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  1. Kermel


    Hello, I have been recently experiencing problems with my older lenovo laptop. Almost every day (when the computer wakes up) I have a bluescreen or two before it can be used normally. Tried googling around, checking the minidumps and memory dumps by "WhoCrashed", "BlueScreenView" or "WinDbg"...
  2. pookshuman

    Question Building a new system, please tell me some things about Win10

    OK, So I have been putting off upgrading from Win 7 for as long as possible. Everything I hear about 10 sounds awful. The privacy concerns especially. But now I heard that if you register Win10 with a motherboard or other hardware, you will be "locked" to that hardware with that version of the...
  3. rysani

    Question Can use internet but can't play games

    As the title says I can browse internet but can't connect to online games like GameRanger, Age of empires (eso) and others. I need help with this its been more than a month I've not played my games due to this problem. Tried searching more than hundreds of fix's but that didn't solve any of my...
  4. T

    Question WIN7 won't boot without Hyper-threading Enabled

    So I have a custom computer that I'm having an issue with (by custom I mean it's fully custom, designed off of an Intel reference board). I have a few of these boards and they all seem to work perfectly fine. However, I have a couple that freeze when booting into windows and I'm looking for a...
  5. J

    EVO 970 connecting to only one PCIe 3.0 lane instead of 4

    I recently bought a Samsung EVO 970 and installed it on my machine, however, I'm having an issue where it would only connect to one 3.0 PCIe lane instead of 4. Has anyone had the same issue how can I fix this? Thank you! Hardware, OS specs View: PCIe nvme...
  6. T

    Recommendations for Cooling

    Was looking for a more silent cooler with better temp control. I have OC my CPU with the stock cooler. Budget can really be whatever. Less or more is fine. Specs: GPU: GTX 1070 CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 Mobo: MSI B350M Power: Corsair - CXM (2015) 450W Case: Fractal Design - Focus G Mini (Black)...
  7. T

    Intel i5 7500 + Asus ROG Strix b250g Motherbaord

    Hi just checking if the above CPU and motherboard combination will work as I'm new to PC building and this is my first build. Also, I am going to pair this with a GTX 1050ti dual fan and 8Gb of corsair vengeance lpx RAM. Will 550W be enough to power this system? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  8. F

    High ram idle load

    Hey guys! I've noticed that while my computer is idling, it is using anywhere between 6-8GB of ram. Mind you this isn't a massive issue as I have 32GB installed, but am curious as to whats using it. The task manager doesn't show any programs using large amounts of ram. Is this normal? is there...
  9. B

    Samsung Galaxy Tab-E taking 4 hours to recharge ?

    Is that normal ? I bought it in December-2017 for my wife. I recharged it 4 times so far and each time, it took 4 hours.
  10. O

    Remove old Devices from Client list Asus RT-AC3200

    Hello, I have devices in my client list on my Asus RT-AC3200 router that just wont go away and in the android app even longer.... how the heck do i remove these? Im talking 6 months to a year I haven't had devices and they are still there.
  11. J

    Will a 6.0 * 4.4 mm plug work in a device that requires 6.5 * 4.4 mm?

    Should it work fine?
  12. N

    Is this PSU reliable?

    I was wondering if this PSU was reliable. It had pretty decent reviews and is really cheap.
  13. A

    Can I upgrade my b960 to i5 3230m?

    Hi guys, I have pentium b960 sandybridge (988b rPGA) and I want to upgrade it. Is it possible to upgrade to i5 3230m ivybridge? it have same socket and same tdp.
  14. J

    Can i use any Cpu??

    i currently have a AMD A8-5600k and i want to upgrade it, My motherboard has a Socket FM2 , does that mean i can only use CPUS that are FM2 ?
  15. I

    can sony laptop charger work in hp laptop

    I habe a windows 8 hp lap top but screen is broken and i have sony window 7 thats missing charger and battery are either of theae two compatible with eachother?
  16. Kriilus

    Are these parts good? Can i get better price-performance?

    I'm selecting parts for my friend's first PC and he has a budget of £1k. I was wondering if these parts are ok and if there are any better parts that are better price to performance, for example, the RAM. He has a HP monitor that his dad doesn't use...
  17. saas1980

    Mobo FAN headers, have I got the gist of it?

    Could you check and see if I correctly understood the fan headers for the Asus Z270E mobo? CPU_FAN: Main CPU fan (kraken X52 COOLER - corsair air SP120 1st fan on front of case) CPU_OPT: Second CPU fan (kraken X52 COOLER - corsair air SP120 2nd fan on front of case) CHA_FAN1: Case fan (Corsair...
  18. J

    Does GTX 680 Display Port 1.1 support 2560 x 1080 resolution?

    I have an older Mac that I still need for certain software. My monitor however is on it's last legs. I would like to get a monitor that I can use both on that system and then a newer system at another date. The Monitor is LG 29UM68-P. The graphics card is an EVGA GTX 680 Mac Edition. It...
  19. R

    game setup help

    hello guys, I need some help. this is a brake down of my pc mobo gigabyte z170-hd3p 16gb corsair ddr4 ram i7 6700 non k evga gtx 1070 ftw edition and lots of fans. I am also using a asus monitor ips full 1080p etc why do I get such little fps on current games when everything is only running...
  20. chriscshunter

    Looking for 400-500$ build if not less

    Looking to assemble a computer for a friend that wants a "VERY fast computer with lots of memory for music and browsing online"... lol which is pretty basic stuff. Anyone have any cheap builds?