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    Question Windows crashing on install (second part)

    So, I’ve made a thread before on this and sent a RMA for my motherboard, they ended up LOSING my package and i just bought the same MOBO today. Before i go on here you lot go: ASUS B550-f motherboard Ryzen 5 5600x 1TB m.2 nvme Samsung evo plus Gtx 1050ti 500gb HDD seagate 750w PSU NZXT water...
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    Question Clean windows install freezing/hanging when moving my mouse not even an inch

    Ryzen 5 5600x Asus b550f 1tb m.2 nvme 970-pro Seagate HDD 750w Corsair PSU 1050ti GTX I’ve installed windows SOOOO many times in the past few days to figure out the issue. tried looking for viruses on drives, but non found, memtest86 says nothing is wrong/no errors after 4 passes. i just...