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  1. B

    Hdmi to Vga Issue?

    Ok so My current monitor - Fujitsu L20T-1 20inch 60Hz 1600x900 I have the gtx 1050ti installed and i am using a hdmi to vga convertor because my monitor only has a vga slot .. The problem is that the display is fine .. but when i start a game and play it .. in between sometimes the screen goes...
  2. S

    First time build - feedback on specs??

    I'm a complete noob when it comes to PC parts/building. I want a gaming PC but don't really know much about parts. I know what they do but I don't know what I need. My budget is max of £1300 including monitor and keyboard/mouse. I don't really want to build one myself if I can avoid it but if...
  3. A

    New Motherboard and CPU, i don't have a physical copy of windows what can i do to get an OS running.

    So got a new mobo and CPU, when i boot it tells me to reboot and select proper boot device, i don't have a physical copy of windows (Windows 10 is what my old build used) what can i do from here? Thanks.
  4. L

    PC won't turn OFF completly

    ever since HP replaced my motherboard under warranty some time ago my machine wont fully power off, windows shuts down and it goes through the usual process and then I hear my speakers cutting off and the display also stops receiving a signal but the power light stays on and I can still hear...
  5. valeman2012

    Windows 10 Creators Update on Old Pentium 4 HT (2 CPU) (3.0 GHZ ~ 2992 MHZ) Computer

    Is it a good idea to put Windows 10 Creators Update on my CPU : Pentium 4 HT (2 CPU) (3.0 GHZ ~ 2992 MHZ) Computer GPU : Radeon HD 4650 1GB AGPx8 RAM : (4x512 MB) DDR Memory) Setup?
  6. S

    Problems accessing the internet

    Hello, We recently had a big internet problem because of our ISP who messed up with the ADSL cables coming to our house but didn't want to admit it at the beginning and they kept saying that it was our fault... But now that that has been solved I've noticed another problem which really...
  7. ChrisAB

    Setting up new account

    Hi Guys, im having issues changing some info in account settings on my account. Im unable to change anything from computer setup down, i click edit and nothing happens. Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks.
  8. T

    How do you think of mechanical keyboard?

    I need a mechanical keyboard? And I want to choose this one, could you give me some suggestions?
  9. H

    please give link this driver

    umax usc 5800 scanner driver i can't find it, please help me.
  10. M

    Best place to build custom builds cheap?

    Hi, I am not experienced building machines (never built one) . A member provided the following cheap gaming build below and trying to find cheapest place for someone to build it ? Any sites etc in uk ? CPU: Intel Pentium G4560 3.5GHz Dual-Core Processor (£52.34 @ BT Shop) Motherboard...
  11. C

    Fan HUB Advice...

    Im trying to figure out what each fan HUB means, and is capable of... my current mobo has said fan HUB's CPU_OPT CPU_FAN CHA_FAN1 H_AMP_FAN AIO_PUMP EXT_FAN CHA_FAN2 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Im...
  12. J

    Thermaltake Core V1 - PSU up or down, does it matter??

    Hi Guys, Long time lurker on here for many a year. So I just got finished with my latest build: ■ Thermaltake Core V1 ■ AMD 7860K ■ Samsung EVO 850 256GB SSD ■ BeQuiet SystemPower 500W (Amazing by the way) ■ 8GB HyperX Fury Ram ■ ASROCK A88M-ITX/AC ■ Noctua NH L9i It is far and away my...
  13. I

    Unable to install drivers

    Hello. Due some issues on 1st PCI-e slot on motherboard, I have to move my GPU to 2nd PCI-e slot. It loads into windows fine, with big resolution, so I assume I have to uninstall old drivers and re-install fresh ones. I do this with DDUninstaller, and when I start installing new drivers at 50%...
  14. ECaarnage

    Fast Internet Speed (NBN) but struggling to buffer videos

    I used to have 8Mbps dl 0.8Mbps ul and 25 ms and was loading all videos perfectly fine. But for some reason now the new connection struggles to buffer videos. YouTube and KissAnime load perfectly fine but a few other sites struggle with video buffering. I updated GPU Driver and deleted the cache...
  15. P

    Which Cpu Cooler is better?

    i want to get a new budget CPU cooler better than my current stock cooler that came with my fx 8300 in loud af and does not do its job well. first i wanna know which cooler is best, then i wanna know if it is more quiet and cools better than a stock cooler thanks...
  16. J

    Videos Not HD

    Videos on new desktop say they are playing in HD but don't look like it. I've used this monitor before so it's not the problem. This happens when playing any video on any platform but playing games looks fine.
  17. G

    EPIC Asks Congress To Secure The Internet Of Things

    EPIC asked Congress to use the reauthorization of the National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA) to finally protect Americans during the rise of the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) in seemingly every aspect of modern life. EPIC Asks Congress To Secure The Internet Of...
  18. C

    CoolerMaster's Hyper 612V2 Thermal Paste wasn't applied correctly.

    So I bought a new I7 7700K and I applied the Thermal Paste Included with the CoolerMaster Hyper 612V2 and I have 37C Idle and 99C running Cinebench for a sec. I think that I didn't apply the Thermal Paste correctly.
  19. P

    NAS for class of 20 connected via wifi

    I am beginning to think that my best/cheapest solution for this is to build a server with a router attached that will serve up to 20 wifi clients. I originally was going to buy a 4 port NAS (use 3 for hard drives and one for a bluray writer) but I have not found one yet that has the...
  20. J

    cpu is overheating can't figure out why

    Hi i just recently built a computer and i can't figure out why my cpu is running as hot as it is. I have a liquid cooled system and on boot up i hit temps from 75-85c. Once my OS loads and im on desktop or browsing web it drops to around 51c but i also believe my motherboard is automatically...