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  1. S

    Question Windows 98SE boots to blinking cursor in corner

    I am trying to install windows 98SE on newer hardware but after the two restarts in setup windows 98 tries to boot and just hangs on a blinking cursor in the top left corner. I am able to boot to safe mode and i have tried the System File Checker (SFC.exe) and it found 1 wrong file but it didn't...
  2. Y

    Question Is there a way to run Chrome 49 on Windows 98?

    Chrome won't work on Windows 98. Can get to work?
  3. Question I think my 25pin to 9pin serial wiring is wrong

    Hello, Apologies if I posted in the wrong section, moderators feel free to move my thread to a more appropriate topic. So here is the thing, i've been trying to get my dial-up modem to work for days, my dialling box pops up and then ends up with error 630, which has something to do with the...
  4. F

    Pc Shutting Off completely, randomly

    My computer keeps shutting down entirely, as though there's been a power cut. I've checked Temperatures - All fine and running at recommended temps I've Updated all drivers I've looked at motherboard and psu voltages, and from what I've read, there okay, I'll attach a picture of them...
  5. C

    Stock Meter Gadget

    I also used your idea for the Currency Gadget on the Stock Meter Gadget and it works perfectly BUT it would be nice if I could expand the Stock Meter to handle more than 6 stocks. Any ideas??
  6. S

    New computer same HHD will it still have windows?

    If i build a whole new computer and put my existing storage with windows 10 will my computer still have windows 10?
  7. dreammachine2010

    Plugging in my dvd drive shuts down my pc

    For some reason when I switched to a new system, my dvd drive wont take power and it prevents my system from powering on at all. I'm thinking it might be the power supply, as that's the only reason I can think of that it wouldn't boot. I run a 650 watt EVGA now but had a 750 antec, with a 970...
  8. O

    New RAM problem

    Hi guys I just bought some new RAM for my computer, I already have two 4GB sticks in my computer but just bought two more 4GB sticks of the exact same brand and model, but after I put them in and try to start the computer the fans of the cpu and the power supply spin for a second then there is a...
  9. 3

    Ryzen 5 1600 at 3.8Ghz

    Hello community, im here for some suggestion or advices regarding my cpu and the overclock that i have done. My PC specs are: CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 Mobo: Asus Strix Rog B350-F Gaming DDR4: Kingston HyperX Fury 2x4gb 2400mhz 15-15-15-35 PSU: Thermaltake TR2 600watt Plus 80+ Case: Therlmatake...
  10. S

    Intel Extreme Tunning utility

    i shut down my system after using intel extreme i dont overclock or any thang so i did not touch any thang other than the test my system and it says it passes after 5 to 10minutes after i stress test my system then turn my system on agin 2:20 pm oregon time and i go open up intel extreme...
  11. I

    Will This System Work?

    I'm going to build my first PC soon (hopefully) and I've been researching and looking at prices. After making a few parts list I finally came to something which looks pretty good. I was planning on getting the RX 480 4GB but since I'm mainly just going to...
  12. G

    Need help to get Windows 10 to detect hard drives after data wipe

    I am prepping to disassemble my current gaming PC build since I will be reusing the case for a new build. I plan to sell my old hard drives and SSD after I have the new gaming PC built. I used a DBAN Data Wiping Software disc using its default settings to wipe two of my 2TB hard drive discs...
  13. S

    Need help in making half of a PC

    Ive the case wich is UATX Ive GTX 760 PSU I need mother board rams And Hard Im limited to 200-300 Euros Doesnt have to be amazing, Just needs to run some games fast, Like Tiger Knight Empire War, Archeage, Guildwars 2. Ive got these suggestions and then put my GTX 760 in one of the two at the...
  14. J

    Internets ON but browser do not work

    My internet is actually on but 90% of things it can't access, for example, I can still talk to friends on steam but I can't actually goto the store page or load up any browser or site on a browser, comes up with a Page can't be loaded DNS Area. It's happening on EVERY PC in this house, when...
  15. M

    Overclocking software for Windows 7

    I am looking for a good piece of free software that will allow me to over/underclock my windows 7 pcs intel pentium 4. If you could direct me toward some, that would be great.
  16. I

    Should i get team vulcan ram? or spend the extra $30 on another brand?

    Building my first pc, and trying to keep a budget. I heard of team vulcan ram and have found some pretty good reviews but the price is what i find sketchy any thoughts? ill be using 16gb, of ddr4 in case you need to know
  17. R

    Need help with Photoshop CS6

    I have an old color photo (from early 80's) which has a very strong orange tint (bad room lighting and wrong flash timing resulted in this) and I can't get rid of it with Photoshop CS6 and restore the original colors. I've tried many tutorials but none of them could help me fix the photo. I've...
  18. U

    $380 Newegg PC build

    I've been working on a computer build for a little while and have come up with this, built this way to have the ability to upgrade easily in the future. I want to be able to order it all from one place, i.e. Newegg. Thanks for your help.
  19. J

    Sector Count Error on Samsung/Segate HDD

    I have a Samsung 1TB Internal drive for my Asus G75VW. It went down a week ago, wouldn't boot just went to bios. Popped an old backup in and all is well. I ran crystal disk and Seagate's seatools. Crystal disk reported the following...
  20. K

    i5 6400 and r9 380x

    Alright gents, It's that time of year where I normally go hunting, but due to a lack of pick up truck anymore, I had some extra cash squirreled away to upgrade my last Frankenstein PC project. I am upgrading to an i5 6400 with a generic HP motherboard. I know you guys will tell me to buy other...