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  1. D

    Question Windows Installer Loop

    I am currently trying to install windows 10 on my pc, but when I restart it to finish install it will restart and then say that it needs to restart again in a loop. Any help? We have tried pulling it out before the manufacturer logo pops up.
  2. F

    Question 36 hours on and it’s time to bring in the experts….System won’t boot from SSD or disk since bios update.

    Spec: Mobo: Asrock Z270 Pro 4 Cpu: Intel Core i5-7500 3.4 GHZ Ram: Crucial 8gb DDR4-2133 (1 card) GPU: MSI 1660 Super Ventus OC HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB SSD: SK hynix Canvas SL308 250gb PSU: EVGA 650 GQ Asus DVD Drive: Hi everyone, I'm having trouble booting windows, which is installed on my...
  3. Y

    Question Did I toast my system during an Ez Flash 3 BIOS update?

    I read somewhere that I'd be smart to keep my BIOS up to date, and realized in a recent rig upgrade that my BIOS version dated back to 2015 and therefore tried updating the BIOS. I entered EzFlash 3 utility(v03.00) and chose to update "by internet". It downloaded a file and seemed to be pretty...
  4. V

    Question PC stopped working/screen wont turn on

    i5 4570k, gygabite Z87-HD3, superflower PSU, MSI GTX960, 2 kingston hyper X 8 GB This PC has already 5 years, except the PSU has 2 and the graphics 1. It suddenly stopped working. All the fans turn on but the screen wont. I tried to use the integrated graphics and clearing the bios. I also...
  5. kep55

    Mass Notification Software

    Our church currently uses Facebook, Instagram and our homepage to get notifications out to our parishioners. We know about REMIND, but it appears to be cell phones only. Is there anything that would do texts, email and phone calls? As I said, our CHURCH, which means we can't afford very much.
  6. H

    Asus B350 Plus - Slow USB 3.1

    Hey folks, wanted to pick your brains / check your experience about this weird thing I'm observing with the USB 3.1 ports on my Asus B350 Plus. Quick and easy version: the "teal" coloured ports, that the manual says are USB 3.1 Gen 2, are reporting slower transfer rates in CrystalDiskMark than...
  7. P

    What adapter do I need?

    I have a 760gma p-34 (fx) motherboard. I purchased a WD Black 250gb NVME SSD. I have never used an SSD before so I was unaware I needed an M.2 slot. So I need an M.2 Sata converter? Just trying to fugure out what kind of converter will connect the above items. Thank you.
  8. L

    [SOLVED] How to get higher idle RAM clock?

    Hey, my xfx rx 580 seems to not see that I play flash player games and keeps gpu and ram clock at idle state which is 300MHz each for RAM and GPU. I know it's power management to make clocks low when not needed but my radeon software doesn't have any option to turn off that power efficiency...
  9. S

    Wd blue 3d nand 1tb ssd or PCI NVMe WD Black 1tb ssd?

    Im going to buy one of these ssd today. The black PCI NVMe ssd is $275 but appears to be loads faster. The wd blue sata 3 1tb is $130. My primary boot drive is a small 256gb ssd already. This drive will be for gaming. My main concerns are a. Im fine with the slower blue ssd but have read that...
  10. J

    RGB problems with aorus

    Hello, I actually got my new pc just recently. I got an B360-F Asus motherboard and Aorus RTX 2070. I'm actually wondering how you can download app centre aorus since I don't have a Aorus motherboard. I just want to change the lighting of my aorus thats all. I'm having problems since I cant find...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] What PCie version(s) do I have on this motherboard?

    It says 1x PCIE 16x, and 2x PCIE 1x. What version? What is the max bandwidth?
  12. L

    How much should I sell this for?

