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    [SOLVED] Explorer restarts when i open a game

    Whenever i launch any game my explorer quickly restarts (desktop and taskbar refresh) , and that causes my games to open a little bit slower. When i go into the events viewer there's a warning sign on winlogon and when i open it , it says the shell stopped unexpectedly and explorer.exe was...
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    Question mousE and keyboard is failing

    so has been happening rEcently. have had this pc for 3 years now, built it myself. just recently the last few weeks i've been experiencing these problems. when i click on a document on my desktop, it marks like much more than i want to. and in file explorer it does the same and opens everything...
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    Question Hanging on motherboard splash screen for a bit too long?

    Recently when i boot my computer the it is taking and absurd amount of time to boot. It will go to the screen asking you to open bios then go to the splash screen and sit there for approximately 2 minutes. After that it boots up just like normal. I don't think this is a windows problem because...
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    Custom pc advice

    I'm new to building my own PC and I was wondering what more experienced people might think of my current build. I feel like it's pretty solid but if there are any things that would make more sense to use please tell me. Here is my build...