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  1. F

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 freeze after 10 min. Work fine in safe mode and with driver disabled.

    My pc is 6 years old with very old specs. It still work normally without any problem. But yesterday right at 00.46. The windows suddenly freezing (Cant do the CTRL-ALT-DELT). It work fine though from 20.00 till 00.40. So i try it again today and it freeze right after 10 minutes. So i have to...
  2. J

    Question Updated Windows and now my Audio in game is weird

    Hi! So 2 nights ago now there was a mandatory windows 10 Update before i shut down my PC, As normal I let it update then went to bed, come next morning I boot up and load into CSGO and boom my audio is all out of wack, everything sounds distorted and echo'y, I looked in my windows audio setting...
  3. aegisx7

    Question Low FPS after reinstalling W10

    Hello, As the title say, i'm getting really low fps in games such as LoL and Forza Horizon 4 (a bit of a difference between these 2, but these are the only games i've played since i've reinstalled the Windows). My specs are: I ran into this problem after trying to update my PC to the latest...