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  1. CriticalTrees

    Will this laptop run csgo at 60fps?

    I was wondering if this laptop could run csgo at 60fps.
  2. X

    PSU Connector Trouble...

    I recently brought a new power supply to upgrade my pre-built Inspirion 3847 with. In the process of replacing the old power supply I ran into the problem that has been blocking my upgrade. That is the 24 Pin Connector. Taking the thing out feels almost impossible and I'm certain that I'm doing...
  3. M

    how can i update this motherboard BIOS without a cpu? MSI X99A RAIDER

    I am planning to purchase 6800k cpu and MSI-X99A-RAIDER motherboard however it requires minimum p.3 bios to support 6800k so anyway to update bios of this motherboard without a cpu?
  4. F

    Having trouble deleting windows.old

    I own a HP Stream, which only comes with about 25GB of storage, however most of it is taken up by 'windows.old' file. When I go to delete this file, it comes up 'You need permission from Authenticated User to make changes to this file'. When I click on Try Again, this message just keeps coming...
  5. Funadddelic

    Windows Update does not want to, guess what, update! Please help

    ''Downloading 9 updates (0 KB total, 0% complete), it has been like this since 12 PM, so for four hours and twenty minutes now, I have tried everything, I restarted a computer several times, I shut down computer and then turn it on again several times, I deleted everything in...
  6. P

    Gateway DX4860 compatible with Nvdia gtx 960?

    So Im attempting to upgrade my old pc and I am interested in getting the nvdia gtx 960. However my motherboard only has a 2.0 pcie whereas the 960 is a 3.0. I did some research and found out that there will be sight performance loss. Would it be smarter to get the gt 730 with a 2.0 pcie compared...
  7. T

    What drivers do I need to download? Reinstalled windows 7, missing drivers

    This is what has happened: I reinstalled win 7 Ethernet cable wasnt working because I was missing three drivers, I was told. I found and installed one driver on my laptop, put it on a usb and put it on my pc. But i cannot find the other two. These are the hardware ids, please help me find the...
  8. S

    Please help my monitor only shows blue! (MSI GP62 2QE Leopard Pro laptop)

    I am not exactly great with computers. I was going through unnecessary programs when I happened across a certain program (I don't remember it, although it had file or browser in the name). I closed the program and BAM! My computer screen becomes the exact shade of blue as my task manager...
  9. P

    Will not POST

    Hi all, So where to start...? I built this computer around 3 years ago, maybe 4. It's an ASUS Sabertooth Z77 Motherboard, Intel i7 3770k, Gainward GTX 760 Phantom, 16GB (2X8GB) Patriot VIPER 3 RAM and a Corsair CX750M PSU. So recently with the upcoming 1080 graphics cards I figured I was...