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    Review E6700 Configuration

    I am configuring a new computer and have a few questions about my choices before I order. I'd appreciate any suggestions. My primary need for speed is image processing, particularly raw conversion with Nikon Capture and other raw converters and editing with Photoshop CS2. I want the system to...
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    BSOD error and red lines during win 7 boot

    Please see this first : i have bought a new rig 2 days ago... i5 2500k forsa geforce 430 2gb 2x2 gb kingston ddr3 intel dh67cl i have had the exact same problem as OwlMan.... For the 1st day everything ran just...
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    HDD went to sleep during DBAN - what to do?

    Hi all, Last night, I ran DBAN. This morning, only 4 percent was finished. My HD's shutdown after a few minutes due to inactivity I guess and I can't figure out how to disable this. I've looked in the BIOS under power management options but I am only able to select S1 or S3. There are 2 other...
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    i bought hl2 bronze, is there any way i can now buy day of..

    Archived from groups: (More info?) there doesn't appear to be, this really doesn't seem to be very good business sense from valves point of view
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    HP compaq nx9010

    my speakers physically dissapeared. no indication of existence and no sound still bearing the proper drivers.
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    Formatting Win7 machine (upgraded from Vista) - Licensing?

    Hi all, Around 8 months i inherited a Windows 7 professional machine from a friend who replaced his system. He originally brought the system from dell with Vista Business installed. When windows 7 came out he decided to upgrade the OS and obtained a MAC code from Microsoft to do so. The time...
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    Xfx 5850

    is 600 watts enough for crossfire xfx 5850? this power supply to be specific
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    Overclocking E6800 only thing buggy is BF2????

    ok i have been abol to over clock the cpu to 3.5 with good temps at full load around 60C. everything runs ok except bf2. the computer ither crashes or goes back to the desktop. i am running p5b delux wifi 2 gig of corsair 800 ram 4-4-4 timings and a 7950 gx2 OC to 750 X 550 witch runs round 55C...
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    Advice on new build

    Approximate Purchase Date: Next week Budget Range: 1600 Euros maybe abit more System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Surfing the internet, Watching movies Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Monitor (maybe getting an HD or maybe 3D one at a later date), Speakers Preferred Website(s)...
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    Please Help - New To Overclocking

    I'm new to overclocking and would like maximize my system performance. Current build: (Built 08/06) Asus P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe Socket 775 Intel Core2 Duo E6700 2.67Ghz Socket 775 OCZ 2048MB PC8000 DDR2 1000MHz Platinum XTC ZALMAN FAN CNPS9500 LED Enermax 600W nVidia SLI Certifed Power BFG...