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Windows 10 problem

Forum discussion tagged with Windows 10 problem.
  1. krappermai


    I have two documents file folder, with the same location but a different logos. I can't remove any of them. help? View: https://imgur.com/a/3Fm9KAF
  2. Question Windows 10 Taskbar right click bug

    I was having a problem with audio and then i formated my computer, after that this problem was solved but now i have a new problem... Whenever i right click a pinned folder/program on taskbar the thing that open on the right click window dont work, it says "The item you selected is not...
  3. Ellie Joseph

    Question My New Pc is Freezing games

    I have new Pc its been 15 days Cpu Core i5 8600k and Cpu liquid Cooler H55 G skill 16 gb Ram 3200 mhz Gigabytes motherboard Z390 Transcend Nvme hard 256 GB for windows 10 and Western hdd 2tb for other space Gpu Msi Gtx 1070 ti gaming x PC Case corsair 460X Psu Cooler master Gold Edition 750...
  4. Z

    Thermal Throttling in GTA V.

    Hello, I have a problem and my GT 710 2GB DDR3 graphic suffers thermal throttling in GTA V when it reaches approximately 45º and it starts giving me FPS drops, while in other games like Counter Strike: GO reaches 50º and the game it stays fluid and stable, by the way I have the fan of the...