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  1. BrainBraid

    Question Mouse and Keyboard stops working while plugged in charger

    I have asus kj73s when i connect mouse and keyboard in usb port it works fine but when i plugged in charger it stops working.I have checked my keyboard and mouse with other laptops,They are working fine. I have updated all the drivers,do window update but nothing seems working. What to do now...
  2. Hansm

    [SOLVED] Booting loading dots freeze

    So yesterday afternoon my computer is fine, but a few hours later, when I turn my computer back on, when booting where there is a windows logo and spinning dots, but after 2 seconds, the spinning dots freeze, I have tried all the ways 1. Try reinstalling windows with USB but still, the spinning...
  3. jay-d

    [SOLVED] my laptop doesn't have a wireless network device

    Hi, I recently downgraded my laptop from Windows 10 to 8.1 because I prefer it and the 10 makes my laptop lag. However when I finally got the Windows 8.1 up and running I can't seem to connect to the Wi-Fi. I checked the Device Manager and found that in Network Adapters there's no driver for...

    Hello i just got my first bsod on this system can anyone help me identify the problem.I've been playing Detroit : Become Human and all of a sudden game froze threw me to dekstop and gave me an application error i said meh i'll launch it again but after i clicked close on application error pop up...
  5. J

    Question install windows 10/8/7 error 0x80070570

    If anyone can figure this out, you will be forever a GOD to me... I can't seem to install windows to my new Samsung SSD.... it gives me error 0x80070570 I have downloaded the latest iso from the microsoft site, I have even tried installing wins 7 and 8 but still get this error... I have tried...
  6. C

    [SOLVED] Copy One Drive cloud files to external hard drive

    Hi, i am trying to copy some files from the one drive directory to external hard drive and it doesn't leave me. I haven't the e-mail and password, to download the files from the cloud. How can i copy these files?
  7. alexxN00

    Question Bought a used Asus G750JM laptop and windows has a "Packard Bell" wallpaper, have i got scammed?

    Hi everyone, just bought a used Asus G750JM laptop for quiet cheep 350$ approx. And the guy said that he reset windows but when i made an account and logged in i got a "Packard Bell" wallpaper and it just looks weird and my connection is not working. I think i might of gotten screwed over or...
  8. M

    Question I want to install Windows 8.1 (DPS OEI) on my new SSD

    I bought my computer around 3-4 years ago at a store that builds custom PCs. I want to keep only Windows on the SSD and some programs on it and all the other programs on my old harddrive. How do I proceed to install Windows on my new SSD? I got the disk for Windows 8.1 DSP OEI.
  9. B

    Question Cant connect to remote desktop plus others

    All this is via remote desktop within the same network: I had a red X by my clock and was noticing some random pop ups. It was windows defender saying my AV/firewall was off. I figured I'd turn it on. Remote desktop disconnected. Havent been able to connect ever since. I've tried to undo...