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  1. Dietz Diet

    Question Unable to use keyboard after computer factory reset

    When I reset disk at login screen then it goes to choose your keyboard layout my keyboard and mouse does not work :( I tried re plugging it but still did not work :(
  2. [SOLVED] Bluescreen at startup after virtualization ?

    Hello, (sorry for my english, this is a 95% google trad😩) I work in a small company and we have a server that is essential for our activity. This was set up about ten years ago by an enthusiast who is no longer present today. It is essential for our daily activity but its equipment is...
  3. TheFlash1300

    Discussion Various WIndows 7 Activation/Licensing Questions

    Hello. Can someone tell me how to change how often Windows checks for available updates? Normally, Windows checks for updates once per day. I want to make it check for updates once per hour. I know it's possible, because in the past I changed the settings, and Windows was checking for updates...
  4. TheFlash1300

    Question How do I check the total runtime of the computer?

    Hello. There is a Windows 7 computer I want to check its total runtime. I want to know the runtime, not the boot time. Boot time - the amount of time the computer is turned on since it was booted. Runtime - the total amount of time the computer has worked for since it was bought. I want to...
  5. isv_andrew

    Question Brand new HDD keeps disappearing when in use. What would be the problem?

    Hi! I got this new HDD (Seagate BarraCuda 3.5 2TB 7200rpm 256MB SATA3 (ST2000DM008)) to upgrade my storage and after I set it up in Windows, formatted etc. it looked fine at first, but after I tried to copy some files to it (nothing big, a couple hundreds of MBs) I noticed that the file copying...
  6. TheFlash1300

    Question How do Windows 7 users prevent viruses?

    If Windows 7 is no longer supported and is now no longer a secure operating system, how do people, who use Windows 7, protect their privacy and computer from viruses?
  7. Question How to easily upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10

    I'm a Windows 7 Professional user and am looking to upgrade to Windows 10, however I'm struggling to find an easy solution (likely due to the fact I missed the boat by about 2 years for a free upgrade) The Windows 10 upgrade tool throws errors and there's no easy way within Windows to upgrade...
  8. TheFlash1300

    Question How do i add Legacy mode to my BIOS, so i can install Windows XP and 7?

    Hello. The BIOS Mode Menu of my BIOS has only one option - UEFI. My question is, how do i add a second option, Legacy mode, so i can run the BIOS in Legacy mode, too? I heard that BIOS Legacy is the only way to make Windows 7 and XP to work on my laptop. I would like to install Windows 7 and XP...
  9. ZV505867

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 No Keyboard/mouse on i3-8100

    So I have this Dell Inspiron 3670, with a Core i3-8100. Windows 10 performs terribly, Windows 8.x doesn't look good, and Windows 7 is the real logical alternative for me (Probably since that computer still has an old-school SATA HDD). But regardless if I use ISO image or USB, the keyboard and...
  10. W

    Question Dual-boot problems with Win7/10

    Hi everyone, As the title says, I got a problem with my dual-boot. I had Windows 7 (6.1.7601) installed and wanted Windows 10 (10.0.19043) in addition, so I bought a new SSD and installed 10 on it. Now to the problem: if I boot the system from the Windows 7 SSD, it starts 7 without a hitch (not...
  11. [SOLVED] Network icon displaying "Not Connected" and "No connections are available" ?

    So I have an old laptop running Windows 7 - 32 Bit that I use from time to time. I'm not super savvy at this so here it goes. I'm getting this message when I turn on my laptop - It says "Not Connected - No Connections are available" on the network icon. After clicking on this - It shows the...
  12. KekoTheFox

    Question Fans continue to run after shutdown ?

    Hi! I was just given a old HP Pavillion p6-2200ea desktop PC to try to fix and possibly upgrade, I've been told it has a habit of shutting down at random which I can confirm that fault, despite it only happening once during the 4 or so hours it was running. That's not the issue I'm writing...
  13. Formabd9

    Question Very first boot takes too long and CMOS date and time is wrong, after restart everything is fine - Windows 7 Ultimate

    The very first time I turn on my pc on a day it takes about 10-15 minutes (during which pc fans run normally, hard drive activity light is off, monitor is on, monitor power light blinks constantly and it doesn't display anything) to get to Bios post screen in which I get displayed that CMOS...
  14. A

    Question Cloning OS to a specific partition

    Forgive me if this has been asked a hundred times before, I figured this would be a common question but I cannot for the life of me find any threads of someone moving their old OS to another drive without having the new drive wiped first. This ended up longer than expected so there's a TLDR at...
  15. Kokicha24

    Question I have problem with reinstalling windows 7.

