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  1. Question Can't change lock screen

    Hi! I've got a new PC assembled by myself. Yesterday I wanted to change the image on lock screen, but well... I wasn't able to. I can change desktop wallpaper, and I can set the Windows Spotlight on the lock screen, but that's all. If I want to change the lock screen image, it just stays on the...
  2. X

    Question Windows Unable to Update

    Following a clean reinstall of windows on my machine, windows installed my system reserved partition on Disk 0 which is one of my HDD drives while the OS was installed on disk 3 (C) on my SSD. This rendered my drive and made it unusable. In order to format and make the drive usable, I moved the...
  3. Zxya

    Question Drives disappearing after opening/downloading any game.

    This started happening when I reinstalled windows because my ram got damaged a year ago, i tried playing games and a lot of the time they crash and the drive disappears, this first happened with steam and now almost every game. i need help.
  4. TheFlash1300

    Question How to downgrade Windows 10 21H2 to 21H1?

    This is the Windows 10 version i have: Edition Windows 10 Pro Version 21H2 Installed on ‎5/‎22/‎2022 OS build 19044.1741 Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4170.0 It turned out version 21H2 is not supported for my CPU, AMD A4-9120e. I want to downgrade to the...
  5. TheFlash1300

    [SOLVED] When will Windows 10 21H3 be released?

    The Windows 10 version i currently have is 21H2. When will version 21H3 be released?