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  1. TVic97

    Question Computer won't recognize keyboard and mouse at login

    Hi, Not the first person to ever ask this but my computer will not recognize my keyboard and mouse at login. I am using a ssd that already has windows 7 from my previous build. I upgraded my cpu and motherboard and on the first boot up they were recognized in BIOS but once windows starts they...
  2. S

    Question Windows 7 stuck in rebooting loop

    I opened a pc after 2 months there was windows repair error. I tried but it sucked at detecting error. I formatted and reinstalled windows 7 but it again after 2 days started giving same windows repair error. If i select start windows normally it goes into rebooting loop. Please suggest is the...
  3. proteek

    Question Reverting back from new Windows to the old one

    So I have decided to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7. Now if for some reason, I decide to revert back the changes, meaning roll back everything to the way it was before (including the OS and all files), is there any way that can be done? (I haven't installed Windows 10 yet)
  4. MillertimePC

    Question Upgrading to intel Core 2 Extreme Qx6800

    I have a Dell Dimension 9200. I know its old, but i know there's ways to make into a lower end gaming PC. I upgraded to windows 7, computer has 4gb of ram, a geforce 7900 gtx and a 1tb HDD. Beyond popular belief, i have read you can upgrade to 8 gb of ram and up to an intel core 2 Extreme Qx6800...
  5. J

    Question System lags when second monitor is enabled

    I just use browser and watch youtube video on second monitor. Firefox, tried to disable hardware accel, no difference, actually looks like became even worse. Video looks like 15-20 fps-ish even though it plays flawless when one monitor enabled. Every app that is open lags if it has any kind of...
  6. I

    Question Windows 7 Blocking Certain Updates

    Hi all, I am upgrading to an SSD next week and I will be installing a fresh Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1. I wish to not install , spyware updates and most importantly Windows 10 updates. I have a list given by this link: Windows 7 Updates to avoid. However, there are quite a lot so is there a...
  7. Question Is my ASUS STRIX RAID PRO 7.1 Sound Card Compatible with my Asus Z97M-PLUS Motherboard?

    Hi there, I was just hoping if anyone would be able to tell me if the "ASUS STRIX RAID PRO 7.1 Channel PCI-Express Sound Card" is compatible with my Motherboard. The Manufacturer of my Motherboard is "ASUSTek COMPUTER INC." and its model is "Z97M-PLUS". I'm running Win 7 x64. Thanks for the help!
  8. Raydge

    [SOLVED] Windows detects less RAM

    Hello! So I opened System the other day and I saw that under installed RAM, it only said 4.00GB instead of the expected 8.00 which I have in my tower. What's causing this to happen? I searched on the internet for a solution but I found none, as the problems that existed required the System...
  9. T

    Question Odd BSOD and SATA issues (Win7 x64, i5 Nvidia GTX 1060)

    Hello! First time posting here, I have 2 issues with my computer and I think they might be related. System overview: Windows 7 x64, i5 processor, ASUS Z87-A motherboard, and an Nvidia GTX 1060. I use it for gaming, internet surfing, and media experimentation. Dxdiag summary is below. Every...
  10. xayxa30

    Question Windows 7 Product Key

    Trying to upgrade from win 7 pro to win 10. I plan to use the windows 10 media creation tool. I'm confused as to what the product key may be in win 7. I ran the Use NirSoft’s ProduKey to get the product key, but it is completely different from the product key that is on the sticker of the PC...
  11. A

    Question Green Background

    Hello. We all know recently Windows 7 went out of support from Microsoft for security updates, etc. And my mom's PC is still on Windows 7. So recently it started acting up. It was editing parts of the background of the desktop to be green, and sometimes they were completely green. And when she...
  12. luzhun

    Question Un-doing RAID 0

    Hello. I have 2 SSD drives in RAID 0 currently set for my primary boot drive and would like to undo this to make them 2 separate drives again. The SSD drive is currently being run by some software SSD controller and not a hard one. I would like to make 1 full system image of the drives to use...
  13. SouF98K

    Question Why i Can’t start windows after installing graphics card ? Is my gpu broken?

    I did a clean windows 7 installation When I tried the pc the first time it was working but after one day pc becomes so laggy and after i turned it off it doesn’t want to display anything again but everything inside is working i can also hear start up sound and I connected to dvi motherboard...
  14. R

    Question Windows 7 Ryzen 3 HP Desktop

    Hello, A client requires Windows 7 on an HP computer specifically. I bought Windows 10 HP Pavilion 590-p0025. I wiped the NVME SSD but no matter what I do for the windows 7 install, it doesn't recognize the USB ports. There are USB 2 and 3 ports on the computer but none of them work. I can get...
  15. G

    [SOLVED] Trouble Installing Windows 7

    I used to run windows 7 on my pc with and old motherboard and ram that I do not use anymore. I got new RAM, a new motherboard and a new CPU. Over the past few days, I’ve been trying to re-install windows 7 onto my pc with little to no success. I have a USB with Windows (not sure which version) 7...
  16. D

    [SOLVED] Games abruptly crash. no error messages.

    Almost every game I run crashes randomly, I just installed these games and windows. I reinstalled windows and the games multiple times, updates graphics drivers, tried windows 7 AND 10 (windows 10 was a nightmare for my pc). The games crash without any warning, and they dont crash at the exact...
  17. F

    [SOLVED] Wiping Windows 7 system with multiple drive types for resale

    I'm having trouble finding Windows 7-relevant answers to this and half of google results want me to download some shady utility and I'm not sure what's actually standard procedure or what I can trust. Background: I just built a whole new, separate PC and want to resell my old one as it's still...
  18. Martiorio123

    [SOLVED] Hey, I have a VAIO PC with windows 7 that wont boot up anymore.

    So i have a Sony laptop from the range VAIO with 4GB of RAM and an Intel Core i3 with 2 cores and 2.40Ghz and i was trying to set it up with windows 10 for better performance and remove everything to factory new. The process takes more than a day so i was trying to get it this weekend, but now...
  19. Mindraid

    Question ASUS ROG STRIX B360-F GAMING - USB boot problems

    Hi guys Just got my new Asus motherboard(ASUS ROG STRIX B360-F GAMING) and I want to install Windows 7 that I have on a USB stick. It was made from a real Windows 7 DVD image with WINUSB. It boots into Windows 7 and looks ready to install but both my keyboard and mouse are disabled, so I can't...
  20. C

    [SOLVED] Minimum install of Windows 7

    I have a 10-year old Xeon Z200 which I use for AutoCAD etc and I have noticed recently that my CPU is going overtime and much of this activity is stuff running in the background doing work which is nothing to do with AutoCAD. I have set up an android system for my internet so I am going to...