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    Question Should I use Offline Files?

    I'm looking to see if Offline Files is decent enough for me to use in a professional environment. Quick rundown, we store all of the data on the server, and the end user is very...technologically impaired. Causes a large amount of problems, so we are want to make this as few clicks as...
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    Question Trying to use parity in Windows Server 2019 Storage Spaces

    I am trying to create either a raid 5, or a raid 6 array in my new R730XD running Windows Server 2019, but I am running into a problem. I can create a simple (raid 0), and a mirrored (raid 1) array just fine, but when I try to use any kind of parity I receive an odd error. It errors and says...
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    Question My brother his PC kills our internet when he connects to my server

    I've got a minecraft server setup on my Windows Server 2019 Datacenter server. Everything is working fine untill my little brother connects to that minecraft server with his computer. We are with a bunch of friends and everyone (LAN and over network) can all connect perfectly fine. But when my...
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    Question How to use Apache v-hosts?

    I have a Apache server on windows server 2019 using XAMPP and have tried to setup v-hosts but every tutorial I found says to add to the hosts file, so i'm a bit confused because I know that means it would only work on my PC but I have a domain and I wonder how to use...
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    [SOLVED] Windows server 2019 wont let me install any ethernet drivers.

    Hi! I have a Windows Server 2019 running on an AMD Rig: Ryzen 7 2700x 32GB RAM ASUS Prime X470-Pro But i have a problem, that i can't get any ethernet drivers working on my machine. Has anyone experienced the same problem with similar rigs? Or do i just have a compatibility issue? Solutions i...