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  1. T

    Question Seagate External Hard Disk Not Detecting On Windows 10 Pc!

    My 2 TB Seagate external hard disk (Seagate Backup Plus Slim / STDR2000200 ) is not detecting on windows 10 PC. The light in the HDD is turning on and the USB connection sound can be heard in the PC when connecting. But its not showing up on 'This PC' and in disk management. It is showing up on...
  2. ReubenDre

    [SOLVED] My w key acts like a windows key

    whenever i press the w key it acts like im pressing the Windows Key I tried it on the on screen keyboard and whenever i pressed it, it showed me that i was pressing the windows key please help i need my w key to work again
  3. handtuch

    [SOLVED] Reinstalling Windows 10 that Was Upgraded from Win 8.1

    Hello! I 'm upgrading my CPU & Motherboard soon and will have to reinstall my windows 10. but i just realize it was upgraded back then in 2014 from my retail-bought Win 8.1 How do you go reinstalling the windows then? do i download windows 10 iso from here...
  4. Hedrox07

    [SOLVED] Cannot instal windows 10 on Samsung 970 evo

    I bought a ssd samsung 970 evo 500gb and i cannot instal windows 10. After i instal the windows from a usb boot stick, after the restart i'm sent back to windows installer to start from beginning. If i boot from the ssd after instalation, i'm sent to WindowS Boot Manager saying that Windows...
  5. Bakhshish Singh

    [SOLVED] Help, system attacked by ransomeware

    my system attacked by the ransomware malware and all of system files encrypted by the virus and they left the .txt note with ransom of $500 bitcoin currency to provide the tool so recover my all data. i have very important data which is encrypted/locked with extensions .lockbit .roger .pandemic...
  6. Burtuliny181

    [SOLVED] Is it okay if my HDD laptop needs so much time to open programmes ?

    Hello, I have Lenovo ideapad s145, with core i3 (10th gen) processor, 4 GB of RAM, 1 TB HDD (5000 rpm), and Windows 10. When I run File Explorer it takes 6 seconds to open program, and 31 seconds to open word document. Is this issue common for all HDDs? Thank you in advance.
  7. M

    [SOLVED] Question about installing windows 10

    I got a new 2tb m.2 drive for windows and i am trying to instal but when i choose the drive to install it says only 1863.0 gb total size and free size is the same, did i get a bad drive or is that the size after install?
  8. Question r9 m280x issue

    hello I have a n551zu laptop with 2 graphic cards. I install all the driver and latest Radeon software but I can't use r9m280x card
  9. C

    Question windows 10 hp laptop stutters

    my laptop stutters every 2 seconds or so , the thing is that the only time that it doesn't stutter is when im watching videos on fullscreen , either on youtube or on netflix, to be more exact if the video isnt on fullscreen then the laptop does stutter like it normally does, however the moment i...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Flickering screen desktop

    Hey, Yesterday i had a blue screen and nothing worked so i was told to put my bios on default settings and boot it up (it worked again). Today i started my pc but my icons didnt load in and i couldt use my mouse and my screen started flickering. I allready tried to repair my windows but it didnt...
  11. J

    Question Drives not initialized after installing data

    Hello, i've build my pc the past year and since a week or 3 i've been experiancing some issues. it started when 1 of my 4 drives wasn't able to configure any raid formation because my pc said it wasn't conected properly (it was and still is) i didn't think much of it and just let it be for the...
  12. J

    [SOLVED] PC freezes, no power to mouse or keyboard, power button does nothing

    I got back to my computer, I left it for a few minutes, and the screen was frozen. There were also no lights on the keyboard or mouse. I tried to hold the power button to turn it off but it didn't do anything so I turned it off at the plug. I checked the windows event log when I restarted and...
  13. BB zay

    Question Can't install drivers? RTX 2080

    So I have been having problems with my computer crashing with blues screen and I'm pretty sure it's because of my GPU drivers. I have tried installing them on the website and from windows searching for online drivers it says "Windows found drivers for your device but encountered an error while...
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Fresh install of windows 10 to SSD

    Hi guys, I want to do a fresh install of Windows 10 to SSD. My current OS is on a mechanical drive which I intend to format and reuse as a storage drive. My question is would this work as it already contains an OS. The last time I tried this, the drive was rendered inaccessible.
  15. ICameon

    Question Windows hardware error.

