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  1. Msradell

    Sager, ProStar or ?

    I'm looking for a new laptop primarily to run AutoCAD (2D only) another criteria is that it be good for Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DPI 15) that I use to control it because of my disability. I'm pretty well set for my specifications which are as follow: i7-6700 processor 16 GB (possibly 32 GB)...
  2. K

    NEW GPU = Black Screen

    GPU Upgrade & Now the Black Screen The excitement of a GPU upgrade has now turned into total frustration. A week ago I decided to upgrade my computer from "I don't know what" to an i5 6600 with an improved graphics card. I was misinformed that the GTX 750 ti was the way to go. Anyhow, the...
  3. M

    What could happen if you boot a PC with broken pins on the Motherboard?

    Please Note: This is my first time posting here and my first time making a PC so please forgive my ignorance or if my post is just simply poorly made So I was just making my first PC build when I think I might of tapped my Motherboard CPU pins. Upon realizing this, being the idiot I am, I went...
  4. E

    PC Running Fine after new CPU and Mobo, should I still reinstall windows?

    Should I reinstall windows 10 even when my PC is running fine after a CPU and Mobo upgrade? Haven't noticed anything wrong, so strange.
  5. E

    Looking for Opinions on my planned PC Build

    So I just want to know your opinions on my PC Build before I buy the Parts. Feel free to give some helpful Suggestions. Vid Card = Asus GTX 1080 Strix Gaming 8GB (Strix-GTX1080-8G-Gaming) Memory Stick = Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb Dual DDR4 2400 CMK16GX4M2A2400 Power Supply = Corsair RM750i...
  6. K

    Will my mother board support this memory??

    I have an ASRock Fatal1ty Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac Mobo and was wondering if it will support Mushkin Redline 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR4-3000 Memory. I believe it should since it supports memory up to 4000 hrz but i was not 100% on this particular ram set.
  7. S

    Does i3 bottleneck gtx 680

    I am planning to install gtx 680 into core i3 processor. Does the processor will bottleneck to the gpu?
  8. A

    Windows 10 Rant

    Hi, now how do I start this... Windows 10 for me was a bad experience. I'm a power user, I like to have control in what I do and generally know why things are the way they are, also I just dislike when something doesn't work, even when I don't use it. And when features do work, they're often...
  9. P

    Which HDD Should I Get? (No SSDs)

    I have a question, which HDD should I get? Here are my options: Western Digital BLACK SERIES 1TB. Seagate Barracuda 1TB, and Western Digital BLUE SERIES 1TB. I honestly see no difference between the Black and the Blue, you are paying 20 more bucks for the black even though the black is the same...
  10. J

    Reputable Monitor Brands

    I recently had a bad experience with an ACER monitor and was very dissapointed. Do you guys have any brand/model suggestions for a 1080p 144hz monitor around 24 inches? Thanks in advance!
  11. D

    Controller Problems (USB PORTS TURNING OFF)

    Controller related issue I have a problem whenever i use a controller (Mostly ps3) when ever i play with the controller for a while it suddenly dissconnects and all my front USB ports stop working. So far the only solution is to restart my pc. I've tried using my controller in the backports but...
  12. R

    Win 10 Anniversary cloning problems

    Installed Win10 Anniversary without issues. I attempted to clone my new Win10. The clone again no issues. The clone was done from an SSD to a larger HDD. This I had done many times with Win 10 with no problems. This time was the first time on Anniversary. When I tried to boot the clone (HDD)...
  13. E

    Amd fx 8350 2 ghz?

    Hi i have an AMD FX 8350 And i upgraded my motherboard to a MSI 970 GAMING Motherboard i noticed that my fps in games are low incompared to my old my old mobo where i had 300 fps in csgo. Specs: CPU: AMD FX 8350 MOBO: MSI 970 GAMING Graphics card: Asus gtx 960 4gb RAM: 2X4 GB Corsair vengeance...
  14. S

    i have a dell xps desktop 435m with intel core i7 920 cpu @ 2.67. would the bios definitely be upgradable to a new amd graphic

    I upgraded to win 10 and more and more videos do not play; i only want a card that will play videos online not games. but there are no drivers for my old card a amd radeon 4600 series in my old desktop.
  15. A

    Will this build suit my purposes?

    I'm trying to construct a computer that will get me through my high school years (four years) and maybe into college. Besides being able to do stuff for school (mainly what my SSD is for) I'd also like to be able to game at ultra settings at about 60 FPS, 1080p. I might do an overclock on the...
  16. C

    "Cable broadband" connection dropping but modem shows all good.

    For the last week, usually in the evenings (but not always), my internet connection will drop momentarily, but repeatedly. I have 30Mbps service, and my speed (according to usually does hover around 20-30 Mbps. What happens is that I will either notice that my wifi on my phone...
  17. X

    Asrock Z77 Extreme 4 Memory problems

    Ok to start off i've had this build for 3 years now, and today i was going to put a new HDD in but i did not have the SATA cable. So i did not put it but when i tried to start the PC i got error 55 (Memory not installed (according to Dr. Debug) so i removed the RAM and did a few test and it...
  18. Apolo7

    Is there anything better than the Phanteks PH-TC12DX at a similar price (maximum 60$)?

    Is there anything better than that at the same price. I don't care whether it is water or air, neither do I care about noise and size. The only thing that interests me is cooling performance.
  19. Z

    Which is better case Corsair Graphite 780T or Cooler Master Stryker

    Hey, I want to know which case is better out of this too. Personally i like 780T but Stryker is also a very nice case. In matter of air flow and space which is better. Please help me because i am not good with cases Thanks
  20. I

    Question about my current ram + Memory compatibility question

    Motherboard: m5 A99x Evo ( CPU: AMD FX-8350 Memory: Patriot Viper Extreme DDR3 2x4GB 2000MHz GPU: EVGA NVIDIA GTX 760 2GB Windows 7 Premium As it says in my motherboard manual, and the manual online, the memory it supports is 1866...