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  1. C

    Question Windows 10 Pro stuck at restarting

    Hello, I can't update my windows 10 version, because it keeps getting stuck at restarting. I have a dual boot system, I use windows 7 ultimate as a main, and windows 10 pro as secondary and if I want to use windows 10 pro I have to get into bios and do it there, also I need to use windows 7
  2. A

    Question Windows 10 Black screen after windows LOGO

    I JUST gotten an Kingston A400 SSD 240gb Yesterday and installed my Windows on it and everything was smooth and PC is starting in 5 seconds But Today i'm surprised that when i turn on PC after the windows logo i get a (black screen for like 4 seconds) it happens before windows logon after...
  3. D

    Question "Remote Desktop can't find the computer" - Need help

    Hi everyone. I need help getting the Remote Desktop feature to work between two computers. Each computer runs Windows 10 Pro. I successfully got the Remote Desktop feature to work when I had both computers connected to the same Internet network, however, when I tried connecting one computer to...
  4. S

    i have no tv monitor, how can i use a xbox one s with my laptop display?

    i have no tv monitor, how can i use a xbox one s with my laptop display? i have 2 laptops, i have a samsung laptop 305E (Windows 7) and i have a HP laptop, (windows 10 pro), manufactured around 2010. also i have 2 monitors, a hp pavilion f50 (old 2000's monitor) and a samsung monitor (made...
  5. Djavuln

    Question Using windows 10 home key when windows pro is installed (unactivated)

    Title says it all, I extracted my windows key but it seems to not work, it displays it in the activation tab and everything but says it isn't activated, this key was extracted from my laptop which came with windows 8 OEM that we later upgraded to windows 10 pro for free, with that I thought that...
  6. D

    Question How to stop or delay a Bluetooth mouse from going to sleep?

    Hi everyone. I have a Bluetooth mouse that goes to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity. I want to either disable this feature so that it no longer goes to sleep after a few minutes of inactivity OR delay how long it takes for it to go to sleep. The mouse is a Gearhead Bluetooth mouse...
  7. A

    Question VIN Voltage reading as -65 v ???

    So I’ve been getting random restarts with no warning and no bsod and sometimes it will take around 5 minutes to turn back on or other times it will be instant. I’ve been using AI Suite to try and troubleshoot the issue and everything seems completely normal except for one voltage that I can’t...
  8. L

    Question Windows Logon GUI Application high cpu usage

    I noticed that my pc was getting slow and when I checked task manager i see this process "Windows Logon GUI Application" eating my cpu usage and disappearing after few seconds when i check task manager. Any help would be greatly appreciated. task manager picture: View...
  9. G

    Amd Ryzen and Nvidia Gtx 1060 laptop?

    Does anyone know of any gaming laptops that offer an AMD Ryzen processor and a Nvidia GTX 1060 gpu? All I see are Ryzen with Radeon gpus. Don't both use the pciExpress bus? It used to be you picked the processor you want and the gpu. Thanks!
  10. P

    Noisy NZXT fan on startup

    Hey all, I have a NZXT S340 case and the two fans that came with the case have been rumbling on start up. It usually dies down after a minute or so or after I give the fans a solid tap. I've heard about using 3-in-1 oil to lubricate the bearings, but when I tried to do so, I saw that the fans...
  11. G

    best cpu for a b250 pro vd

    I wanted to upgrade my pc my current motherboard is a msi b250m pro vd and I would like to get a better cpu to fit with a 1080 ftw, will my motherboard support better cpu or do I have to buy a new motherboard, I want to get rid of the bottleneck is so annoying, pls something not too expensive...
  12. P

    Is this all compatible?

    Hey I need to upgrade my Desktop because it is really out of date now (I think). Will all these components together work? Are there any problems, incompatibility etc? Motherboard: Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 5 CPU: Intel Core i5 8600k SSD: Samsung 860 Evo 500 GB Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16...
  13. C

    will the i5 7400 handle future games?

    i have an i5 7400 & a gtx 1060 6GB & 8GB Ram, i cannot upgrade for a while because i am on a budget. so i'd like to know how long this CPU can handle current AAA titles and upcoming ones in the future.
  14. N

    I7-8700k Voltage too sporadic?

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to having a K series chip and although it's extremely powerful and everything I've ever wanted in a CPU..the voltage of it kind of scares me seeing as how it's always fluctuating so I'm not sure what's normal or not. Here are a couple pics using diff programs to...
  15. S

    Should i upgrade my monitor?

    Right now i'm using 768p 18.5inch monitor. But i wanted to upgrade to 21.5 inch 1080p resolution. So is there any big difference/benefit only in 3inch larger display ?
  16. R

    1080 ti + i7-7700 and still low FPS?

    I have: CPU: Intel i7-7700 GPU: Asus Strix GeForce GTX 1080 ti with 11GB Motherboard: Strix H270F Gaming Power Supply: Cougar GX-S 750 SSD: Samsung 850 EVO Installed Memory: 16 GB ...and I'm still getting fps as low as 74 in certain areas of games running at ultra. Neither my gpu nor cpu are...
  17. M

    144hz 1080p Monitor or GTX 1070?

    I am building a new computer from scratch. I currently have an ASUS Led 24' 1080p 75hz monitor. I have the chance to upgrade to BenQ Zowie 24" 144Hz, 16:9 Aspect Ratio e-Sports Monitor. If I get the monitor, I am buying a GTX 1060 3gb. If I keep my current monitor, I can get a GTX 1070. I...
  18. E

    VGA won't connect with Asus G11

    Yesterday December 25th i got the Asus G11, i have two monitors and both worked with my ASUS ROG g20, one used VGA and the other used DVI, This computer only has been accepting the DVI cord with both monitors but when i plug in the VGA it says no signal, while the DVI is working fine. Do i need...
  19. LightningsalesUK

    GoPro Hero 2 Not Working?

    So my GoPro Hero 2 Has been on a shelf for around a year being unused, I decided to try and and start it up for the first time in a while, I plugged it in however the red light comes up and any attempts to get it to turn on fail. Could it be that it hasn't charged enough yet or my GoPro needs...