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  1. D

    Question Alt+Tab Windows 11 22H2

    Before Windows 11 22H2 update, pressing alt+tab was invisible. But now the screen is flashing quickly, which is annoying. Is there any registry mod that can bring alt tab to pre 22H2 state? Thanks!
  2. S

    Question I think a "game" is preventing my CPU from running at its max speed

    I recently noticed my overclocked 10900k was running at 4.9GHz, it's factory speed. After doing some investigating and troubleshooting it seems that the client for League of Legends is what's causing the issue. If I reset my PC it will run at 5.1GHz so long as I don't open the LoL client. If I...
  3. K

    Question Windows network share won’t remember credentials

    Greetings and thank you in advance for reading 🤗. I am using a synology NAS and have it mounted as a network share and it works great for the most part. Except every time I power on my computer it asks for credentials. I tried the “remember me” option in the credentials box but that seems to do...
  4. Themidgeman21

    [SOLVED] Lots of stutters in game after new Windows 11 update 22H2

    So I've been having a ton of stutters in game after installing the new update on Windows 11 I even went so far as to uninstall it. When I reverted back to the old one I'm still having stutters in game any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. T

    Question Issues with Windows (possible BSOD) when I lock PC

    Hi, Brand new pc, built it myself. all new components barring gpu and ssd/hdd. Running windows 11. For two times now when I lock my PC, I can't get back it into. The screen goes off, and no matter if I click the power button, the mouse, or keyboard, the screen just won't come back on. I have...
  6. D

    Question USB C not working?

    I recently bought a Lenovo Ideapad 3 Gaming laptop to have something to use on the go an and noticed it had a USB C port on the side next to the charging port. Upon plugging in a USB C to USB C cable it doesn't want to read data or charge itself when plugged into a USB hub with 100W of power is...
  7. PsychoPsyops

    Question Secure Boot & BIOS Update

    Hello all, Simple question, should I or do I need to turn off Secure Boot/TPM in my BIOS, before updating the BIOS? I am planning on performing the update in the near future and when I went in to look at the process, a warning message came up stating that it is recommended all security features...
  8. A

    Question PC Desktop automatically turns on when plugged in. PC fan and LED lights on, but keyboard, mouse, and monitor not powered when PC is turned on.

    Specs: OMEN 40L Desktop GT21-0003na Gaming PC - NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 Here's a descriptive video of what's exactly in my computer from HP Support. View: Processor Model Intel 12th Generation Core i7 Processor Model Number12th Generation...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] C: Drive filling up while in game and I don't think it's the page file

    Hi, I yesterday while playing a game it told me it failed to create a save, so further investigating I realized my C: Drive, which has exactly 40GB, now only had 80MB!! I unfortunately haven't had much time to test this, but I have found out: -Resetting my PC "empties " this phantom data...
  10. OrphanSlushies

    [SOLVED] Need Help Upgrading OS Drive

    So currently I’m running an 1tb M.2 as my OS drive, I want to clone my OS and all my data to a 2tb Samsung 980 pro. After installing my 980 pro into my 2nd M2 slot and booting the PC up it goes into BIOS and can’t find any bootable device. I had a 500gb m2 in my 2nd slot that I removed to...
  11. NextdoorPsycho

    Question High-end computer but horrible stuttering ?

    Ok so allow me to preface this with a little background. Computer Specs: CPU: AMD 5900x GPU: 3080 TUF Mobo: Rog Strix X570e Gaming, Bios: Version 4403, from ( STRIX X570-E GAMING/HelpDesk_BIOS/) Power supply: RM1000x OS: Windows 11 Pro Mem: 64gb, 3600mhz...
  12. W

    Question Brand new PC lagging and freezing

    Hi, I built a new PC, but it's very buggy. In Windows 10, the PC is lagging under really low load for no reason. Sometimes, the entire Windows Explorer.exe freezes and I have to force shutdown. Or there are just random, extremely weird bugs. Even Bluescreens used to occur (although I think the...
  13. ankido

    Question Screen flashed and computer is running super-fast and smooth

    This post will sound weird. I'm trying to figure out what happened. Since I've had Windows 11 installed, my system was running poorly. You would think having an Intel 9900K with a 3070TI GPU and 32GB of Ram would give you a fast and fluid system. Nope, that wasn't the case. Even with...
  14. S

    Question 7.1 Surround Sound option not showing in Windows 11 ?