    Hi everyone, so I want a new computer, im just not getting good frames on the games I want. So, heres my rig... CPU: AMD FX 8320E 3.2ghz GPU: ASUS R9 270 2GB Vram RAM: 8GB Single- Channel DDR3 MOBO: Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 6.0 PSU: Corsair CX 600W Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit...
  13. G

    What Is DRAM in RAM and GPUs? A Basic Definition

    What is the meaning of DRAM? DRAM CPUs and GPUs explained. What Is DRAM in RAM and GPUs? A Basic Definition : Read more
  14. K

    Budget AutoCad Laptop

    Looking for a decent laptop to run AutoCad. Budget around $600-700
  15. J

    What is the prime build for maxing out 1080p with high FPS?

    What is the prime build using a black rgb case and rgb aesthetics, preferably under $1000 but $1200 is ok.
  16. S

    I have problems with this game

    I tried to make it work but then it broken so help needed I want it to work and stop not working
  17. S

    Watercooling Temps to high?

    Hello Guys, i got myself an i9 7900x pretested at 4.6Ghz with 1.2V. I also bought a custom water cooling from EKWB. So i build it filled it and now im running it since about 2 months but im not sure if temps are okay. So i got a 360 and 240 rad both 30mm thick. Temps of the CPU at Prime95...
  18. L

    Motherboard cooked- Is my gpu,cpu, and ram okay???

    So my pc was off but plugged into my wall while i was out eating with my family. A huge storm came while i was out and the whole cities power went out. When i came home, my pc would not turn on/boot up. My motherboards rgbs would light up but the red light on my asrock z270 would not light up. I...
  19. O

    *Urgent* CPU Swap Inspiron 3650

    Hello, I have a Inspiron 3650 with an i5-6400, no GPU. I want to swap this processed (i5) with an i3-7100 from my personal computer. The only issue is, when I put the i3 into the Inspiron, it fails to post. But the i5 works great in my normal PC. I assume it’s just the motherboard not...
  20. A

    Upgrade from Pentium B950 to i7 2760QM

    Good morning, I'd like to know if it is possibile to upgrade an Asus X53SC (the one with GT 520M) which has socket HM65 from pentium B950 to an i7 2760QM. Socket looks the same and I'm quite sure that heat will not be a problem. Are there any reasons to think that it won0t be compatibile or I...
  21. W

    Battle of the Motherboards

    Hey there! I'm trying to figure out what I want out of my Motherboard, It's a tie so far between the cheaper but still cost effective ASRock Z370 Pro4 and the ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-E, which is double the price! I can see that the ASUS has a higher output on the DisplayPort 4096 x 2304 @60hz...
  22. E

    Which monitor is better?

    LG 24GM79G or iiyama G-MASTER GB2488HSU-B3 My specs: i54460 GTX960 G1 Im searching for a monitor specially for gaming. Im playing alot of FPS actually Fortnite the most. I can pick one of these 2.
  23. J

    Error Code 43 - GTX 1060

    Well, the title describes it all. My gtx 1060 has randomly stopped working, and I don't know why. In the device manager, it says there is an error with it (Error Code 43). Even the windows diagnostics don't help at all. I don't know if this caused it, but before all of this happened, my laptop...
  24. L

    PC Build with 240 fps on Multiplayer Games.

    Looking to find the best components for a PC that can perform 240 fps on 100 multiplayer arena.
  25. E

    Will any ram work?

    I have a MSI MS7778 (Jasmine R) motherboard. I currently have 8 gbs of ram and was planning to upgrade at some point, but I ran into a question. Will any ddr3 ram work on a ddr3 motherboard?
  26. R

    Audio Stuttering driving my insane - I've read a ton of threads - but no solution

    PC - Dell T7500 - stuttering started happening - probably a month ago. Was using the rear 1/8 inch audio out to 2 channel stereo. Terrible crackling and stuttering. Switched to BlueTooth via a BT USB - same thing Tried simple USB dac type device - same thing Tried Front headphone jack same...
  27. P

    Wifi doesnt turn on

    The lapto worked well for many years, but for a few months now, the wifi wont work. It shows the X as when it is turned off. I tried pressing the on/off button, I tried reinstalling drivers, reinstalling windows, i even took it to someone to have a look inside thinking its some kind of...
  28. S

    Router stopped retrieving ip and dns from isp....

