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  1. vistagamer6969

    Question Install windows from upgrade disk?

    Hello everyone! I'm a "nostalgic guy" and really want to buy a retail version of old windows (like xp and vista) and I'm wondering if I can fully install it from a disk labeled as "upgrade" without any previous installations before (older than or same) as it would be much, much cheaper for me. I...
  2. vistagamer6969

    Question Windows Vista Ultimate?

    Hello my friends! I want to buy windows vista ultimate 64 bit version, in English, but I don't know a web site where I can do that... I want an existing product like a DVD or atleast an ISO... Any ideas? I searched on ebay but they are very expensive...
  3. vistagamer6969

    Question Best Motherboard?

    Hello! I wanna build a windows vista "gaming" pc and, normally, I need a motherboard... Now, I don't know what motherboard to choose because of drivers. I have an i7 3770 (maybe I will buy an i7 3770k later) and, as I said, I don't know what motherboard is the best for me (+ drivers)... I want...
  4. K

    Question Laptop/tablet not booting

    Hey there. I recently received a brand new RCA Cambio W101SA23T1, and it's not booting. At first, it would turn on and say "Preparing automatic repair", then go to a screen where it gave me the error code 0xC0000185, and tell me "A required device isn't connected or can't be accessed." It...
  5. I

    [SOLVED] Is an Intel Core i3-6100 (3.2GHz) enough CPU?

    Good Evening, All, I am going to acquire an HP EliteDesk Mini from our friends at Ebay. They are available with CPUs ranging from Celeron, most Haswell, and most 6th generation Intel processors. They are generally priced accordingly. I want to use one as a media server, dealing with up to...
  6. Trying to log into old account. Facebook option broke?

    I have an old account I wanted to get into, and I am pretty sure I used facebook, but this was before the layout was all changed. Now this happens when i try to log in. It says the email is associated with another user. Yet, if i try to log in with that email it tells me this. I kinda liked...
  7. N

    [SOLVED] Was just wondering if someone could look over my first build before I order it. thanks

    I would be very grateful if someone could get back to me soon about this as I was planning on ordering the parts this weekend. The parts are : Cpu - Ryzen 7 2700x Cpu Cooler - Corsair H100i V2(already purchased) Motherboard - ASRock X470 Taichi ATX Memory - Corasir vengeance LPX 16GB...
  8. SkyRock1986

    [SOLVED] SLI vs current setup

    my question is would the new confusing GTX 1660ti cards in SLI (so using two of them) Would that outperform my current GTX 1080? if so, how and where? If not, is it even close?
  9. Question Can't boot system

    All of a sudden my computer stopped booting up. When I press power button, it turns on, the power supply is working, motherboard light is green, USB ports receive power. However power supply LED is not working, monitor receives no signal and USB mouse and keyboard don't indicate any signatures...
  10. E

    [SOLVED] m.2 with data consumption

    I want to have mechanical hdd with ssd with m.2 on z170a mobo . will it fit ? msi is there sata room .
  11. _dawn_chorus_

    Question How much space does Macrium Reflect Clone Need???

    I am trying to clone my hard drive which has only 256gb on it with Macrium Reflect but it keeps telling me there is not enough space!! The Source drive is a 512gb ssd with only 256gb used, the target is a 465gb external HDD. Whats the deal? I assume a clone is a bit bigger than whats just on my...
  12. V

    Question SATA vs NVMe real life speeds

    While researching parts for a new system, I have read that in most applications/environments (perhaps except real time video editing) there will not be any noticeable improvement in performance with an NVMe drive over a SATA III. Is this true? In my particular situation I will be using Adobe...
  13. F

    Question USB adapter cable

    hello, in our company we have newer laptops with a usb C port and older version laptops with a HDMI port. we connect the laptop to a monitor that has 1 usb C port, 1 displayport in port and 1 display port out port. we use displayport daisychain to connect multiple monitors, this works for the...
  14. A

    [SOLVED] Question i5 6500 - GTX 970 system upgrade help.

    Cpu : i5 6500 graphic card : gtx 970 Motherboard : h-170 pro gaming asus Ram : 8gb 2133mhz PSU: Nagas AO750 80+ Bronze 12Cm Power Supply 750 I want to upgrade my pc. What do you prefer to upgrade? budget 250-300$
  15. S

    Question No Signal After Buying an RX 570

    hi , I had bought an rx 570 With one dvi port coz it was 99 in Amazon but when I did install it it says no signal but when plug the cable in MB it works I did disable the IGPU I did remove the CMOS but I have Nvidia drivers from my old gtx 970 is it possible to be the reason ? and I gave him to...
  16. G

    Question Which motherboard should I get?

    Hey everyone, This is my build so far, and I'm trying to find a cheaper motherboard that will still work well. I'm not sure if it exists but I would appreciate suggestions. Also if anyone has any suggestions about other parts, or changes that I should make to the build I would appreciate them...
  17. D

    GTX 970 Dual Monitor Crash

    Hi, I'm using an MSI GTX 970 on my pc with one 27" TV connected to HDMI and one 18.5" Monitor connected to VGA->DVI port. The problem is, my both screens goes dark during mid-game and doesn't come back until I push restart button. No "no signal" sign on both screens, no sound but PC is...
  18. Z

    [SOLVED] Help with my system

    Looking for answers or suggestions to improve my system and minimise bottle necking This is my current system Case: Fractal Design Focus G Motherboard: Asus PRIME Z270-P CPU: i5 7600K 3.8Ghz CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-U14S Massive Air Cooler Ram: Corsair Vengeance 16GB (2X8) 2400Mhz Power...
  19. T

    Overclocked my cpu now pc wont turn on

    Overclocked my 2600x using ryzenmaster and now my pc wont turn on even though the motherboard has power. The power is turned on at the back, my motherboard rgb light is on, ive removed and put back in the cmos battery, ive shorted the mobo with the 2 pins and it still wont turn on. Specs: 2600x...
  20. M

    [SOLVED] Is this DDR4 competible?

    Hi guys I'm still in the planning of my new build.. Now I was offered an asrock x399 taichi mobo with an Ryzen 1950X TR and I think I'm going to buy that. Now I came across this deal on Amazon; G.Skill ripjaws v 32GB (8GBx4) DDR4 Kit 32GB DDR4 3200MHz cl14...