    I am getting these freezes where my video and audio freeze for about 3 seconds at a time. Now I only see this happen around 2-3 times a day on my PC, but I went to Windows problem reports and found that the same hardware error is happening every single minute. These freezes have been going on...
  16. J

    [SOLVED] Low fps on games (30fps) while CPU,GPU and RAM usage is under 20%

    Hello, my Laptop: HP Omen, Intel i7-9750H Processor, NVIDIA RTX 2070 8 GB, 16 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD & 1 TB HDD, Windows 10 So i usually runs my games (Paladins) on max fps 175 with no problem, my cpu,gpu and ram usage doesn't go over 30% ever. Which is expected and normal. Temps don't go much over...
  17. P

    Question Display issue

    Hi guys, Firstly I don't know how to describe my situations. Basically I clean my keyboard and I press something wrong. Now my screen move when I move my mouse and it's magnified. Even after I restart my computer. There's a link below to see the problem in the video. Please guide me to solve...
  18. I

    Question Computer crashing when playing games

    I got a new computer about a month ago. Prebuild from Komplett.(Retailer) ROG STRIX B450-F, Ryzen 5 3600X, 16Gb Ram, RX5700. I have tried driver 19.12.2 and now updated to 20.1.3 In some games it crashes my whole computer and restarts it. I can play Wow, GTA 5, Monster Hunter ect all fine...
  19. J

    [SOLVED] SSD and HDD both seem dead with no aparent reason.

    Last Monday, February 17th, I got home and turned on my computer. A desktop machine with W10. Everything is fine, I log in into my user, Chrome opens up automatically - as I left it open the last shut down - with some tabs loaded: a YouTube video, WhatsApp and something else. The video is...
  20. A

    [SOLVED] Why my phone can't reconnect to my laptop's mobile hotspot after getting out of range

    Hi everyone, so I use mobile hotspot from my Windows 10 laptop. My phone can connect to the hotspot perfectly fine when the mobile hotspot is turned on. However, when I take my phone out of the hotspot range, it definitely got disconnected, but when I got back to the hotspot range, I won't get...
  21. Ironasonalord

    Question Need help with 0xc000000f error

    Hello So i have just bought my self a new gpu sapphire rx 8gb after installing it and installing the drivers from the disk i closed my pc case and my pc shut off and keeps showing ma an windows bootb manager 0xc000000f error Spec Evga 500w 80 bronze ASRock B450M Pro4 f Patriot viper 2x4 Ryzen 3...
  22. I

    Question Undersrtanding the UEFI BIOS -Gigabyte H81m-S

    Hi, This is my very first installation on UEFI I wish to install Windows 10 on my brand new SSD with UEFI and GPT. I have Windows x64 bootable iso already downloaded via media creation tool from MS.So now I have a bootable DVD/USB. My Gigabyte MB H81M-S has UEFI bios(F2, latest available on...
  23. K

    Question window don't detect ram

    So I opened my case and I realise that my ram are not connected in dual channel so I change their position. But now window in the task manager show me that I have only 8gb (I have 2 8 gb ram) but in the bios and on cpu-z it show me that I have well 16 gb what is the problem ? thanks in advance :)
  24. S

    [SOLVED] How to factory reset from CMD or bios

    So recently I’ve been having GPU issues but progressively, things started to get worse. I used to be able to access safe mode but now I am unable to do so (I realized the GPU isn’t the only thing acting up). I removed my GPU from the system as I try to solve this new problem. I tried to do a...
  25. L

    Question Can't Install programs after trying Windows Update

    Alright. I have Windows 10 OS Build 1909. There were some new updates on Windows Update that wouldn't install properly, kept getting error 0xe0000100. I tried doing some troubleshooting - did DISM, SFC, Reset Windows Update, Some Group Policy tweaks. Never got it to work, but I somehow...
  26. P

    Question i got a virus and it's being detected

    Hello community Last month i tried to download Mario 64 , but sadly it turned out to be some dangerous virus , i had read every forum and watched every video and downloaded every antivirus or antimalware for this problem but nothing helped me . I tried to delete the virus files manually with...
  27. P

    Question Black Screen

    Hi to everyone, I was running Ubuntu before without any trouble , I wanted to install Windows 10, in the installation process I don't have any trouble, once installation process finalized and the desktop shows up everything looks fine. The problem appears after the first reboot, when the...
  28. M

    [SOLVED] I can`t install win 10 on my m.2 SSD. Need help!

