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  1. R

    Question Laptop bricked? While upgrading to Windows 10

    My laptop (Samsung NT305V5A-S4PB) was turned off while updating to Windows 10 during battery power and need help fixing it. The laptop was running Windows 7 Home Premium K OA and I decided to update to Windows 10 on the Microsoft Windows 10 installation tool. Which I had to delete my graphics...
  2. K

    Question Laptop kept on shutting down on its own

    Hi! I have an Alienware m15x with a gtx 260m and is operating on a windows 7 operating system. I have been using it for almost 3 years now but recently, my laptop kept on logging off then shuts down after quite a few seconds or minutes, somrtimes it performs the same process even while on the...
  3. T

    Question PC boots for a couple of seconds then shuts down

    Hi everyone. This morning I decided to clean my PC seeing it had a lost of dust built up especially around fans. I also unscrewed the cooler and applied new thermal paste. Ever since it won't boot up. It starts for a couple of seconds, doesn't go to post, there's no beep and it actually makes...
  4. C

    Question Mouse randomly stops working, freezes, makes a windows hardware remove sound, and after 2-3 seconds unfreezes

    I got this new mouse, I really like it, suits me very well except that it randomly freezes every 15-20 minutes, makes the sound and unfreezes. I tried changing USB ports but it keeps doing it. Might be a software issue, what could I do to fix it? Although it makes the hardware remove sound, it...
  5. S

    i have no tv monitor, how can i use a xbox one s with my laptop display?

    i have no tv monitor, how can i use a xbox one s with my laptop display? i have 2 laptops, i have a samsung laptop 305E (Windows 7) and i have a HP laptop, (windows 10 pro), manufactured around 2010. also i have 2 monitors, a hp pavilion f50 (old 2000's monitor) and a samsung monitor (made...
  6. Karbonic

    Question Strange Problem Affecting Multiple Programs

    Hi, for the last few days, I've been having an issue that's been affecting multiple programs, for the most part making them not respond or crash on start. The programs in question are: Paint Tool .SAI Blender MalwareBytes Radeon Settings: Host Application Adobe CC Programs (AE, PS) I've tried...
  7. T

    Question Windows 7 recovery issues.

    Alright, trying to install windows 7 on ssd, previous installation corrupted on hdd. Hdd boot into startup recovery but it does no good. I've manaus to explore the files trough there, and tried to startup the setup.exe, but it says 'The subsystem needed to support the image type is not present.'...
  8. N

    Question AMD Driver constantly crashing

    The driver crashes in like 90% of the times when I try to play something. Not even talking about the new triple a games, it literally happens when I try to play csgo (from 2012) and far cry 3 (from 2013), for example. Things I've already tried, with no success (don't suggest that)...
  9. J

    Question How To Install Windows 7 on Dell Precision 7720 with Kaby Lake I5-7440HQ and Samsung NVME Drive?

    I just bought a used precision 7720 from ebay. It does not come with an OS. I was thinking of installing 7 on the laptop since i don't like windows 10 and try not to use it whenever i can. However, i read that there could be several problems installing windows 7 on this laptop: 1) Supposedly...
  10. SandPenguin96

    [SOLVED] I can't boot from the SSD.

    Hi everyone. As the title says, i can't boot the OS (Windows 7) from my brother's SSD (Kingston UV400 240GB). Last night, i was working with this normally, like any other day, no problems at all. Today, unexpectedly, i got the "Missing Operative System" error after bios post; and when i...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 needs Windows 7 to boot?

    I have a 1TB HDD and I have 2 partitions: one for Windows 10 and the other for everything else. Also, I have Windows 7 on my SSD. When I try to boot from the HDD, it cannot find an OS to boot from. Another time I got to the Windows Recovery and said that WIndows need to be repaired. Puzzling...
  12. asem1123

    Question How do I trim my SSD in Windows 7?

    I recently replaced my laptop's hard drive with an SSD because I was tired of the unresponsiveness of the system. And since I cloned my HDD to the new SSD and deleted a lot of files, I wanted to trim the SSD so those deleted files get deleted and also because I routinely trim my SSDs once a...
  13. N

    Question How difficult is it to transfer Windows from hard drive to SSD Raid 0?

    I inherited a computer and it has Windows 7 on the Raid 0 and Windows 10 on the HDD. I want only Win 7 and Win 10 on the Raid SSDs. I primarily use Win 10 but it is slow to boot. Is there any software that can help me do this? How hard is it? Wouldn't there be issues of the directories of...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] Switched boot to SSD, updates now failing

    Hello, I have recently gotten a WD Blue 500 GB SSD and installed Windows 7 professional on it. Before, I was booting from a 1 TB HDD, which I still have installed. Every time I shut down, Windows attempts updates, but they fail when I boot the computer back up. I've looked around and found...
  15. B

    Question Blackscreen error on my homebuild PC?

    Hi everybody, My homebuilt pc had a random bluescreen error the other day. Today, it full on froze and when I hard-reset the tower, it showed the typical Asus motherboard bios option and then blackscreens with a single flashing cursor. I've tried to boot the bios by pressing del or f2 but it...
  16. R

    Question Black Screen after Window's Installation First Restart

    Hello, I ran Ubuntu as an operating system for a year on my laptop, and then I tried installing Windows 7 Professional last night. It went into the booting mode fine and all the other process went swiftly and smoothly till the restart. After restart, nothing happens as I tried changing boot...
  17. A

    [SOLVED] Hard Drive shrunk to 350 MB instead of 180 GB Please help

    Hello, I have an Acer laptop that has 4 hard drives having about 150-180 GB. Here, is my Speccy snapshot: But the last drive (G:) has been shrunk to 350 MB recently after I installed Windows 7 in it. You can see the picture below...
  18. G

    [SOLVED] Clean install can't format hard drive

    Hi, I'm having a weird problem trying to format a new hard drive so I can install Windows 7. When I run the install CD, the drive is unavailable because it's GPT and needs to be NTFS. However, the 'Format' button is greyed out when I select the disk from the menu. I have no idea what to do.
  19. A

    Question Windows 7 32 bit 100% Disk Usage and Unresponsive Processes

    Hello, I am running a Windows 7 32 bit laptop with 2 GB RAM and 450 GB total ROM. It is getting 100% Disk Usage after a few minutes and the softwares are becoming unresponsive. I tried- Changing Power options. Changing Animation effects. I got a solution too. It was disabling some services in...
  20. A

    Question Can't install NEW 4.7.2 .NET Framework in Windows 7

    First, I uninstalled the old version and installed the new version from Microsoft official website. But now I can't install Windows .NET Framework. Please help me.