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  1. T

    Question [Desperate] Problems with my PC

    I've made a post previous to this that is pretty similar, I'm sorry about that, but I need new eyes and new opinions. The only reason why I'm posting this in components is because I really don't know what it could possibly be, I'm on the fence about it being my power supply still. Curse my...
  2. U

    [SOLVED] PC BSOD's when idle. No error message.

    Hello! I have this issue, that when I leave my PC on idle, or even if I put it to sleep, after a while, I always get a BSOD that goes by so fast that I can't even note the error code to try and troubleshoot what exactly went wrong. I tend to game on it heavily, and when I do, I don't really...
  3. K

    Question Pc instantly restarts after opening any image

    Windows 7 and 8 instantly restarts after opening an image weather from explorer.. or photoshop etc but it works fine in safe mode i tried clean install several times didn't helped it's dual booted alongside kali linux any fix?? If anyone wants a video of what's happening i can upload it on...
  4. J

    Question BSOD (more frequent) after changing CPU cooler

    Hello all, I'm in desperate for help, as I've been getting a variety of BSOD. Please help! This computer is less than 1 yr old. 2 weekends ago I changed out my CPU Cooler to a Noctua cooler. It is worth noting that the process wasn't smooth, and I got thermal paste on the side of the chip and...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Issues with repairing computer with blue screen of death

    Hey there, My computer recently crashed and gave me the blue screen of death. I have tried many of the offered options to fix it such as using system image recovery, startup repair, using CMD to fix using different commands, and even resetting the computer. None of these work with the computer...
  6. TripleJTH

    [SOLVED] PC crashing while gaming

    This has been happening alot the past few days and has been annoying as i've been getting disconnected from competitive matches in games because of this, it has never happened before, it only has happened while playing overwatch and rainbow six siege, both were in fullscreen running low...
  7. amiyak4

    Question Windows freezes while Playing Far Cry 5

    Hi All, So recently my windows is freezing a lot while playing Far Cry 5. Here's the Reliability report Source Windows Summary Hardware error Date ‎27-‎07-‎19 01:22 PM Status Report sent Description A problem with your hardware caused Windows to stop working correctly. Problem signature...
  8. D

    Question My PC keeps crashing, only whilst playing games (hal.dll, ntoskrnl.exe, PSHED.dll)

    Hi! I'll try to keep it short. My PC keeps giving me BSODs when I play games on it. Sometimes they're not intensive games, sometimes they are. Sometimes they make it through 3 hours of playing, sometimes I barely get to the menu. It ONLY happens when gaming, it's never once happened otherwise...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] PC constantly crashing due to WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR

    Hello, My pc is crashing very often and I've been trying to understand what is causing the crash but i haven't had much success. One unusual thing I noticed are the relatively high CPU temps, which range from 45 -60 C idle, but that might be influenced by the fact that the air is really hot...
  10. G

    Corsair VS550 CPU suddenly stopped working

    Hello. Yesterday night while on the PC it suddenly turned off and I couldn't turn it back on. Today I took out the PSU tried with another one, and with that one it worked. So my question is replacing it my only choice or should I look into it (altough I'm not a specialist). Thanks for reading!
  11. N

    GTX 970 vs. GTX 1060(3GB)

    The Gigabyte Xtreme Gaming 970 draws me in because of the RGB lighting but the Galax exoc 1060 might be the better choice in the long run since my motherboard only supports crossfire and not sli and another question rises 3gb vs 3.5gb+0.5gb...I would appreciate opinions of other people
  12. C

    Need to fix my BenQ GW2270 settings?

    Hey guys I have a problem with my new computer and monitor. Whenever I play games or watch videos I see these red-ish blue on the edges of things when there's a sudden movement in the game or video? Not quite sure of how to describe it because I've never had this problem before. Here's some...
  13. mrfungi

    Msi Gtx 970 oc

    Looking for some input/advice on whether I should enable core voltage for these clocks to be on the safe side? Or reduce clocks and not bother with core voltage? Ran Heaven and 3dMark (P12899) fine, no artifacts. There was some stuttering on heaven benchmark with higher core/memory clock as well...