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  1. sympathizing

    Question After Reinstalling my PC, games are apparently only in Fullscreen Windowed.

    Hey all! This is my first post, I never thought I'd post here until something happened. So yesterday I installed a new table in the room, and after reinstalling the PC and the 2 monitors, I turn it on and it worked fine until I load one of the games I play, CS:GO. It seemed fine at first and...
  2. K

    best amd gpu for my 475 watt psu

    ok so im looking to buy a used amd gpu so i can play doom 4 battle field 1 and the witcher 3 on high settings at 1080p with a decent frame rate. right now i have a gtx 960 2 gig version which doesnt play well with doom 4. below is a link to the specs for my power supply...