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  1. O

    can a Dell Vostro 3550 use Minecraft?

    All I Wanna Know Is If A Dell Vostro Can Use Minecraft
  2. S

    "Windows8" process high CPU usage??

    Hello, just today I discovered something very weird in my Task manager, there is a process called "Windows8" that is taking about 77% of my CPU O_O. Whenever I try to end this process it comes back after seconds lol. Is this a virus? What could this be? I'm not really feeling any slow on my PC...
  3. M

    is this windows 7 site legit?

    hi can you check this website whether its legit and legal, i live in the uk .
  4. G

    SuperComputing 2017 Slideshow

    We prowled around SuperComputing 2017 to gather all the most interesting displays at the show. SuperComputing 2017 Slideshow : Read more
  5. B

    The Case of the Disappearing SSD Asrock Z87 Extreme4

    My issue is that one of my HDD has gone missing. I say missing because when I first installed it I could initialize it and I changed its name and added a folder. Shortly after that I went to write to it and the drive was gone. This was all in the same session. My drive that I added is an SSD...
  6. K

    My mouse moves but I can't click or type

    I was on a Google doc and all of a sudden, my cursor turned into the thing that looks like a capital I. I can not click on anything now. Also, I tried to refresh the page using the keys but that didn't do anything. I think they won't work just like my mouse. How can I fix this?
  7. Crashman

    ASRock Z370 Taichi ‘Coffee Lake’ Motherboard Review

    The third model in our Coffee Lake motherboard launch series, ASRock’s Z370 Taichi hopes to win buyers over with a lower price for a few high-end features. Is the board good enough to win a value crown? ASRock Z370 Taichi ‘Coffee Lake’ Motherboard Review : Read more
  8. D

    Is it worth the upgrade?

    My pc is quite old n im thinking of upgrading it. Currently, I have the i5-3470 and a really old GPU. Obviously, im upgrading the gpu. Also I only hav 4 gb of ram so Im getting 16 gb. The only problem is my mobo only supports ddr3 so if i buy 16gb ddr3 now, I wouldn't be able to upgrade my cpu...
  9. M

    is a one time gpu artifact bad?

    I have recently seen an artifact on a game. It has only happened once. I saw this artifact in GIANT MACHINES 2017. I haven't seen it in any other games. Is this bad? is my gpu faulty? Intel i5 6400 Asus gtx 1060 3gb oc edition Gigabyte h110M-S2 Corsair vengeance 8gb ddr4 WD blue 1TB Corsair vs450 w
  10. I

    Hard drive making noise after wake

    I built my computer in December of 2015 and its been running fine without any problems. The past two weeks I noticed that my hard drive would make a loud ish noise after I would wake the computer from sleep. (Can be obviously heard from across a pretty big room.) The noise is similar to a car...
  11. NetMelc

    Graphic Card Fans spinning but no screen responding

    Ok so I wanted to upgrade my friend old prebuilt PC with my old GTX 750 Ti but I can't see any screen powering on... I still have heard the Windows boot sound in my speakers.... The PC specs are : i5-2320 10GB DDR3 300W PSU( Should be fine doe) So I know the card is connected and powered...
  12. D

    PC won't power up.

    I got all new part for a computer a evga geforce gtx 1070, amd ryzen 5 1600x, ab350 gaming k4, corsair vengeance lpx 16gb (2 x 8gb) , and A wd blue 1to hdd. I installed everything but when I tried to turn it all on nothing happens. The mother broad itself is pulsing a red light even before I...
  13. R

    Cheap PCIe SATA III controller for a fast SSD

    Hi, I've got a fast SSD (Crucial MX300 SSD 750GB), which is ~500 MB/s read&write (sequential), and I need to buy a SATA III controller for it (I only need 1 SATA port). My Mobo has a free PCIe 3.0 slot. My first attempt was a Syba controller (Syba SI-PEX40061)...
  14. D

    Connection problem pls help

    I have a10 7700k and a88x gamer with 8 gig ram with gpu hd7760 and generic psu. Running in win7 64bit.. my problem is about my connection. When i start running my dota2 games my internet connections gone. Even i run a bluestack and nox player my internet connection will be gone. But if i only...
  15. D

    Looking for patch 1.06 for mgs5

    Where exactly do I find patch 1.06 for metal gear solid 5 for the ps3 version. I'm having issues locating it.
  16. J

    Pentium G4560 max power usage And using 4pin cpu in 8pin

    hello, i read in the intel's ark that g4560 can take up to 54watts in average.does that exceed 95 watts on full load? and if i were to use 4pin cpu connector in 8pin motherboard, where exactly should i plug the connector? thanks in advance
  17. S

    Fastest CPU for Acer Aspire 5738Z

    I have an old laptop (Acer Aspire 5738Z; eight years old) which I'd like to keep in service as long as I can. I'm trying to find the fastest CPU that I can fit and I've found one thread where someone claims to have succesfully upgraded from the standard T4200 to a T9600. I'm wondering whether...
  18. T

    Best Place To Buy A Monitor

    I'm looking to buy a monitor. However, I've heard of so many horror stories about dead pixels and light bleed. Which store, online or brick-and-mortar, has the best return policy? I don't want to pay a restocking fee because the monitor only has two dead pixels instead of eight. To me, one...
  19. S

    Single 12v rails PSU or dual 12v rails PSU?

    So I have these two options: Antec VP 650P v2 Dual 12v rail PSU. Each rail rated @ 35A. But upon checking the manual I found that maximum allowed is 25A per rail, making it 50A in total, 600W. Corsair VS 650. Now this one's a single 12v rail rated @ 50A, making 600W in total. So which one is...
  20. A

    Dell p2214h vs Asus Ve228h

    Hello all I am just curios which one of these Led would be best for me in terms of Pic quality and gaming ... dell is ips but lacking the hdmi port ... Will Dvi d port supports AMD VSR if i buy dell's one. Regards