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    Question Any ideas on why i can’t get a boot?

    Hello, I really need help in the right direction. I switched out my Ryzen 5 2600 with a Ryzen 7 3700x today in my MSI B450 Tomahawk Max motherboard that I got just 2 months ago so it’s bios is updated already for ryzen 3000. When i first booted the pc on, it went straight into bios & i had to...
  2. Y

    Question How can i check my work account data, Microsoft Business Account

    Hey, I will keep it short and get straight to the point, i would like to view my data which are being collected just like i can see on my personal Microsoft account through this website It works fine to check my personal account data associated with it...
  3. N

    [SOLVED] Too long path

    when trying to migrate windows server 2012 R2 to 2016 via Robocopy . .. I have a problem that can't be skipped named -the path is too long -, something like that! how can I solve this ?
  4. D

    Question Pc keeps having restart loop, bsod, had issues installing etc

    Pc restarting loop, bsod, restarts entire pc My pc has been running fine no issues I wanted to do a fresh install of windows on my 120gb ssd so I downloaded the medial tool on a usb formatted my 120 and went to install windows. First off every time I boot via usb my screen goes haywire and...
  5. M

    Question I've made a mess trying to update Windows 7 to 10 with a portable hard-drive left plugged in - black screen, no POST, no BIOS

    Hi everyone. I've recently been looking at getting an old (5ish year) gaming PC up and running again now that I had some time during lockdown, and I've run into some issues trying to update from windows 7 to 10 after leaving a portable hard drive plugged in . I wanted to update the OS to...
  6. V

    Question Upgrading to Windows 10

    I have been trying to upgrade my dads work laptop to windows 10 and cannot get it to work. It fails every time at 77% and I have no clue why. I have tried disabling norton, changed bios to UEFI, tried off updating off usb. There was a display driver issue that I updated and fixed but still no...
  7. B

    Question How do i install a previous Windows 10 version?

    I have problems with the new 2004 update for windows with it stuttering, so i have downloaded the update previous through the rufus software. Now how do i install it and what happens when i do. Will i lose all my files and games etc.
  8. J

    Question Why Isnt My Pc Working?

    hello Im trying to get my dell optiplex 990 mt to work again. The specs are Intel I5/ 8gb ram/ 1tb HDD I recently removed a hard drive out that pc because it had corrupted windows on it and it wouldn't allow me to open windows at all so I bought a 1 Tb HDD thinking it would work if I remove...
  9. ArchNemesis01

    [SOLVED] Windows bootloop and fresh install getting stuck

    Hey everyone having a strange problem. I was using my computer last night and went to sleep and this morning I went to get on it and its stuck in this weird boot loop. So it goes past post then it shows the windows 10 logo with a black background and a spinning wheel at the bottom and it'll sit...
  10. D

    Question Which one should I trusted?

    I recently build a 3950x system. At bios, I setup everything in auto except voltage @ 1.25V. Most of time I'm using this computer for Folding@Home to help fighting COVID-19 and CANCER protein. I notices that on CPUz and CPUID somehow showing 4.26Ghz @ 36c(95F) which amazed me that AMD can have...
  11. MNi27

    Question Windows 10 installer from USB loading loop

    My Specs: CPU - Ryzen 5 3600 Motherboard - Asus Prime B450M-A GPU - MSI RX 5700 Evoke OC Ram - G-skill ripjaws 3000mhz 2x8gb Powersupply - EVGA 600w Storange - Samsung 860 QVO 1TB SSD Case - Corsair 100R Atx mid tower case Hi all, I just built my first gaming PC and I'm having issues installing...
  12. U


    Hi, I wanted to know if there is any way to set time limits on certain websites. So that it is inaccessible after for example, 50 minutes of use. Is this possible? Thank You
  13. Z

    [SOLVED] Downloading windows on mac using a usb

    I would like to know if the ISO file I have to download on mac is the same as the file I would download on a windows computer. I was thinking I could just download the file and plop it onto my usb, but I want to know if the ISO file is different from the windows media creation tool file.
  14. Denizfff

    [SOLVED] Pc turns on, Black screen and no Lights on keyboard and mouse

    Hey fellas, i hope someone can help me. I recently got an error when I was playing video games. There was an error with my memory something. I searched around the net to find a solution and got no luck. I tried to update every driver, bios and even windows but nothing helped. The pc kept...
  15. S

    Question Winodws 10 not loading from USB on a new built Pc

    Hi all, I have installed Windows 10 on multiple computers before using a usb drive made with the Ms software, but this is a first time I experience something like this. I had a computer built if you think it is relevant I can post the configurations. It has 2 disks an ssd and a hdd. I changed...
  16. J

    Question Black screen and windows not loading

    About a year ago I bought a new SSD and have been putting off reinstalling windows, well I finally got around to it and wanted to do a fresh start. I am using a USB with the Windows Creation Tool on it. When I completely finish the installation of windows where the setup asks to "Restart in 10...
  17. M

    Question Windows 10 freezing on new PC

    So I finished buliding my new PC yesterday, also the day the parts came. Parts: I5 9600k Be Quiet - Dark Rock 4 MSI Z390-a pro Corsair vengeance 8x2 3000mhz wd blue 1tb 7200 rpm wb blue 500gb m.2 ssd gtx 750(my gtx 1660 ti will arrive in 2 weeks) corsair vx450w (my evga b3 550w fully modular psu...
  18. P

    [SOLVED] Linux OS for a new user

    Hello users, This question may be offtopic here, but i need your kind suggestions. I am now going to reinstall an operating system in my computer. I had Windows 10 earlier. Now I am thinking to use Linux. I have not used it before so I have a few doubts. Will it be difficult to use and...
  19. Mo.R


    hi, i am thinking of moving my OS from my HDD to an SSD. i wanted to know where the OS files are stored as i can't find any online, and I cant clone the whole drive as the SSD is only 120gb, and the files in my HDD are over 500gb. could anyone help me with this, and possibly tell me an easier...