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  1. AceXxSN1PERxX

    Question Can’t update from 1803 error 0x80004005

    Hi guys I’ve tried my best to solve this but no look , I can’t restore or reset my pc as apparently no restore point , help would be greatly appreciated thanks
  2. RedCobalt

    Question Acer Nitro 5 display froze w/ sound still playing

    Another issue I just recently encountered with my Acer Nitro 5 AN515-24-R970 is that the display froze with the sound (from the music player) still playing. Mouse and keyboard were unresponsive. I tried unplugging my mouse and plugging it back in, the lights didn't turn on. I was about to do a...
  3. RedCobalt

    Question Acer Nitro 5 weird issue

    My laptop was either in sleep mode or just had the display off (forgot to take note), I plugged in a mouse and keyboard (to set up a second display so I could multitask) and when I woke the system up and tried to click the windows icon, nothing happened. I thought that was strange so I opened up...
  4. hshark93

    Question Updating to 1809 Causes crash on restart after install

    When force updating to Windows 10 through an installer to get 1809 (currently on 1803) , because through the normal update section it throws this error at me when every it has previously tried to install: 0xc1900101, I download and install fine, when I get to the restart stage and boot up when I...
  5. Leoplate25

    Question BSOD Machine Check Exception

    Hi, i have this BSOD: "Machine check exception". Could it be related to some undervolt i did to my system with Throttlestop? Or what can it be? Thanks!
  6. satheeshlive

    Question Adobe is not detecting Intel (Intel HD Graphics 2000) GPU!

    Hello Guys, I have installed Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, But they are not detecting Intel GPU (Intel HD Graphics 2000) at all. PC Config - PC Config I have updated all the drivers including Intel Display adapter, Graphics driver and the Adobe CC also updated one, But still Adobe is not...
  7. K

    Question Looking for an EXCELLENT, well rounded, real time system monitoring Software for my PC, any recommendations?

    Trying to find an excellent, well rounded, real time system monitoring software. I use hdinfo64, but that doesn't really do real time. For the last few weeks my system has been powering down when idle, ie I am not sitting there, actively using it. I've already checked power settings cause I...
  8. L

    Question Windows Logon GUI Application high cpu usage

    I noticed that my pc was getting slow and when I checked task manager i see this process "Windows Logon GUI Application" eating my cpu usage and disappearing after few seconds when i check task manager. Any help would be greatly appreciated. task manager picture: View...