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  1. S

    Question Two HDD (W10 - W7) in one PC stepping on each other

    Hi everyone, i have been using Windows 7 (W7), but now i am upgrading to Windows 10 (W10) because of company policies. I have choosen to use a new HDD to install W10 (disconnecting the old W7 HDD before). When i installed all programs to the new W10 i restarted and also connected my old W7 HDD...
  2. NcNkyler

    Question Weird Boot Up Issue On Windows 10

    So this morning when I went to boot up my computer, it stopped mid boot at a blank screen with a single dash or underscore in a random location on the screen. I could not do anything and the computer did not react or move. I pressed the power button and restarted to see if it was a one time and...
  3. R

    Question Games not running in full screen

    My games dont go full screen if the resolution of the game does not match windows resolution. For example my windows resolution 1920x1080 and if i run a game at 1280x720 in full screen it only covers a part of the screen and the rest is black. (Check the attachment). I know its not a game...
  4. H

    Question Controlled Folder Access - Windows 10?

    Hi guys, i have some problem with "Controlled Folder Access" in my windows 10, it mostly blocks my games from saving its data. For example, if a have .exe file for some game, say: "GameName.exe", when i open the game, it just opens normally, but i got a message in my notification bar saying...
  5. E

    [SOLVED] Need help clean installing windows 10

    My friend helped me install windows 10 onto an 8GB usb flash drive using Rufus. He made sure it worked by trying it on his own computer and it did. When I got home with the drive, I plugged it in, went to bios settings, made sure secure booting was disabled, had the boot mode to legacy+xhci...
  6. C

    [SOLVED] Please help I can't boot to windows 7

    I can't boot up my windows 7 hard drive, it just keeps sending me to my SSD which has windows 10. I don't really know how this happened, but after I used the help of the people that commented to me on this post...