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  1. R

    [SOLVED] Ever since an update, Windows 10 freezes even after clean install.

    My System:- Ryzen 2400G, ASUS Prime A320M-K, Crucial Ballistix 2x16 GB RAM, 140GB Kinston SSD, 1 Tb WD Blue, Internet via LAN cable. I was running Windows 10 Pro Version 1909. 64-Bit. I've been having this annoying problem after recent critical update. MY biggest blunder was not setting System...
  2. M

    Question Windows 10 will not update to 20h2

    I have been trying since November to update to the 20h2 version from 1909. The current version I have installed is 1909 OS Build 18363.1441. My specs are: 16GB DDR4 RAM B350M Bazooka Radeon Rx 580 Ryzen 5 1600 6-core processor Whenever I have tried to update in the past, I have gotten error...
  3. aden.anderson2001

    [SOLVED] Should I update to windows 10 20h2

    Hello. I have a laptop with the following specs: 8gb ram 2gb vram i5 5500u cpu I have windows 10 1909 installed now and im not sure if I should update to 20h2 or not. I had heard the 20h1 update made a major change in windows resource management so that windows itself uses less resources. I do...
  4. E

    [SOLVED] Moving from i7-930 to i9-10850K. 10 Year gap. Need to reinstall Windows?

    Hi guys, as the title says, I am moving from my old i7-930 BIOS to i9-10850K UEFI after so long. Do I need to reinstall my Windows partitions (I have two) or can I just continue as business as usual? Of course this means a whole new motherboard too lol
  5. H


    Hi guys, I'm currently using windows 10 version 1909 updated to the latest version. I was downloading some file via torrent (20.1 GB), after some time from downloading i got a BSOD error code written on the thread title. I updated windows to latest version (its already but just made sure...
  6. yullbarez

    [SOLVED] Should I Upgrade My Windows 10 To 2004 From 1909?

    Hi, should i upgrade my Windows 10 to 2004 from 1909? Thanks.
  7. S

    Question Sudden Heating issue on HP Pavilion Gaming 15 2019

    The heating issue cropped up about two days back. I installed Solidworks 4 days ago and ANSYS student 3 days ago. The laptop was bought in Sept 2019, specifications are: i7-9750H Nvidia 1660 Ti Max Q 512GB SSD 1TB SSD 12 GB RAM It has been on dual boot since the beginning, UBUNTU 18.04 LTS...
  8. VitusB

    [SOLVED] BSOD and random crashes everyday

    Hello. I've been getting lots of bsod and random crashes everyday for quite some time. I've tried what feels like everything, but my pc keeps crashing. Any help would be appreciated. I've attached some minidump files.!Ai2whkvZOScjhXYgdQUJsUfKDLJN?e=agoE2T -Thanks
  9. EsmaFingerpin

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 1909 - Things Getting Smaller On Their Own

    Windows 10 Pro (Build 18363.836) - Things Getting Smaller On There Own Like Windows Time, Windows Front, Front In Games, A number of various things and I'm doing nothing to change them in settings or anything at all Is this just me, my eye sight getting worse or is this happening to other's...
  10. A

    Question Windows 10 Problems

    So I'm having these problems since late November 2019. Even after I tried reinstalling Windows 10 using MediaCreationTool, Rufus, extract to USB using WinRar. It keeps coming back. I'm tired af of these problems. The problems are, UAC keeps popping up if I tried to eject my USB, regardless of my...
  11. R

    [SOLVED] windows update error perpetually [KB4549951 - Error 0x800f0982] [KB4550945 - Error 0x800f0988]

    so for me there are 2 pending updates KB4549951 - Error 0x800f0982 KB4550945 - Error 0x800f0988 i have everything on this post - what are my options other than an in place upgrade? an what settings reset/files are lost...
  12. mohawkade

    [SOLVED] CRITICAL PROCESS DIED (ntoskrnl.exe) - Cause Unknown

    For the past couple of weeks, my system has been plagued with random BSODs with no apparent cause or trigger to set it off. It happens when gaming or in VR, it happens when working with 3D rendering, video editing and folding-at-home, but it also happens when idle. Error reports suggest...
  13. TribalOutcaster

    Question All Connectivity just doesn't seem to work.