    When try to install windows 10 on to my M.2 SSD the windows installation cuts off rigth before the installation is complete, its at the one second remaning mark and then pc restarts for some reason. I feel like i have tryed out everything at this point and have given up on this SSD
  29. ThisBoyAwesome

    [SOLVED] Face Verification not working after Windows 10 update

    As you all know Windows 10 keeps updating after a few months and after updating this time my Windows Facial Recognition feature is no longer working. It is very compulsory for me because I have on private sector and I want to preserve personal data as much as I can. I'm not advertising to...
  30. J

    [SOLVED] Task manager not showing ram speed ?

    Hi guys!! I just made a new PC witn 3700X on Gigabyte aorus elite wifi mobo. My ram is : Problem is Task manager is not showing ram speed. Everything else is showing it like...
  31. D

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 Disk Active 100%

    So I'm getting this Disk Usage 100% since about a month for about 5 - 10 mins after bootup and randomly. Computer is completely unusable during this times. No process is consuming disk resources (0% I/O) . I've tried everything on the internet except Clean installing windows, reseting and System...
  32. D

    [SOLVED] App for deleting CR2s without delete confirmation?

    Hey, I'm looking for an application for Win10 that I can use to open a lot of CR2 images, then decide which one I want to delete. This app needs to have an option to disable delete confirmation, I do not want to hit Yes hundreds of times a day. IrfanView is not an option since it does not open...
  33. A

    [SOLVED] black screen after booting the pc on safe mode

    Hiii, I wanted to delete the archives of an old Hard drive so I could get and extra storage, but I didn't have the permissions even after changing them. well, the thing is that I wanted to try it in safe mode but I only got a black screen after booting up. and now every time I try to turn it on...
  34. L

    Question Nothing works

    I've recently reset my computer through the windows 10 settings. I went through the set up with ease but I noticed its verry slow compared to before. When I signed in nothing seemed to work. The windows button doesn't work neither does file explorer. The only thing that will open is task...
  35. N

    [SOLVED] what drive will the windows 10 setup tool effect?

    I am using two drives. One ssd which has the windows 10 installed and an hdd to keep my files. I want a fresh intall of the windows 10. I downloaded the setup tool and I want to keep nothing from my old windows so I chose the keep nothing option. But i have a question (maybe its stupid). Will...
  36. A

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 freezes during installation on new PC.

    SPECS: Intel Core i7-9700K 3.6 GHz 8-Core Asus ROG MAXIMUS XI HERO (WI-FI) ATX LGA1151 G.Skill Trident Z RGB 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600 Samsung 970 Evo Plus M.2-2280 500 GB and 1 TB Asus GeForce RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB ROG Strix Corsair RMx (2018) 750 W Hi I built this new PC and tried to install...
  37. K

    [SOLVED] windows 10, 1903 feature update not available yet

    hey guys... I have an Acer nitro V laptop with i5-8300H and having 8gb ram along with a GTX 1060. My friends having low specs than mine got windows 10, 1903 may 2019 feature update way too early while I'm still stuck in the previous version. I got a dialog box saying that my device isn't...
  38. A

    Question bsod only when starting/playing games

    Hi guys! I am getting a blue screen of death every time I start a game. the game I am testing if the BSOD still appearing is Minecraft (Java edition) I had this problem in Windows 7 and Windows 10 all updates and drivers are up to date! I have : processor: i5-4670 3.40 GHz GPU : Intel(R) HD...
  39. A

    Question Virtual box using GPU

    Is there a way to make VirtualBox to use my laptop's GPU instead of the integrated graphics? I searched for hours and couldn't find a solution. Using it on windows 10 on a laptop - and the VM is a macOS Mojave
  40. noyaus

    [SOLVED] Windows Apps Store not working Code: 0x80131500

    Hi Guys, My Windows 10 App Store is showing: Code: 0x80131500 I have tried restarting it and not working. I just did a factory reset and it is still showing like that. What do I do?