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    Question Windows registry has done me dirty(literally). Need help with USBport Device IDs.

    Ok so I bought a new mic and everything seemed fine till about a week later when it decided to just become incompatible. I did some checking and apparently the device ID migration just wasn't working for this since the day I plugged it in. I tried a bunch of fixes and thought it was the Mics...
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    Question How do I prevent reccurring "ProfSvc service failed the sign-in" error on Windows 10?

    Occasionally on startup I receive the following error: I know how to fix via registry editor (in short, removing the temp ID and removing '.bak' from the correct profile), but it happens annoyingly often and while the fix is fairly quick: A. I don't like having to mess around in registry...
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    Question I should have left it in its original location

    I was worried about potential space in SSD and wanted to move Program files to HDD to save space Created new folders in A: labeled "Program Files" and "Program Files (x86)" Powershelled Robocopy "C:\Program Files" "A:\Program Files" /mir Robocopy "C:\Program Files (x86)" "A:\Program Files...