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  1. fusionskies

    Question 2000'S PC gaming build

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums so nice to be here. :) I've been wanting a retro build for the longest time, so I can re-play some games that I grew up on in the late 90's/early 2000's such as theme hospital and theme park world etc. I have just bought a pre-built system online, a Compaq...
  2. Review Noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair Review: Refined, But Firm

    The Noblechairs Hero is an elegant gaming chair that’s easy to build, but it’s on the stiff side and costs quite a bit. Read more here. ANDREW E. FREEDMAN @AndrewFreedman Andrew E. Freedman is an editor at Tom's Hardware focusing on laptops, desktops and gaming as well as keeping up with the...
  3. g-unit1111

    Question Where to buy sleeved PSU cables?

    I've been looking around and I really want to get custom cables for my rig. My case is an NZXT S340 Elite purple edition and my PSU is an EVGA G2. I want to get custom black and purple sleeved cables to go with the interior of the case. I've been looking at Mod One but they right now can only...
  4. G

    I need to install drivers

    So I don't really know where to start but I'm not sure if proccessors need drivers? So my GPU is a gtx 970 my mother board is a asus strix b350-f and my processor is a amd 1800x Can you guys help me getting my drivers? I don't know where to get each one from, if you can please give me...
  5. T

    power light doesnt go out

    After recent Win 10 updates my laptop will not go to sleep regardless of power management. The laptop has to be turned off to preserve energy.
  6. josh1002

    GTX 1080 with 550w power supply

    I was wondering if a Corsair RM 550x it enough to power a MSI GTX 1080, i7 8700, 16gb ram? I can’t get a new psu if needed so I hope it’s enough.
  7. M

    Best Gateway hardware to be compatible with wireless frequency transmitter

    Hey, Any best gateway hardware available to create the private topology and with the help of internet friendly endpoint, it will send the sensors data to online firebase server. For the start, I am thinking to use wireless frequency transmitter. Any leads on this will be much help.
  8. S

    No display after cleaning!!

    PC won't display anything! The pc consists out of: i7 8700K Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 ASRock Z370 KILLER SLI/AC Cooler Master R4-SXDP-20FR-A1 SickleFlow X Red LED Corsair Vengeance LED CMU16GX4M2A2666C16R, 16GB Kit,DDR4-2666 I decided to clean my system for once since its getting warmer again. In...
  9. packersfan036

    blue screen of death question

    had 2 bsod screens first said stop code system service exception...………….2nd bsod said stop code unexpected kernel mode trap...…..first one happened out of the blue while browsing internet, 2nd one happened after messing with my overclock.
  10. B

    Cpu overheating after installing new GPU

    Hello, right after installing my new GPU (1080, had 980 before) I got the error message ''CPU over temperature Error''. And the CPU temp in BIOS says 88C. I had no issues at all with CPU temps until I got my new GPU. The CPU cooler im using is a nzxt kraken x62, which I got less than a year...
  11. J

    Looking for advice on upgrading PC(ram/ssd)

    Hello, I've been considering upgrading ram or storage but can't decide which one. Probably going for either 3200 MHz ddr4 ram or m2 ssd. What would you recommend? Specs: MOBO - MSI z370m mortar GPU - ASUS gtx 1060 6gb CPU - i5-8400 RAM - CORSAIR Vengeance ddr4 2400MHz (2 x 8gb) SSD - Samsung...
  12. I

    Ryzen 5 no apu

    New build with ryzen 5 2600 and x470 gaming. I used a spare gpu to get into uefi and update the bios. I've used both versions of the bios from gigabyte but the option for integrated graphics is still not available. Thoughts? It's for my mom who doesn't need a graphics card. Which is why ryzen 5
  13. S

    Lenovo Black Screen

    My Lenovo Laptop has just recently been doing this thing where the screen is black. I'll turn it on and the screen will light up but it will all be black nothing will appear on screen. I'll push F9 and the screen will turn off and I'll turn it back on, but it won't show me anything but a black...
  14. A

    Stereo mix won't transmit sound to usb headset

    So as we know usb headsets have their built in sound card, but those usally have an inexcusably bad sound quality. After some digging I found a workaround which improved the quality of the sound using the stereo mix. This worked for a while but I had to take it for a ride a few days ago. After...
  15. G

    Alienware 17 HDMI IN Monitor Brightness

    I have an alienware 17 that i want to use as a monitor to play ps4 games on. However, when i do, the screen is really dim. Even when i use keyboard shortcuts to up the screen brightness to maximum, it is only like 30-40% of the max brightness as when i use my computer normally. Is there a way to...
  16. S

    Masterbox lite 5 rgb liquid cooling help!!!

    Hello guys i have masterbox lite 5 rgb case and i have problem with tempratures cause it have really bad airflow in the fornt its hard for the air to pass in the case and in my country its really hot in the summer so i am planning to buy a AIO cooler is it better to buy a 240AIO or 280 and place...
  17. M

    Hard Drive - In BIOS, but not in Disk Management and Device Manager

    My 500GB Seagate HD stops working properly after I've booted it from sleep mode. Sometimes Windows detects it for a few minutes before it disappears again in My Computer. All this happens, but it's still detected properly in the BIOS, and it never appears even I've restarted my PC and reseated...
  18. W

    Wallclock drains battery fast

    This is a bit off-topic from computers and other electronics. I'm just wondering why a wall clock dries out a battery faster than other clocks. You see, I have 5 wall clocks in my house and there's this certain clock that needs replacing the battery quite frequently than the others. All the...
  19. L

    Get a 1080 ti now or wait

    Thinking about getting a 1080 ti. I have a 980 ti but it isn't running good enough for me anymore so I would like to upgrade. The cost of the card isn't really a concern for me. I just don't wanna get this card then have the next gen card come out a few months later. I can wait 2 months or so...