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  1. mkaafy

    Question Windows 11 on ASUS Z270F ?

    Hi! Specs: i3 7100 ASUS Z270F Gaming On one hand, thankfully, ASUS has released a beta BIOS firmware update for this board to make it Windows 11 compatible. On the other hand, 8th generation of Intel processors (or newer) are supported by Microsoft on Windows 11. Should I upgrade to Windows 11...
  2. vimu1506

    Question Windows logo not showing at startup

    When power on my lenovo laptop in the startup screen only shiws the lenovo logo, its not showing windows logo. Other computers shows the windows logo on startup screen. Why is that and any solutions for this?
  3. Jaymz2000

    Question Need clarification on previously bent CPU pins ?

    I have bent pins on my CPU, the pc is on and working fine after I bent them back into place enough to fit them into the AM4 slot on my motherboad (AMD needless to say at this point) I'm just wondering if there would be any problems with my PC now... the PC is booting, I'm gaming just fine, good...
  4. Faye Valentine

    Question Installed home edition, but account is linked to pro; doesn't let me upgrade for free or without installing

    So, I installed Windows 10 home edition, forgetting that my Microsoft account's linked product key is a pro version not a home version. I upgraded to Windows 11 while still on home edition, until I noticed the problem. When I follow instructions to upgrade to pro with my license key this is...
  5. vimu1506

    Question Windows 11 Bootable USB

    I downloaded windows 11 insider preview buils 22000 (beta channel) iso. Then i plugged in my 8gb Kingston usb and opened rufus then started to create bootable usb, suddenly rufus says an error that undetermined error while formatting. I tried many times and stil says that error. Then I tried...
  6. A

    Question Crucial X6 2TB SSD

    View: The SSD is really good, but it makes the PC freeze altogether the second it's attached. When disconnected, everything is back to normal again. I can't format it, can't access it in Disc Management in windows as well, because it's frozen...
  7. P

    Question PC won't boot after turning on secure boot

    Hello guys, recently I've swapped to WINDOWS 11 to try it out. Everything was working just fine but after a few days Vanguard from Valorant kept giving me error for not having TPM 2.0 and Secure boot enabled. TPM was enabled but SB was not so I went to BIOS to enable it and after restart...
  8. Jaymz2000

    Question Video Freezes and makes a weird buzzing noise(?)

    Ever since I switched over, every once in a while when watching something or playing a game, the picture will hang, I guess and make a weird stuttery buzzy noise... I don't know if it's Win11 or if it's hardware, Just seeing if anyone has any similar issue
  9. Y

    [SOLVED] Stuttering, lagging and random crashes after installing windows 11 and reseating GPU.

    Hello, I encountered a few issues when doing maintenance on my pc and reseating my GPU. Nothing went wrong during the reseating, looked like everything worked, then after booting into windows my pc instantly crashed, tried to restart multiple times and went into recovery. I suspected I did...
  10. Blepbithc

    Question Help! No video output in UEFI BIOS

    So, I am trying to enable all the security feature requirements of Windows 11 in preperation of it's launch. I have encountered an odd problem and I can't figure out how to fix it. When I go to enable Secure Boot, the UEFI tells me to disable CSM. After disabling CSM, I don't receive any video...
  11. Endre

    Question What happens if I update the BIOS with TPM enabled?

    Hello! Windows 11 requires secure boot and TPM 2.0 being enabled. Generally, before updating the BIOS, I load the default settings of the motherboard. Question: What happens if I update the BIOS while the secure boot and TPM 2.0 are enabled? Will that lead to errors?
  12. SickPoisOon

    [SOLVED] 9e error

    hi. i have a B550 E rog strix i wanted to turn on tpm for the windows 11 but when i did im geting 9E error i dont know why my cpu is amd i enabled ftpm my bios is the latest version too can anyone help me to resolve this 9e error is the problem from me or asus has to fix it it bios updats?
  13. Karan Yelve

    [SOLVED] HDR looks bad all over. Except when running games & watching HDR content

    Hi there, I recently enabled HDR on Windows 11 beta to try it out. It works flawlessly in games and HDR made content but when I use it normally to traverse my desktop it looks terrible. The explorer, desktop background. It seems to have a yellow hue or greenish tint of sorts. I understand SDR...
  14. V

    Question Changing my only drive from MBR to GBT to boot in UEFI.

