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  1. J

    Question Windows Firewal block all exe traffic except one IP

    Hello, I need to block all trafic for one application except one IP but windows firewal takes block as a priority so whitelisting that IP doesn't work. Is there a some other way to do this ? Thanks in advance
  2. TheSpetnazAreAfterME

    [SOLVED] Wifi no internet access

    Hello fellow techs, I must start from the beginning for you to understand and my specs are at the bottom after you read my issue. I recently I moved to a new place to rent and there are no network jacks, so I had to get a wifi adapter for my Desktop. When I first installed the adapter, it...
  3. editor1

    [SOLVED] Can I run/have GlassWire and commodo fire wal at same time ?

    Hi I'm a little confused about glassWire's fire wall. Can I run/have GlassWire and (commodo or windows) fire wall at same time ?
  4. J

    BSOD System_Service_Exception and Kmode_Exception_Not_Handled and Interrupt_Exception_Not_Handled

    I recently upgraded my Ryzen 5 1500x to a 2600x and changed my 8 GBs of memory to 16. I got the Flare X memory because it said it was for Ryzen. Now every few minutes it crashes. I believe I've updated all of my drivers and reinstalled windows 10 nothing has worked. Please help System specs...
  5. C

    Low RAM stock and price dips

    I have been wondering what is with the prices on ram. I am almost done my gaming pc, and I needed 16 gigabytes of ram. Tried buying HYPERX FURY (4x4). After I ordered the ram, it was back ordered and I have been waiting for a few weeks. When will the ram stock normalize?
  6. S

    Ram compatibility with Ryzen 5 and Gigabyte Motherboard

    I purchased this kit of Corsair Vengeance LPX 3000 CL16 memory: And this Ryzen 1500x cpu and gigabyte motherboard combo...
  7. J

    Ryzen 7 1700 + MSI B350 AM4 - Cheap graphic card?

    I have the following build: Apart from normal usage (1080p movies), I won't play games or do any heavy graphic processing work, so I've added one of the cheapest graphic cards I could find. Is it compatible with my build? Would you recommend any other cheap...
  8. C

    just upgraded to windows 10, please recommed compatible core temp monitoring

    Hi guys, So I just upgraded to Windows 10, and wanted to ask if anyone could point me in the direction of a compatible core temp monitoring program. While I'm at it, I'd also like what the best compatible anti-virus software would be (sadly it appears Avast is not compatible yet), and if CPUz...
  9. W

    Is This Pc Good For Gaming like new games like unity or Far cry 4??

    Ok I'm getting new pc for Xmas well I got to pick one to buy. First so what I was gonna do is buy one of these