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  1. J

    Question No Intel(R) Adapters are present in this computer please help

    Hi I just reset my computer and deleted all files and drivers because I was having fatal errors, now everything is running but after installing everything that came with my pc when I ordered it I noticed that I was unable to connect any network settings, it simply says “No Connections are...
  2. L

    Question Some huge trouble installing Windows 8.1 from Windows 7

    Hello, Guys. I need a big help from you guys. This is the list of events, is long but I’ll try to be precise: My gf give me her Hard Drive Disk (Seagate 1000gb) with a lot of important data on it and with Windows 7 (64 bits) installed. We recently change the motherboard because a powercut...
  3. taha fareed

    Question Does asus p5g41t-mlx supports windows 8.1

    Windows 7 ends support on 2020 and before that I want to upgrade my os, I want to know that does my mobo supports win 8.1. On the asus site it shows only win 8 drivers but not 8.1. I'm bit worried about this. I don't really like win 10 also win 8.1 ends on 2023...
  4. T

    Question BSOD Whenever I Connect to Internet

    Hey everyone, I've tried to play IT guy for the last 24hrs but to no avail. The Problem: I receive a blue screen after connecting to the internet either immediately or within five minutes. Connection through Ethernet or WiFi causes a bluescreen. No issues when ran in safe mode or without...
  5. M

    A strange thing with a USB hub that I have

    Hello everyone, I just have bought a USB hub. And yeah, it doesn't seem to work on my PC. It's a 3.0 hub. But the strange is that on my mac (laptop) the hub seems to work just fine it's my computer that doesn't want to work with it. I have managed to make it work several times, but after...
  6. L

    4GB memory reserved how do i fix this?

    hello, i just bought a new pc and it have 8gb of ram but only 4gb are usable, i checked some threads and said maybe i needed to change the sticks , i checked and changed them and is still the same. I've never had this problem before so i dont know what to do, here are my specs. thanks :)
  7. G

    What is a good budget gaming mouse?

    Hello. I am looking for a cheap gaming mouse that is good. I see an AZIO GM 2400 at Fry's for $20 but price matcheable to $15 with Newegg. Is there a better gaming mouse than this? I have some criteria for the mouse. 1. Cheap price. I am willing to go up to $30 2. I do not need a very high DPI...
  8. P

    Used the wrong power cord for my psu.

    I recently received a new desktop pc and was exited to set it up. while unpacking my pc I had accidently mixed up my psu power cord with my moniter power cord, since they look exactly the same. I had just started to launch a game and my computer crashed, Im assuming from overheating. I then...