    I was considering getting windows 11, so I looked at the Windows 11 system requirements and I saw that my nvme drive had to boot on UEFI to be able to get windows 11. To be able to boot on UEFI, my drive (Samsung 970 Evo Plus 1TB) had to be on GBT and not on MBR which it is currently on. I also...
  15. Dreamevil55

    Question I don't have secure boot turned on but health check tool says my system can run Windows 11 ?

    I thought of joining the windows insider program in one of my systems, the beta or preview channel to receive latest stable-ish builds. So I turned the TPM settings on in BIOS, and ran the PC health check tool, it says that my PC can run windows 11. I am currently running Win 10 version 21H1...
  16. G

    Question Microphone not working

    Hello all, I'm currently running Windows 11 and The microphone was working fine when I first updated, fast-forward to now, I put my computer on sleep mode then come back the next day to find my microphone not working at all. I have the "Tronsmart Glary Gaming Headset" and its of type USB input...
  17. PapaHomey

    Question What can I do to get windows 10 to ask for my password or pin again?

    This actually has to do with failing to qualify for win 11, because of secure boot. I have a motherboard that has TPM 2.0 and secure boot. I activated them in EUFI and that damn app still says that I don't have secure boot enabled. The only thing I can think of is that a while ago I followed a...
  18. Reapairz

    Question Transparency issue over video content

    Hi, I am currently facing an issue where any program being opened on top of a window displaying video footage (Youtube, video games, etc..) becomes transparent and makes it very hard to see content properly, happens also with the search and Windows bars from taskbar. I am currently on Windows...
  19. Endre

    Question PC partitions became RAW!

    Hello! A few days ago I downloaded Windows 11 Insider Preview build 22000.51 from the following site: UUPDUMP ( I’ve successfully installed the OS clean, then, when I wanted to rename a file, Windows told me that the file is no longer there! So I thought that it’s a...
  20. A

    Question I need usb 3.0 drivers

    I'm trying to install windows 11 on my HP Elitebook 850 g1. But my usb 2.0 port doesnt work. I dont even know why. Trying to install it using usb 3.0, I'm getting a lot of errors. I need usb 3.0 drivers please. Someone should please help me out.
  21. M

    [SOLVED] Help- Sluggish Windows File Explorer. When I interact with the File Explorer in documents and such, it is an obvious delay in actions.

    This happens on Windows 10 and now even worse on Windows 11 dev preview. Obvious lag when mousing over interface in File Explorer. The whole interface feels sluggish. I had this problem for a while now. I thought it was my old NVIDIA Quadro 2000 GPU. I recently upgraded to the AMD RX 6700 XT...
  22. P

    Question windows 11

    can this motherboard run Windows 11 right out of the box ASRock Z490 Steel Legend LGA 1200 Intel Z490 SATA 6Gb/s ATX Intel Motherboard
  23. elysium306

    Question Toshiba Satellite Radius P55W-B5112 upgrade to Windows 11

    Hello everyone: I was trying to check if my laptop is eligible to upgrade to Windows11 when the time comes, but after I ran the 'Health Check App' of windows, it came up and said my PC does not support Windows 11 upgrade. I currently have [Toshiba satellite radius p55w-b5112] , [64-bit...
  24. J

    Question TPM support on MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC

    I have the MSI X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC motherboard with a first generation Threadripper 1950X. In the UEFI, it allows me to select between 3 options for the security device -- the AMD CPU fTPM, an Offboard LPC TPM, or an Onboard SPI TPM. I'm well aware that the AMD CPU fTPM is the one that...
  25. M

    Question My motherboard does not appear to have a TPM module socket

    In preparation for Windows 11 I checked my main desktop computer for a TPM module. I don't have one. I also don't see that there is a socket for on either. This is the motherboard I have. ASUS P8Z68-V GEN3 Intel Core i7 2600K Socket 1155 LGA Is it possible to add one?
  26. A

    [SOLVED] Is TUF X570 PRO compatible with windows 11

    Hello. I'm gonna buy a TUF X570 PRO motherboard and I've read some stuff about tpm requirements for windows 11. Read that any pc components made since like 3 yrs ago do have tpm 2.0 but that also there is a bios workaround if I don't have 2.0. My question is, how do I know if that motherboard or...
  27. Question Do I need TPM base on my hardwares ?