    So i have frontier Fios. My router is an r7000. Frontier gave me a Arris NVG468MQ and some other device ARRIS MEB1100 my previous modem was a netgear cm600. So I ditched the arris nvg468mq right away. I had the coaxial run to this meb1100 then that's powered by usb. I plugged that USB onto my...
  29. B

    Can I install Windows 10 from 8.1 without uninstalling Huge games on different drives?

    Hello, This is Binay, I want to install windows 10 from 8.1. I asked my friend to download some games for me. He did and I deleted the installation files due to insufficient space, you know I make YouTube videos with takes lots of space. Anyways, there is no way I can figure out. Is there any...
  30. J

    Trying to find new laptop keyboard

    I recently broke my space bar on my HP Pavilion Power 15 cb010ca. And sadly I can't buy a single key, so I have to replace the whole keyboard. The keyboard's part is 926894-DB1. I tried looking online for it, but I had no luck. I was wondering if anybody here knows where to get this part, since...
  31. S

    Which processor to buy in 2018?

    Hi, I have an amd fx 6100 processor which I bought in 2013 . And using it for 5 years now. I am using a Gigabyte 970a-ds3 Rev 3.0 motheboard and 8 Gb of Ram. I also have a GTX960 which I bought in late 2015. currently my friend needs a pc urgenntly so he giving a good price for the cpu+mobo+ram...
  32. ThatPcBuildingKid

    Is my cooling solution okay for my cpu?

    I have a corsair h55 with a corsair sp fan on it no load testing or anything just gaming, bo3, pubg, DOOM its non overclocked 8600k should i be ok
  33. G

    Intel, AMD, Google Respond To US Government Meltdown/Spectre Inquiry

    In a response to a U.S. government inquiry on the Meltdown/Spectre incident, Intel and other companies agreed that embargoing the disclosure of the vulnerabilities was the correct choice. Intel, AMD, Google Respond To US Government Meltdown/Spectre Inquiry : Read more
  34. H

    I click on link by accident

    Yeah i know im dumb. I werent concentrating and clicked on a link but i quickly went off it before anything loaded in. Whats the chance of me having a virus and im doing a antivirus scan. How can i make sure i am safe? thank you Henry.
  35. Y

    Two motherboards died ( each lasted a year )

    Hello, Before a year, My motherboard ( GA-P81-D3 ) is dead and the power supply is also dead ( Cooler Master 500 watt ). I changed the power supply to Gamma 350 watt and sent the motherboard to warranty. The motherboard needed a month or two to repair so I bought a new motherboard ( GA-H81M-S2PT...
  36. I

    Windows 10 VPN Server - port 1723/3389 closed

    I have been trying to setup my windows 10 VPN server (just the included windows VPN connection) and I think I got it all set properly. I have followed some very detailed guides, but I can't get my port 1723 open. I have set up the router (ATT NVG599) to forward the ports to my static PC IP...
  37. A

    Will Dual Intel LAN Teaming in Windows 10 help me for more internet browsing speed

    Hello, I think to buy ASRock Z370 Gaming K6 motherboard with Dual Intel Gigabit LAN ports and i am with Windows 10 RS2. I wonder if i can team them for better internet surfing performance. I never play games and my internet download speed is about 37 Mb. My router has one free LAN port so i can...
  38. C

    Write down a build to for over 60 fps in 1080p

    Title says everything
  39. G

    My Canon EOS 1100d photos can't be viewed in computer

    My Canon EOS photos can't be viewed in computer. I already changed the SD card and I did reformatting, but still nothing happened.
  40. S

    PC won't turn on after moving.

    Thanks in advance for assistance: So I took my PC to a different house for a few days and everything was fine. Today I brought it back to my own house, hooked everything up, pushed the power button, and nothing happened. I've tried troubleshooting it and scouring forums for hours and haven't...