    Hi guys! I have a problem with reinstalling windows 7. All things I did was I downloaded a windows 7 then I made my USB flash drive bootable with a program. After that, I am starting the PC and enter in BIOS. Then I chose my flash drive as the first boot disk. When the PC is loading it is...
  16. IEncounteredManyProblems

    Question Upgrading To Windows 10 from Window 7 Without Losing Data with New SSD?

    Hi I have a question? I want to upgrade my PC to Windows 10 Using my New SSD but i don't want to lost my data on My HDD Which is Windows 7. On my HDD is Windows 7 with all important files and games. Now I want to upgrade to Windows 10 Using my new SSD With my Important Files and Games from my...
  17. Grabps

    Question Files totaly disappeared after copying them to external HDD

    Greetings Everyone! I have encountered a very inconvenient problem yesterday and I need your help. Scenario: There is a Lenovo T420 laptop with Windows 7 operating system on it and I wanted to install a Windows 10 instead. On the laptop there was around 32GB personal data - all included in...
  18. K

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to install older OS to new computer?

    I have an i5 12600K and Asus Prime z690m-plus D4 motherboard I originally bought the PC to run a multiple boot so I could play older games as well as newer games. To my surprise, technology doesn't seem to be backwards compatible. I have tried installing Windows 7 using the Asus EZ installer...
  19. Mohamed21

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 x32 to Windows 10 x64

    The device is HP Precario Compaq CQ61 (3GB RAM/Pentium T4200 CPU/BIOS Version: Hewlett-Packard F.23). It currently runs on Windows 7 32bit but the processor supports 64bit (I've checked). I've downloaded the Windows 10 x64 (build 10074) .iso file from I've used PowerISO to boot it...
  20. A

    Question PC hangs on shutting down screen ?

    For the 3rd time this week my computer gets stuck on the shutting down screen. At this point it has already powered off the keyboard and mouse, and so interacting with it is impossible but to power everything off. When i turn it back on it does not start with the screen saying "improper...
  21. V

    [SOLVED] Issues with shared printer

    Hello, i have a huge problem with my shared printers last few days. Seems Microsoft decided to mess with things again and i cant find a fix. So i have a shared printer thats locally connected to a Win7 PC and shared through it to the other computers in the network The other computers are...
  22. Question Pc Monitor shows vertical lines then shuts down immediately !!!

    Hello my work pc randomly shows vertical and short horizontal lines and shut downs.
  23. K

    [SOLVED] Where can I get Windows 7 ISO now in 2021?

    Hello, Windows 7 download page at doesn't contain any download link any longer. Is there any way of downloading the official version from Microsoft. I have a product key, but no installation media. I don't want to download from any...
  24. awesomedude911

    [SOLVED] How to install windows 7 from 10 downgrade

    Hey I was on YouTube last night trying to figure out how to go back to windows 7. I was forced to update. Where is the best place to get a copy of windows? I went on Microsoft webpage and they have changed things so you can’t get a copy I believe. I just downloaded a link from a website...
  25. [SOLVED] Could this be a faulty disk problem or it's the motherboard/processor?

    I had to format my PC and reinstall windows7 because of a small issue some days ago, i was able to do so without much problem. Both system partition C:\\ and data partition D:\\ are logical partitions of a 1 physical disk. <--- This is important. Almost everything worked fine except for a...
  26. W

    [SOLVED] Dual booting W10 and W7 with TPM and BitLocker

    Hello, so i want to dual boot windows 10 and windows 7 on my primary rig. i want to use windows 7 for legacy phone rooting, legacy iphones and just for older devices i own. Problem is that i am afraid to lose my data if i install windows 7. I have integrated tpm 2.0 enabled in my asus bios...
  27. C

    Question Battery low alarm ?

