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  1. A

    Question Bootloop, BitLocker and Data Recovery

    I have an HP computer that is on a bootloop (preparing automatic repair> diagnosing PC >restart because windows update screwed it again. I need to save the data in it, however the drive is encrypted with BitLocker now when I go to reset this PC it gives the message "You need to sign in as an...
  2. K

    Question Very weird problem with Sledgehammer

    Hey guys, I'm having a really strange problem with Sledgehammer (the update blocking script). I'm using the portable version, and wanted to put it on my main drive (where OS is installed), but in a custom utilities folder outside of program files. For some weird reason, when I launch the...
  3. Out of a job

    Question After updating, audio device cannot be found

    After Windows Update installs an update, existing audio devices are removed and cannot be added again. The taskbar audio icon shows a red "X" and says "No Audio Output Device is installed." The troubleshooters don't work, and reverting the update doesn't fix the problem either (the update fails...
  4. Pers1an

    Question Game runs smooth just for few days after Windows update

    My pc specs: Windows 10 Pro 64bit-Gtx 1650S-i3 9100f-8gb of ram 2400mhz(no XMP) hi just created an account to post this. I play Rainbow Six Siege with the setup above and get around 180 FPS average on an samsung 75hz non-freesync non-gsync monitor. My game feels very smooth and without screen...
  5. R

    Question How to solve Windows Update error 0x80080005?

    Hello everybody! I have been struggling day or two with solving Windows Update' error 0x80080005. Also, worth to note is when I click the "View update history" or "advanced options", the "Settings" window freezes and closes after a few minutes. I have tried to " 1) Change the...
  6. J

    Question Windows update's svchost using more and more space

    So I usually keep my windows update disabled on my Win7, because, as you may know, laptops usually have issues with it (and so does mine). When it starts updating svchost just keeps using more and more of my resources until it finally uses a bit too much and stops my PC from working completely...
  7. D

    Question Windows 10 update black screen issue (original post other forum Oct. 18th)

    Hello there. I have an Inspiron 15 3000 Series laptop. It's the default system, no added anything else. I got a notification from MS saying that my current OS would not be supported in the future, please update to the latest OS to be supported in the future. When I did this it had a very short...
  8. Grey Aria

    Question Unable to get PlayStation Remote Play to work after Windows/GPU Update

    I haven't been unable to get PSRemote Play to work since a recent Windows update, an Intel GPU update and an nVidia update. Before these updates, I had been using it successfully for at least 9 months. After trying to launch the app on my pc, it pops up for about 10 seconds, gets maybe 2/3 of...
  9. V


    Whenever I try to install MS EDGE through the official setup, it tells me that I require the latest version Windows 10. I have a limited data connection and do not wish to update it to the latest version. Is there any way to get MS Edge without updating to the latest version of Windows. (Also...
  10. M

    Question Question about update

    I accidentally installed a Preview Update, and I want to know how Preview Updates are patched later (since everyone is saying they are optional/for early testers and contain a lot of bugs): Do they get patched by another Preview Update the next month? Or, do they get patched by a regular update...
  11. S

    Question Was recently hacked and now windows keeps updating

    I was hacked about 3 months ago and had to delete many trojan/malware programs that were installed by the hacker. After not having any complications for a month, my computer started updating by itself and when I go to "Windows Update", it states that "My organization" still has control over my...
  12. GGOD

    Question I'm getting a BSOD "KMode Exception not handled"

    Im Getting a BSOD "KMode Exception not handled" each time i try to update my device or boot from Windows installation media. Everything else works fine ,but i cant seem to be able to update ,nor force a clean install ,cause i get this BSOD every time i try to update ,or reboot into a Windows...
  13. editor1

    [SOLVED] launching task manager at boot ?

    Hi I usually would have task manager open dung shut down and have launch at boot. But now after latest update It dos't. Any one know if windows intentionally did this ?
  14. S

    [SOLVED] Xbox 360 controller windows support

    i have been using xbox 360 controller on PC for years, always working fine with no problem at all But i updated windows to 2004 version and all of a sudden it doesn't recognize in the last version. the controller doesn't pair with the receiver. I try to reinstalled drivers manually and for...
  15. C

    Question Gigabyte P55 V5 stuck during Windows Update

    Was not sure which area was the best to post this, but I have owned a Gigabyte P55 for some years, and I am trying to update to a more recent version of Win10 as mine went out of support some time ago. However, whenever I try to update (or sometimes even try to do a "Reset this PC" option), it...
  16. C

    Question Stupid Question: Can windows 10 update corrupt softwares in graphics card (or monitor)?

    Hi! I'm getting "no signal" with my MSI 1660 Ti graphics card after windows 10 update. I'm wondering if the windows 10 update (or OS in general) can write to graphics card or monitor firmware? I understands its possible that the windows driver (which lives on HDD) for my graphics card /...
  17. T

    Question New PC pending install for AMD drivers when I have a NVIDIA graphics card?

    Built my PC recently but the graphics card was so broke I could never fet the drivers installed, just got it replaced and reinstalled windows but in the updates AMD drivers are queued instead of NVIDIA. I know DDU exists but downloading the AMD drivers on my NVIDIA card sounds like a bad idea.
  18. R

    [SOLVED] windows update error perpetually [KB4549951 - Error 0x800f0982] [KB4550945 - Error 0x800f0988]

    so for me there are 2 pending updates KB4549951 - Error 0x800f0982 KB4550945 - Error 0x800f0988 i have everything on this post - what are my options other than an in place upgrade? an what settings reset/files are lost...
  19. J

    Question Wuauserv registry and Windows Update Service Malware

    Hi I had a problem that i couldnt update my windows or use microsoft store because of some error so i found a fix on youtube. i imported clean wuauserv in regedit and then created windows update service in cmd. after that when i restart the pc wuauserv registry is deleted and windows update...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] Can't boot without a reset after 1909 update

    Hi, I am getting a really strange problem with my laptop. First of all I would like to clarify that I have researched. I am a very experienced windows user. I have done my research but I can not this this issue. A few months ago when 1903 update came up. I tried to do the update. But my pc...