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    Question auto reset windows each time i open it

    our university computer lab has a system that everyday at 11 pm all pc restart and everything is gone. A whole new OS installation. I also want to do that for my office. i have windows server 2012 r2 with active directory and all connected pc has windows 10 on it. how can i do that?
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    Question Gpupdate /force command takes long time to update policy from Windows Server 2012r2

    Dear All, Whenever I unblock removable disk from Active Directory and run Gpupdate /force command it takes long time to update policy from Windows Server 2012r2.. Is there any way to update it quickly, it hangs of ""Updating policy...""
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    Question Bypass USB GPO of Active Directory

    Hi, Is there any way to bypass USB block GPO applied by Active Directory Administrator???
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    Can I run Fortnite on this PC?

    Graphics card: GT 220 1GB, RAM: 4GB, CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93 GHz. I know, it's an old PC. But can I atleast run it in Fortnite low settings and everything disabled?
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    Where Do I Plug In My AIO Pump??

    Hi. I am currently building right now and I have no idea where to plug the pump into. I am using a ASrock AB350m mATX and the cooler is the Cooler Master Naster Liquid Lite. I assume I plug the fan into the CPU fan header (I may be wrong), but where do I plug the pump?
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    Download speed unstable

    Hello everyone, my internet is 3M"bit"ps, the DL speed only reaches up to 2.20mbps and upload is a perfect 3mbps, now the strange part, when i speedtest on the modem's wifi using my phone, the results are DL speed is a perfect 3mbps same with the upload speed, question why does my ethernet...
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    my graphic card gtx1070 keeps crashing

    I got a gtx geforce 1070, bought it few months ago. The driver I am using at the moment is the 378.78. The game in which i am experiencing this problem is Paragon. When the grahic card gets to hot the game just crashes It's quite annoying. Some time it happens even multiple times during a match...