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    Question i get automated fix loop srttrail.txt error after i overclocked ram

    I Overclocked my ram today and thought i would try and see how fast the ram would go. I Have a Msi z690 pro series ddr4 wifi motherboard and decided to use their try it feature. i saved the options i chose and when i restarted my pc i got c windows system32 logfiles srt srttrail.txt windows 11...
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    I need help with my PC Please!!

    I dont know what's going on but whatever game I play it always micro stutters and has made me almost never be able to play games like R6, Fortnite, Gta 5, BO4, Destiny.. All of my temps are ok gpu sits around 64c and cpu sits at 50c.. I tried looking it up online, I've tried to reset my pc...