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  1. McFlyIn6

    Question Help. What do I do now?

    So recently I got this Windows 7 and I installed it after installing it was sucessful but I cant connect to the internet realizing that those drivers cant be installed automatically I still had to install manually Here are those locked on Other Devices which I found on device manager...
  2. pcgasm

    [SOLVED] X470 motherboard support

    Hello everyone. Here is my question. Let's say i bought x470 motherboard and last time i checked has support for windows 7. Will drivers work if i first install win7 and later upgrade to 8.1?
  3. F

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 freeze after 10 min. Work fine in safe mode and with driver disabled.

    My pc is 6 years old with very old specs. It still work normally without any problem. But yesterday right at 00.46. The windows suddenly freezing (Cant do the CTRL-ALT-DELT). It work fine though from 20.00 till 00.40. So i try it again today and it freeze right after 10 minutes. So i have to...