    First up some details on the laptop: Owner: A friend of mine OS: Previously had Windows 7 with non-genuine key/No Windows key. Now upgraded, Windows 10 with no Windows key. Issue: So, he had a problem with his computer so i had to reinstalled windows for him from 7 to 10. Unfortunately when he...
  14. Gulmorg

    Question Is there any ways to make Windows 10 look much better?

    So, i've tried the Nexus and Rainwater apps in Microsoft and to be honest it is very appealing. But i think i need more, is there any apps/theme that can make my Window look much better beside two of apps above? If you have any suggestion please comment below. Any comment will be worth to...
  15. D

    Question WD hard drive on dock station goes sleep mode

    I have Orico docking station for Internal Western Digital 4TB Black hard disk drive . If i don't use the disk for 2-3 minutes the disk goes to sleep mode . I have disabled in power management setting ,set hard drive to turn off to "Never" and usb selective suspend setting to "Disable". I am not...
  16. D

    Question Aura sync not letting eject USB drives

    Not able to safely eject usb devices as its been used by aura lighting services. If i stop lighting services of aura can't use rgb sync across devices. I am not understanding why this software using usb devices?....There is no way i can safely eject without stopping aura software from task...
  17. J

    [SOLVED] Can't install Windows 10 (via USB) on new machine

    I just built a computer and I'm trying to install windows 10 via a usb but when I select the USB in the bios screen under boot override and hit enter it goes to a black screen with a command line. Does anyone know why it's not installing windows and just getting stuck here? I'm running an Asus...
  18. EsmaFingerpin

    Question Netflix Freezing Windows 10 Issue - Please Help

    Netflix freezing Custom Build Computer of AMD Sapphire Nitro+ Readon RX 580 8GB has happened twice - How can I fix this issue ?? Windows 10 Pro Edition Processor : AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega Graphics 3.50 GHz Installed Ram: 16 GB Memory: 500 GB NVME SSD Graphics Card: AMD Sapphire...
  19. H

    [SOLVED] Controlled Folder Access - Windows 10?

    Hi guys, i have some problem with "Controlled Folder Access" in my windows 10, it mostly blocks my games from saving its data. For example, if a have .exe file for some game, say: "GameName.exe", when i open the game, it just opens normally, but i got a message in my notification bar saying...
  20. D

    Question windows 10 clean install with phantom space eater

    hey guys i did a clean install of windows 10 today and i did all the windows updates that windows has now the weard part is if i go my ssd that says it has 232gb and its says it has only 175gb so i look on proparties and it says it has filed it with 56.9 of the 232 gb but the weard part is if i...
  21. aranorde

    [SOLVED] How is performance after Windows 10 1909?

    MS started their second(?) roll-out of 1909 and I just got the update, didn't download it yet but I'd like to know how it is in-terms of performance and stability. If you have done any benchmarks or test, please provide the details as well. Kindly include your specs too so that I can compare...
  22. S

    [SOLVED] I don't have an option to enable hardware acceleration for my GTX 1060.

    I'm using windows 10 PRO 1909 , build 18363 and I couldn't find the option in the display settings. I also couldn't find anything in the Nvidia Control Panel. Any help on the topic would be greatly appreciated!
  23. SantaClaus2019

    Question BSOD Kernel Power

    Hello. I've been visiting this forum for years to find answers, but this is my first time asking a question. I am having a BSoD Whea_uncorrectable_error and get a Critical Event 41, Kernel Power on a new build with Windows 10. Specs: Mobo: MSI Meg z390 Ace (Bios flashed to 7B12v16, latest...
  24. L

    Question high cpu usage until i open task manager

    new build and as title states, cpu utilized approximately 40-50% at idle and once i open task manager i can see the utilization high but before i can see or task manager figures out whats going on and cpu usage quickly drops to 5-9% and i cant see what was causing it as it changes so quickly and...
  25. thunder0024

    [SOLVED] Pictures disappeared after update 1909

    I hate to post again, but here it goes: After having a rough time updating to 1909, I'm finally here and aside from a few visual changes nothing happened. I just checked my "Pictures" folder in Windows Explorer, only to find that they're all gone and replaced with a few empty folders (Camera...