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  1. elric91

    Question Gtx 980 4gb(2014) windforce or rx 570 4gb asrock(2017)

    Who can help me? should I get this one gtx 980 4gb windforce or NEW one 570 4gb asrock,980 is $30 dollars cheaper in my country but used for 2 years on games.
  2. Z

    Question GTX 750 TI 2GB Windforce

    Hello, i found a cheap gtx 750ti near me and i wanted to ask if it will be beneficial if combine it with my Ryzen 3 2200G. I have no graphic card installed just the APU itself.
  3. xerxesaria

    [SOLVED] Asus or Gigabyte

    I am building my next gaming PC. I have done the research and have come down to 2 choices which I like. But I can't decide so I would like this community to give me some advise please. My build: i5 10600 / i5 10600K (although I don't plan on overclocking, but I have the budget so why not!)...
  4. C


    So i am planning to build a PC with RTX 2060 SUPER and i am choosing between GIGABYTE RTX 2060 SUPER OC 3x WINDFORCE and GIGABYTE AORUS RTX 2060 SUPER and what i see is the clock speed of 1710 MHz for WINDFORCE and 1845 MHz for AORUS , what i am comparing is the price. Is the WINDFORCE OC...
  5. C

    [WTB] Gigabyte GTX 980 Ti Windforce 3X OC (Gigabyte part# GV-N98TWF3OC-6GD)

    Needs to specifically be that exact card, my brother is trying to cheaply upgrade his computer from two 760s, and I already have one of these; we need another one because he has a quad-monitor setup. He just bought a Rift S, so the 760s need to be replaced.
  6. D

    Question RTX 2070 Max Fan Speed, No Display

    Howdy doody ladys and fellas. I have recently installed a new corsair H60 liquid AIO for my CPU, (Specs will be down below), and right after doing so, I test my computer out, (not really thinking it of as a test, just trying to get back into my computer), and now my RTX 2070 is running at max...
  7. S

    Having problem with my computer’s internet

    Hey Everyone! My problem is that i have a main router, and a bridge router. I have a directly connected computer on the bridge router (call this one “A”), and another computer connected to the main router by directly (“B”), and other devices connected to the bridge router by wireless...
  8. B

    What are the Molex cables used for?

    Hello. What are the Molex cables used for? Where do you put them in the motherboard and what they are exactly doing?
  9. D

    facebook account disabled

    HI everyone. My facebook account disabled . I know facebook terms , profile photo is mine, first name and lat name are the same in passport. Even I sent my photo and password again to facebook help centre as asked, but no result. I created another account , again the same problem . Only my...
  10. I

    Which combination is better?

    Hello guys, I'm planning to buy a budget laptop, which I will be using for mostly office works (Internet, MS Office etc) and for medium level gaming (preferably games like FIFA 17/18, Far Cry 3, AC4 etc). My budget is very limited. I have narrowed down my shortlist to two laptops. I can't...
  11. D

    ASUS P5N73 AM and RX460

    Will an ASUS P5N73 AM motherboard support and AMD Radeon rx460 Graphics card?
  12. L

    Graphics card for Intel Pentium G4400

    So, I built myself a new computer with Intel Pentium G4400, 8GB DDR4 RAM, etc, and now Im looking for a graphics card in 100-150 €/$ price range. Can you guys give me any advise what card to buy? I was thinking on GTX 750ti, but maybe a GTX 1050 would be a good choice? Thanks, waiting! :)
  13. G

    File explorer not working

    So a week ago I was playing a game in Firefox in full screen, I don't remember why, but I went out of the full screen and decided to do something else, while the game kept running. But then I decided to open my file explorer and nothing happened. Every time I try to open it, it shows that's the...
  14. J

    Where do I get a coolant?

    I know nothing about liquid cooling and I want to know, where do I get the coolant? Do I just put water in or does it come with the cooler already in? I can't find anything about it online. I'm looking at this exact cooler...
  15. J

    What graphics card should i get? For $220

    So i was planing on going to best buy today... I only have $280 but planing on buying BattleField 1. So thats an instant $60 less, brings me to $220. I was planing on getting the RX 460 4GB for $130 or should i get the RX 470 for $220?
  16. S

    I dropped my Seagate External Backup Plus

    I dropped my seagate backup plus and now it wont open anything. Its not getting detected as a drive, but the computer is detecting it as a device that it can eject, the light is turning on and it's making noise. Help?!
  17. B

    Rebroadcasting Wifi network.

    Hi. I have a question. I've never done repeater stuff etc so I don't know what I would need for my configuration to work. Basically it looks like this: Router A" with broadcast wifi, it is far away (my antenna and adapter needs to be out of the window to catch signal), this adapter is connected...
  18. S

    Non-fan noise coming from computer

    Hello all. My computer makes this weird semi high pitched but not whiny humming sound. I have tried stopping all of the fans except for the PSU's, and none helped. I have also tried turning off my mechanical hard drive in Windows to no avail. Does anyone have any idea where the noise could be...
  19. A

    Fried PWM Chip on Acer Motherboard

    Laptop had broken hinge. LCD cable was left exposed. LCD Cable bent unnaturally, causing sparks and dodgy connection to lcd. Replaced LCD Cable & hinges. Black Screen. This chip is broken. At first, I was dealing with only black screen (still booted up on external HDMI Monitor), now it won't...
  20. sonyzz

    Searching for Full Tower Case

    Searching for good airflow full tower case, that wont look like black brick and thats it, that will have some style in it, side panel window and would be having grill at bays in front, not covered and left only 1cm gap at bottom for "good airflow" and aswell good cable management the reason i...