    My current Headset is the Logitech G733 wireless with 7.1 surround sound compatible. I haven't had an issue with it until a few days ago, I'm currently on the latest windows 11 version and noticed that I can't select the 7.1 Surround sound option when I configure my speakers in sound options all...
  15. ethan206

    Question DNS Server keeps changing by itself (Windows 11)

    I've been using my university's wifi for the past couple days and I ran into trouble when I was first connecting. It turns out I was using a DNS server that wasn't "compatible", I remember switching my DNS to (although I'm pretty sure I switched it back, and I'm not sure why it defaults...
  16. RyzenNoob

    Question How do I stop Windows 11 updates when sleeping

    How do I stop Windows 11 from updating when I put my laptop to sleep? Another question, how do I stop Windows 11 from downloading and installing updates without prior knowledge?
  17. M

    Question Help setting up mobile hotspot

    Recently purchased an overpriced Dell Inspiron 16 5620 and am challenged setting up a mobile hotspot. I get the message "We can't set up mobile hotspot bc your PC doesn't have an Ethernet, Wi-Fi, or cellular data connection." Don't know how to proceed. Need help. Thanks.
  18. aden.anderson2001

    Question Apps launch with delay

    I have a relatively high end machine here but the apps take quite a while to launch. im using high performance plan, with all drivers and windows itself updated constantly. this delay thing hasnt been here for only a couple days or after an update, but for quite some time. i havent reinstalled...
  19. PsychoPsyops

    [SOLVED] No Accounts Available

    I'm the sys admin at a company and I have a Surface Pro with Win 11 Pro installed. I was trying to sign into our work domain. There are no local accounts on it and there isn't an "Other User" option on the sign-in screen. How can I access Windows without any account choices? Please advise...
  20. Rostropovich

    Question Weird performance loss when some programs are open ?

    Hey, After I've switched to Windows 11 I've started experiencing some weird performance issues when I open some programs. The problem manifests itself as a drop in FPS while I'm on the desktop. It is very noticeable because the mouse pointer starts moving as if missing frames and when I drag...
  21. Leonardo Pizzoquero

    Question How to solve "Your PC/Device needs to be repaired" stuck option ?

    I reset my windows 11 and after trying to install again i'm having the error below: I can't do anything after that screen, my SSD is empty and i'm trying to boot Windows 11, I tried Windows 10 too. PC specs:
  22. PsychoPsyops

    Question Weird issue when waking up PC from Sleep mode ?

    Hello all. When I wake my PC from Sleep mode with either a keyboard or mouse button press, my PC will wake up as it should, except it will not send a display signal to my tv until I either press a mouse button a second time, or until I press the power button on my PC. Only then, will a signal...
  23. C

    Question BSOD 0x00000124 - Dump File included

    Hey guys, today I ran into a BSOD with the following code: 0x00000124 (0x0000000000000000, 0xffff810424e02028, 0x00000000fc800800, 0x00000000060c0859) and the dump file, which I uploaded to OneDrive (it may show an outdated BIOS, because I updated it after the dump was created)...
  24. jreloz

    [SOLVED] Why Memory speed decreases after upgrading RAM?

    I have an ACER Nitro 5 Laptop i5 11th Gen. Originally it has 8GB of ram installed with 3200 MHz speed. Yesterday I bought a RAM with the same speed of 3200mHz. After inserting the ram, I'm expecting that it would double the speed hence it decreases the speed down to 2933mHz. Please see: Please...
  25. ConorDuey2000

    Question Computer randomly freezes without warning or bluescreen minidump log.

    Hey. I have a problem with my computer running Windows 11. At least once or twice a week, it randomly freezes and I've have to hold the power button to turn it off and turn it back on again. I don't know what's causing these freezes because I don't get any minidump logs even though I have them...
  26. W

    Question "Last BIOS time" in Task Manager ?

    Hello everyone, I just got a new pc and the last bios time always between 15-20 sec is that good? The system running on m.2 NVMe ssd. And i have another older pc running on ssd with last time bios of 8 sec how is the old pc booting up faster than the new on?
  27. Question My SSD has 100% disk usage when it's barely doing anything, and it's not even a year old ?

