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  1. Rostropovich

    Question Weird performance loss when some programs are open ?

    Hey, After I've switched to Windows 11 I've started experiencing some weird performance issues when I open some programs. The problem manifests itself as a drop in FPS while I'm on the desktop. It is very noticeable because the mouse pointer starts moving as if missing frames and when I drag...
  2. T

    Question Direct X 11 games crash if they go windowed/borderless

    A little backstory on what happened: Playing R6 Siege, game crashes once during game play, crashes second time sometime later, and as R6 crashing is very rare I decide to update the drivers to 452.06. Updates prompt restart so I restarted and now attempting to run any Direct X11 game in...
  3. C

    Question Jerky/laggy mouse movements when cpu @ 100% utilization

    Okay so this issue has driven me nuts. Whenever my CPU reaches 100% utilization, my mouse movements is all stuttery, laggy and jerky. This started since I upgraded my GPU. I uninstalled my drivers with help from DDU. SPECS: i5 6400 MSI RTX 2060 (upgraded from 970) 8 GB Ram in single channel...
  4. Kettenkrad

    Question Strange Fullscreen HDMI Problem

    For years I have been using my monitor with an standard HDMI setup until this morning when it seemingly spontaneously decided to stop working entirely. When I woke up today and turned my monitor on I was greeted by a persistent "No Signal" message that was only remedied by moving my HDMI from...
  5. G

    Question Weird 2060 issue - Low FPS overlocking

    I just installed a Zotac RTX 2060 dual fan. I was going to put an overclock on it +150 CPU and +500 on memory. So I load up MSI Afterburner. Put the OC in and run Heaven along with it. At this point I do not have the Heaven window focused. Running fine. As soon as I focus the window, FPS...
  6. S

    how to I fix my problem when I set the icon or text until 500 percent and cannot turn back at normal size because half of tex

    How can I fix my problem when my icon and text very large until 500 percent.I dont know how to turn back my icon and text to the normal size because when I open control panel half of text cannot see because it too big.please solve my problem .
  7. D

    Look up Verizon account by credit card number on file

    I have discovered my husband has a Verizon account phone number (we r on family plan with t mobile) he has hidden & then denied he has it when it's been on our past years credit card statements. How can I find the phone &/or account number to see who he's now cheating with but lied ?