    Hi To installing Win 11 My system spec are as follow: cpu: 8700K mobo: Maximus X Hero WiFi Do I need TPM separated device? or just enable secure boot in bios settings is enough? Thanks
  28. L

    Question Windows Won't Boot After Enabling Secure Boot

    Hi! I was looking forward to downloading the new Win11 I need TPM 2.0 Which i have and Secure boot enabled. But there's a catch. Whenever i enable Secure boot in BIOS and click Save and Exit, The PC throws me back into BIOS and doesn't boot into windows. Turning Secure Boot off, the PC...
  29. shaikyahiya

    Question Windows 11: How do I know the motherboard I am going to purchase has TPM 2.0 support or not?

    I wanted to buy: MSI B560M PRO-VDH WIFI Micro ATX LGA1200 Motherboard but I don't know if it has TPM 2.0 chip or support for it. I cannot find anything on MSI's official website regarding which version of TPM support the Motherboard has. Can you guys please help me out? Thank you
  30. S

    Question Aorus 15P YD which has intel 17-11800H CPU but discovered that this CPU was not in the support list

    Thinking to buy Aorus 15P YD which has intel 17-11800H CPU but discovered that this CPU was not in the support list, dose this mean this laptop wont support windows 11 upgrade?, please advise. Thank you.
  31. P

    Question Windows 11 on Gigabyte b35m with CSM Enabled

    I was trying to get the insider build for Windows 11, when PC Health Check told me my PC (Gigabyte b365m ds3, 16gb RAM, external nVidia graphics) is not qualified for an upgrade. Found my PC/BIOS is confirming to all requirements including TPM except Secure Boot. When I tried to change BIOS...
  32. T

    Question Fake PC Hardware TPM 2.0?

    Hello, is it possible to trick Windows 11 to think that the PC has TPM 2.0 installed and how? TPM is around since Windows 7 or maybe even earlier, but I don't need that much security as an average PC user, but Windows 11 won't work without the latest TPM 2.0. Thanks.
  33. shaikyahiya

    Question No display after enabling Secure Boot (Gigabyte Motherboard GA-H110M-S2 Rev 1.0) ?

    Hi guys, After Microsoft released the requirements for Windows 11, I tried enabling Intel PTT and Secure Boot in my Motherboard BIOS and since then I am unable to see any display. The CPU fan runs for a few seconds and stops then starts again. This happens in a cycle. I don't see any display...
  34. Timothy_

    [SOLVED] Do ASUS P7P55D-E Supports TPM 2.0

    I am just wondering if ASUS P7P55D-E supports TPM 2.0 because I want to use windows 11 in the future. I've done some research but I did not find anything. Thanks.
  35. Sandas Sathsindu

    Question How to know that My motherboard support Secure Boot?

    Currently, I have Legacy Bios. Soon, I expect to switch to UEFI. My objective is to turn on Secure Boot. (To mess up with Windows 11. I only want to turn on Secure Boot to meet the requirements). But it is good to check my motherboard supports Secure Boot. My motherboard is Gigabyte Gaming B8-CF.
  36. S

    Question Windows 11 min system requirement not met

    So , I was trying to install Windows 11 on my desktop PC and during installation I was shown this message that my hardware does not meet minimum system requirement I have Asus Z170 motherboard , and I Checked that it does not have TPM related setting Just want to confirm that I therefore...
  37. eddie0343

    Question Windows 11 secure boot

    So when I wan't to install win 11 it tells me that the computer needs to support secure boot but when I head to the BIOS and wan't to enable it. It says that it is set to user. I can disable it but when I wan't to enable it goes back to user my motherboard asus rog strix b550-f
  38. B

    Question Dell T7910 and Windows 11 -- Will a Dell T7910 run Windows 11?

    Hello, I have a Dell T7910 with DUAL processor (3.2Ghz and 6 cores each) with 128GB RAM. Microsoft Health Check says it can't run Windows 11 because its 3.2GHz processor with 12 cores isn't good enough. Yet, health check says it only need 1GHz and 2 cores. Isn't 3.2Ghz and 12 cores more...
  39. VishalVV

    [SOLVED] A few questions about the Dell Precision T3400.

    Hello, I have a few questions about the Dell Precision T3400. About the PC - I recently bought a used Dell Precision T3400 for nearly 70$, and spent double for accessories. (total 240$) It was a good deal, activated Windows 7 and MS Office 2007. The PC itself came with a Monitor, and keyboard...
  40. R

    Question Drives won't show up is uefi but will in legacy

    My computer says that it is incompatible with windows 11 and I may have found out why. For my computer to launch, I have to have my csm set to legacy because in uefi, my drives do not appear. I have a nvme ssd and a sata ssd. Anyone know of a way to fix this?