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  1. L

    Question Putting windows on my new HDD and keeping the files on my old one

    My HDD is dying so I bought a new one and plugged it in aswell. Is it completely safe to turn my PC off and unplug my old dying HDD full of stuff, boot onto the new empty one and install windows on it using a windows bootable USB, then plug the old one back in and move the stuff off it to the...
  2. Heidden

    Question Scand and repair drive (C:) loop

    Every time when i boot up my pc it starts dcanning the drive c: partition. I tried multiple methoods of checking what's wrong but everytime the same thing happened over and over again. When i try to use tools on drive properties, the scan fails "There was a problem scanning this device".The pc...
  3. C

    Question Windows 10 hangs on logo

    I recently added more RAM to my system and now when I start up my computer it hangs at the Windows 10 logo. If I press and hold the power button to turn off and then press it again to turn back on, the second time it will not display anything. Just a blank screen. Then if I repeat that one more...
  4. bpennock

    Question Dual section from usb ssd.

    Hello all, I have to do a compete wipe and reinstall of my os (windows 10). Is there a way I can partition my 256gb portable SSD to have a windows UEFI boot on it and have the other half for removable storage? Any help/thoughts are appreciated Thanks
  5. dexer3z

    Question i have a serious problem with windows 10 please help

    hi, so when i turn my pc on it will show me the boot settings and so. normal. but after boot menu the screen suddenly goes black for infinite , but when i unplug the DVI port from my graphic card and plug it again monitor will show me the password screen . i mean i have to unplug the dvi port...
  6. V

    Question No speakers or headphones are plugged in!

    Hey! I recently bought an MSI H410m-a pro motherboard, comes with the Realtek alc 892 audio chip. It has been a month and everything was working fine until recently Windows won't detect my headphones or any other input or output audio device! The device select window pops up where I select...
  7. A

    Question BSOD problem

    Hello everyone. I have been having this BSOD problem for a while now and so I thought that you guys could help. I've also just reset my PC thinking that it would help with my problem but it didn't. My minidump will be linked below. Any help given will be greatly appreciated. Thanks In Advance...
  8. kcaayush2158

    Question Keyboard and mouse is not working on startup and bios

    I was trying to boot a computer last night and i remember that i went to recovery option by holding the shift key and click restart button . When i choose the booting option menu on the recovery option suddenly my keyboard and mouse didn't work. So i switched off the computer and turn it again...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Recent issues with Windows 10

    Hi all, Recently my Windows started running into a some errors and trouble so I reset (full format) my PC yesterday and installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 Home downloaded from the Microsoft website. Some issue like 100% disk load have been resolved, but some errors still remain. 1) Windows...
  10. MrBearIsHere

    Question Can I use AMD DDR2 ram on intel?

    I have a system running on Intel Core 2 Quad CPU, and it's motherboard is acer oem motherboard (I think it's msi oem motherboard bc it's saying Micro-Star)......and Ik the motherboard can support up to 6GB ram ddr2, So I found some cheap unbranded DDR2 4GBx1 ram....but it saying it's only...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] having issues with clean installing windows 10

    Is there a way to do a clean install of windows through BIOS because all the youtube tutorials do it by using a media creation thing. When i plug my usb flash drive in, it says i have to format it but ive been told to not format it. What do i do? im not experienced with computers and just want...
  12. Pc BUilderr

    Question Windows 10 PC not booting up ?

    I have had my PC for a while now but I decided to reset my whole PC to make it a clean new one again but while doing so I tried reinstalling windows 10 with a usb. But when trying to boot the Pc up it takes forever to get to the motherboard manufacturer logo and then it goes to Windows screeen...
  13. D

    [SOLVED] Input delay on windows ten after factory reset

    Recently i was having problems with my two monitor set up cos i was making my monitor 60hz so i was forced to factory reset my pc. Having factory reset my pc, I Opitmized it and installed the latest drivers but for some reason when playing games( namely fortnite) I have been feeling a ton of...
  14. Alezwieje

    Question Stuttering in games after clean windows reinstall

    Hi, I have a problem with stuttering in games since I reinstalled windows, because i had BSODs. Luckily after reinstalling them I haven't experienced them anymore, but I have a performance issue and the screen stutters occasionally in games for less than a second I also feel that in-game...
  15. Calithorn

    Question Wireless controller connects after pairing but immediately disconnects and cannot make it to connect again.