    HP ProBook 450 running Windows 7. I tried via all settings but don't get a low battery warning - maybe 1 cell gone ? Prefer a Chrome low battery alarm with low battery % settings and a load sound. Tried 2-3 but they are 1-2 star stuff. Any suggestions ? Thank you and stay healthy.
  28. Y

    [SOLVED] how to disable / remove unnecessary programs in windows 7

    hey, as seen in the title, and additional to that how do i know if a program is important or not in the task manager?
  29. Y

    [SOLVED] How to buy windows 7 activation key online in 2021 legally

    Hello, can I still buy windows 7 activation key legally in 2021, I understand that I should upgrade to windows 10 but for now I still wanna stay with windows 7 for several reasons, and one of the main reasons is my pc is weak. so is there any legal way to do that? thanks.
  30. A

    [SOLVED] Windows ReadyBoost on a 10k rpm HDD ?

    I’ll preface this by saying that I’m already aware that SSDs are always faster and sometimes even more economical than HDDs with WRB configured, my purpose for posting this question is out of morbid curiosity. Will Windows 10 and/or 7 allow WRB to be enabled on a USB stick when the OS is...
  31. A

    [SOLVED] Best games for this Crossfire HD 4850 Rig?

    I just inherited a junk pc with an interesting assortment of parts. I was looking to put some older, compatible parts that I already had lying around unused inside of it as a weekend project to make it run some older games (circa 2006~2009). I wanted to ask if anybody had any recommendations for...
  32. B

    [SOLVED] Is it possible to use recovered data from not booting windows 7 hdd by live usb linux distro ?

    Hi, I have windows 7 laptop which is not booting currently but i have take data back-up from that windows user profile and desktop folder which are having default file permission, so planning to boot the laptop with live USB Linux distro and copy windows user profile and desktop folder. I'm...
  33. B

    [SOLVED] After Window 7 boot logo, I get a blank screen with active mouse, login screen doesn't appear ?

    hi I have my friend's laptop which has windows 7 ultimate installed on it, till yesterday it was working fine. some files needed to copy from his hdd so connected his windows 7 hdd to my windows 10 laptop thru sata to usb connector. drives,files shown and copied perfectly, after reinstalled his...
  34. Question Mouse and keyboard stops working after going into Startup Repair

    Recently my high school gave me 4 old HP office desktops that they weren't using. While trying to do that trick of going into startup repair and opening command prompt to log into administrator on Windows 7 Professional, my mouse and keyboard stops working to were I can't select anything in...
  35. A

    [SOLVED] Windows 7 system

    I'm interested in building a new system with Windows 7 as the OS. I have a list of parts at My requirements are that the price should be minimal, the processor should run at or above 2.2 GHz, and dimensions of the case be <= 16 inches...
  36. N

    Question Can I run this 75 Hz monitor at 60 Hz in extended mode with a laptop?

    Hi, I have a HP Dv6t-7000 Quad edition laptop running Win 7 with a 2nd monitor in extended mode. The GPU is Nvidia GT 650m in optimus with Intel HD 4000. So for a better part of 10 years, I have been running with a Samsung SyncMaster 2494HM and it ran beautifully at 1920x1080x60Hz. I am...
  37. K

    [SOLVED] Installing windows 7 freeze on logo

    I am trying to install windows 7 on a h410 motherboard with g6400. I am installing using a usb key. When I selected to boot from the usb, I press any key to start the installation. When I get to the windows 7 swirly logo the screen freezes. I tried to turn on CSM in the bios but when I do...
  38. gordonmousedeer

    Question What's happening to my mother's desktop computer?

    My mother's desktop computer recently had issues. After using the computer for a while, these lines (picture links below) would appear on the screen. Sometimes everything on the computer screen would freeze (even the mouse cursor) after using the computer for some time. She had to restart the...
  39. A

    [SOLVED] Install Windows 7 on Windows 10 machine

    I have an expensive piece of software that runs on Win 7 that would be even costlier to run on Windows 10. I have a spare Windows 10 machine (a Lenovo tower). I've been looking into installing Win 7 on it (32 bit Win 7 is fine). I'm looking for the cheapest and easiest way to do this. Any...
  40. K

    [SOLVED] Problem with downgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 7

    Hello everyone, I was downgrading a laptop (Asus X540SA) from Windows 10 to Windows 7, but I ran into a problem with the installation. I plug the usb with the windows 7 iso file, but after that i get an error which is saying "A Required CD/DVD Drive Device Driver is Missing". I was thinking of...