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    Question LAN-over-USB device not found

    I tried to update UEFI(BIOS) of my IBM server X3250 M4 with the help of Lenovo Update Xpress System PAck Installer but on updating its shows the error "LAN-over-USB device not found".
  2. I

    Using CDMA phone on GSM

    I have a iphone 6 running verizon up to 4g LTE service. I read somewhere that if I put my CDMA sim card into a GSM unlocked phone 4g and only 4g will work. Is that true? I really dont mind only having access to 4g due to the fact 3g is too slow to be used for me. Im looking into getting a budget...
  3. 4

    PC wakes up on it's own after sleep mode (Windows 10)

    I search many website, and I can't seem to figure out what is causing my system to turn back on. When I click 'Sleep' or wait for it to go into sleep mode, I watch my whole internal parts power down after few seconds of sleep it then turns back on and takes me back to login screen. Oh and my pc...
  4. T

    oc'ing r9 280x gigabyte

    Hi guys can you tell me safe overclock speeds . My current GPU Clock is at 500 mhz , Memory clock is at 1500 and fan speed is at 35 % . thx in advance
  5. B

    Upgrading Ati 5770 budget £100 to £150 ish

    Any suggestion peeps? APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: this week I hope I have £240 but want to get a new case and cpu cooler so budget around £100 to 150. USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: World of Tanks and anything else that takes my fancy CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Powercolor ATI 5770...
  6. O

    is team a reliable RAM manufacturer?

    are they? (filler text right here bla bla bla bla)
  7. Wtootell

    Best GPU setup for my gaming rig

    So currently I am lacking any kind of graphical power in my gaming rig, seems like madness, but I build it out of old an new parts. I don't want to spend £1000's, yet, on GPU's so bang for buck which is better, 2 GTX 770 in SLI or a GTX Titan Black edition. I don't mind doing a bit of OC'ing...
  8. M

    Asus striker ii extreme, NO POST

    Hi to all at tom's HARDWARE... Ok i have used my Asus striker ii extreme with no worries now for almost 4 years and i fell it was the best buy i ever made...this is what day i saw in my BIOS POST the my 4 times cpu 2.66ghz was only running at 1.66ghz so i rebooted my rig and want...
  9. B

    USB Floppys--Better or Worse?

    Are USB floppy drives just normal floppy drives that have been created with an interface for USB? Or did some actual re-engineering go into them so they wouldn't fail so often? Only reason I'm asking is I need one to flash my BIOS for a microcode update. I doubt floppy disks have changed in...