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  1. G

    Question New Windows 10 install and immediately have corrupted files ?

    I just installed Windows 10 Home 32-bit and the first thing I did was run "sfc /scannow". It completed the scan with "Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files and successfully repaired them" Can anyone speculate why this might happen? Prior to this, I installed Windows 10 Home 64-bit...
  2. tobill1221

    Question No Audio On Windows 10

    Hey guys, about a week ago I suddenly lost all of my audio capabilities on my Windows 10 machine. So far i failed in restoring any of them and to be honest im out of ides. I tried everything I could think of and looked at many forum threads. Everything didnt help. What I tried (and remember)...
  3. Vox

    [SOLVED] Manufacturer's drivers versus Windows 10/11 drivers?

    Hey there, I just installed an ASUS Prime B365M-A mobo and Windows installed all drivers it needed. Everything works fine so far, no unknown/messed up devices in Device Manager. I also updated the bios already. I'd like to know if I could gain any improvements by downloading the...
  4. S

    Question BSOD

    BSOD occurred due to a driver has failed to complete a power IRP within a specific time. It happened during a manual reboot. All I get from the memory.dmp seems to point out raspppoe.sys.... i am uploading the link crash memory.dmp. Help will be appreciated, thanks in advance...
  5. ChristianO

    Question Random Black Screens / Restarts

    As the title states - for the past few weeks I have been experiencing random restarts / black screen in Windows 10 while gaming or consuming media. This doesn't occur when idle, as I have let my PC run at idle for hours just to test this theory. I have tried to replicate this error and nothing...
  6. G

    Question Microphone not working

    Hello all, I'm currently running Windows 11 and The microphone was working fine when I first updated, fast-forward to now, I put my computer on sleep mode then come back the next day to find my microphone not working at all. I have the "Tronsmart Glary Gaming Headset" and its of type USB input...
  7. aranorde

    [SOLVED] Questions about "Chipset Drivers".

    This has been confusing me for a while right now, And i have a lot of questions about it as well, please go through them patiently and try to answer me since I'm new to this. My CPU : Ryzen 5 1500x Motherboard : MSI B450M PRO-M2 MAX Chipset drivers can be obtained and updated from 3 different...
  8. H

    Question HDMI splitter seen as a monitor in Windows? Possible?

    Can HDMI splitter be configured in Windows to look as a regular display connected so there is no way of knowing it's a splitter and NOT display?