    My PC specs: 1x Intel Core i7-11700F, 8x2.5 GHz (Rocket Lake) 1x be quiet! Pure Rock Slim 2 (supersilent) 2x ADATA XPG Gammix D10 8GB DDR4-3200 MHz 1x Inno3D GeForce RTX 3070 iChill X4 LHR, 8GB GDDR6, HDMI, DP 1x ASUS Prime B560M-A, Sockel 1200, mATX, B560 1x Innovation IT 1000 GB SSD SATA...
  28. D

    Question Unmountable Boot Volume

    Hai, I'm using Asus TUF a15 laptop with ryzen 7 4800H with 3050 Graphic card. My issue is : This morning i updated my windows 11. And was trying to get games from torrents and it went messy and gave me a prompt to restart my pc. I did. But then feel into infinite loop of Stop code error ...
  29. NovaTronMC

    Question PC turns on but screen goes black for few minutes before booting

    Hi, I upgraded my Win 10 system to Win 11 over half a year ago, and ever since, I've been randomly having issues booting up. Sometimes, when I turn my PC on, the computer itself starts, but my monitor remains black (not black as if it was turned off, but black if I was receiving a black...
  30. S

    Question Which SSD Should be better for my old Gaming PC?

    My PC Config is: Mother board: Asus H81M-E (Sadly one Ram slot is not working but still works) Intel i5 4590 3.30Ghz MSI GTX 970 8GB RAM DDR3 HDD: Disk 1 : 1 TB Western Digital Disk 2 : 3 TB Western Digital I want to buy a SATA III SSD for PC. Which Brand SSD (Samsung/ Transend/Kingston/Western...
  31. G

    Question Anyone Manage to get Scarface: The World is Yours running on Windows 11?

    I've recently purchased my first Windows 11 machine. A Laptop with a 12th gen Intel 12 core 16 thread processor and a breathtaking 2.8k 1288x880 16:10 OLED 90hz screen. I have tried literally everything to get Scarface to run on it, as it runs on my old windows 10 desktop. I have heard that...
  32. I

    Question Games are crashing after motherboard swap

    Hello everyone! Recently, I have swapped my motherboard. From a gigabyte b450m ds3h to a MSI mag x570s torpedo max. After swapping the motherboard, I have noticed that a few of my games are crashing at some point when playing. The two games ive been playing since the swap are overwatch and...
  33. m7mod

    Question PC only boots on second start ?

    Hello, so my PC started to have an issue when I tried to turn it on, when I turned it on it doesn't boot at all and gives me an error on the motherboard ( I checked the manual and apparently it's a CPU issue), so I have to force shut it down by holding the power button and turning it back on...
  34. 🎮|Techyman|🎮

    Question Want to heavily compress a folder. Pls Help!

    Hi, I have GTAV installed on my pc from epic games it is huge like above 100gb. So my friend wants it cause he has got some problems with his own GTAV installation. I only have a 32gb flash drive. Is there anyway to bring the installation under 28.6gb(cause bytes to bits)?? Or maybe transfer it...
  35. tennis2

    [SOLVED] Window Positions Change When In/Out of Fullscreen Game

    My Google-fu isn't working: I have 2 monitors. I keep Discord and sometimes an internet browser window open on my secondary monitor most of the time. I game on the primary. I can arrange the windows on my secondary monitor how I like beforehand. Then when I open (or alt-tab...*) into a...
  36. Pancakeman_24

    Question HP OMEN laptop keeps crashing

    Intel 11th Gen i7 Nvidia RTX 3060 ti 16 GB RAM 500 GB SSD Windows 11 Computer is around 2 months old My HP Omen laptop has crashed 4 times today. The First time I was playing Kerbal Space Program (With Shaders). It played the sound that was currently playing for a few seconds and then the...
  37. T

    Question Can't open windows system apps, system is asking for system administrator

    So I noticed it for the first time today since I logged in remotely from work. My system had thrown a unexpected error with agent.exe. I restarted, got back in and once I logged in I tried to pull up the event viewer to see what it was, but it wouldn't open. I was clicking on it, and nothing...
  38. A

    Question Windows 11 taskbar appearing over apps when I hover over it

    Starting yesterday I'm having an issue I've not encountered before. When I mouse my mouse towards the bottom of the screen on fullscreen apps to where the taskbar would be on desktop (so the taskbar is currently hidden), it will appear, causing my mouse to leave the current window. This is...
  39. mark_07

    [SOLVED] Windows 11 Upgrading Question Please

    Windows 11 Upgrading Question Please Hello, if anyone can help, I'm planning on upgrading to windows 11 soon. But I have question. I currently have an ssd which is in mbr format, I know I need to convert this to gpt so I can enable secure boot. Do I only need to convert the boot drive to gpt...
  40. N

    [SOLVED] How to download windows 11 on a new SSD

    I recently built a new computer and created a installation media with windows 10 but I didn’t activate it because I’ve been waiting on my ssd to come in so I can download my OS on that instead of my HDD. Now I’m wondering how I would download windows 11 on my new SSD on a computer running...