    Question Radeon R5 m330 crash after driver install

    Hello, after a clean install of Win7 x64 on i5 7200 U Processor I downloaded AMD 21.4.1 and 21.5.2 drivers for Radeon R5 M330 . Installation went well, but afterwords I received an error stating: Host Service malfunction. AMDRSServ.exe System Failure. Upgraded to 21.5.2 afterwords, but the...
  3. H

    [SOLVED] win7 converts gpt back to mbr during installation

    Okay, I have spend countless hours on reinstalling a patched win764Proffessional version (its using the win8 installer to support skylake/kabylake cpus). things i have tried: shift+f10 during installation, diskpart > mbr to gpt. linux to convert mbr to gpt nothing seems to work, i tried it on...
  4. objexive

    Question Windows 7 using half my ram speed

    Hey there, im currently on a z390 on windows 10. Ive been watching a guy name FR33THY who teaches you how to install windows 7 on the motherboards. But i came into a problem my ram speed on my bios is set to 3000MHZ and when i use specy its currently clocked at 1500MHZ now when i was watching...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] What is the best way to convert a Windows 7 Lenovo Thinkpad edge with very little space left to win 10 now forced into it

    Reluctantly getting pushed into conversion for windows 7 to windows 10 due to they cutting us off in jan . Have a older lenovo thinkpad edge. I Core 3 about 10 to 40 gb left on hard drive. Dont think i have enough external hd to back it up but lookingvto get a TR3 workstation built asap...
  6. M

    [SOLVED] computer screen turns of a solid color but not freeze

    i am new here so i dont know what kind of information do you need to help me a little bit with my problem, but the trouble only happend when i am playing a game all the screen turn in a random solid color but the pc still working perfectly, so i can move the mouse and press the keyboard, but how...
  7. Koushik Das Sunny

    Question Can INTEL DH67BL Mobo Supports Win 10 64bit ??

    I Already Use Win 7 64bit in 2019.... Can My Mobo ITNEL DH67BL (with i5 -2400) Supports Win 10 64bit ? Can Win 10's Driver Support in my ITNEL DH67BL motherboards ??
  8. Kermel


    Hello, I have been recently experiencing problems with my older lenovo laptop. Almost every day (when the computer wakes up) I have a bluescreen or two before it can be used normally. Tried googling around, checking the minidumps and memory dumps by "WhoCrashed", "BlueScreenView" or "WinDbg"...
  9. Y

    Is the 5930k a good CPU?

    I just got a computer from iBuyPower with it inside and i am wondering if the 5930k is a good choice for the 5 to 10 years i will be keeping the computer for? The uses of the computer will be as follows: gaming on multiplayer FPS, MMORPGs, single player RPGs, self made games and random others |...