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  1. ScrewySqrl

    Question Set up for Xmas present

    I'm refurbishing a computer fior my nephews for Christmas, my old (2016) gaming computer I want to get windows all set up, plus install chrome, a free antivirus, steam, and all bios and driver updates, without creating any accounts I want to set up so when its first powered on, they can create...
  2. NoobTech101

    Discussion Fresh install on windows 10

    Hellow everybody. Um, so I've completely wiped out my disk for the 3rd time. I was able to smoothly boot windows 10 on a flash drive with no problems what-so-ever (I did it with bootcamp). But 3rd time's not working with me. I can't boot with the help of bootcamp anymore cause it turns the flash...
  3. R

    Question Windows 10 setup stuck at logo

    Hi, i built a new computer (CPU: Intel i7-9700k, GPU: EVGA Geforce RTX 2080 Ti, MB: Gigabyte Z390 UD, Memory: 2x8gb Patriot Viper RGB, Storage: 1TB Crucial SSD) and i'm trying to install windows 10 but when i boot from the usb drive the spinning dots appear on the screen and after a couple of...
  4. N

    Nothing shows up on display when I turn on pc

    I recently just built a pc and everything lights up on the inside and when I plug in a mouse and keyboard they also light up but when I plug in a display nothing shows up