    I have been working for 3 days now on getting this Scorpion GT-64 wireless controller to work via bluetooth connection. I have tried many things from updating drivers, setting automatic on bluetooth services, etc. I am starting to think that either my controller is malfunctioning or i just...
  16. fritos

    [SOLVED] Downloading Windows 10 to new DIY PC wont boot

    I'm trying to download Windows 10, but for some reason once the installation is completed my PC restarts and brings me back to the Windows installation menu. It seems that something was downloaded because the SDD is now partitioned, but when i go into my BIOS there is no option to boot with the...
  17. itmesoham

    [SOLVED] Dual channel Ram compatibility

    So I want to upgrade my Corsair vengeance lpx 8gb ddr4 2400mhz to 8+16 gb Corsair vengeance lpx ddr4 3200mhz. If I do so, will they run in dual channel mode? My motherboard is Gigabyte h110. Thanks.
  18. S

    Question Only one window is workin at a time.

    Hi, there is something wrong with my computer but idk how to explain it. Its like only one window i working at a time and i cant use the taskbar or anything else. So when i ALT+TAB to another window nothing is workin. I can move the mouse around but when i hover over for example the "x" button...
  19. ciro_881

    Question Data recovery from 2TB Hdd

    I bought an ssd for my build because I wanted to speed up things since I only had an hdd. My hdd had two partitions (roughly 1TB each), one where I had the OS and one where I had all of my games, programs, important files etc. When installing W10 on my ssd, I wanted to keep my partition with...
  20. Draxon97

    Question Windows 10 Surround/Multi channel audio, kb4515384

    Hi everyone Since the August 2019 update (kb4515384), I have a surround problem on my two computers. Nothing helps. On my mom's laptop (Win 8.1) everything works fine, same on ps4. I've formatted at least 10 times and it's still the same. I am simply without strength and totally reflective. It...
  21. C

    Question Hello guys I have problem witm my computer

    Where do I start. First, when I play games that are stronger, in task manager memory, gpu, cpu are extremely high. With that, the game lags. There are a lot of Fps but they just load my textures very slowly. After I turn it off, everything falls apart except the memory, it stays somewhere...
  22. A

    [SOLVED] Reinstalling windows 10 after mobo change?

    Im about to upgrade my motherboard and my cpu, but im not doing any storage changes. I got one 500gb sata ssd where windows 10 is currently installed and i have 2 hdd where games are installed. But my question is what do i have to do when upgrading the mobo? Do i need to delete everything from...
  23. B

    Question Windows 10 usb freezes right before boot up

    CPU - Ryzen 9 3900X Motherboard- Aorus X570 Elite Wifi GPU - RTX 2080 super SSD - XPG 512 GB HDD - Seagate 4TB RAM - XPG DDR4 32 gb (2x16) This is a brand new build that I put together myself. I bought the USB from Microsoft with everything preloaded on it for Windows 10 Home. I plug it in and...
  24. DrexxBoban

    [SOLVED] Windows update made my pc have no sound and mic making static noises

    I updated my windows 10, by restarting pc, cause there was a hotfix. So after it my pc made no sound at all, not on headphones, nor on speakers. I fixed sound issues by going in task manager and stopping NahimicService. While my mic makes static noise every time I speak, no other sound. I have...
  25. Lucas Lovnander

    [SOLVED] 3 BSOD in under 2 days

    Out of nowhere I've gotten 3 BSOD in the past 2 days. They all have different error codes each time it happens and it happend while loading up a game or in a game and once it happened while just doing school work(Twice while playing/loading up Modern Warfare). I haven't done any overclocking in...
  26. Florren

    Question Major Windows/Malware Problens

    So, key events so far: 1) some site/download might have managed to bypass my antivirus, and I woke up with literally no OS anymore 2) windows was reinstalled, I restarted it to finish some installs (AMD Radeon Software and others), and then I get hit with a "An operating system wasnt found"...
  27. Denme

    Question Windows 10 keep freeze but mouse work

    I have built a new pc but an old spec (very tight budget build). After installing the os everything went fine but after 2-3 days of use it become worse, the system always freeze for a minute even if im not running anything, i cant even open control panel. the cursor keeps moving and responding...
  28. brencicmiodrag82

    Question new update fix

    after new update my pc cant go in sleep mode it only turn off monitor. How to fix?
  29. S

    [SOLVED] Migrate OS to new ssd

    Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to migrate only windows 10 from the source disk instead of everything that is on the disk. I am using a migrating tool.
  30. A

    Question Windows 10 freezes/blue screens after playing minecraft.

    I have just got a new PC, and installed minecraft (I pirated it, so please don`t go on the topic of pirating). The Computer is pretty much able to run Minecraft without problems, the game is installed on the same SSD where the OS is installed, not giving options to install it elsewhere. First...