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  1. G

    NVIDIA High Definition Audio issue. Onboard sound card disappeared from windows!

    Hello everyone, I put a nvidia gpu in my pc and since audio has stopped working and I can't even see the onboard sound card anywhere anymore! Here are my components: HP xw8600 workstation. Dual cpu x5460 32gb of ram 250gb ssd gigabyte gtx 960 (GV-N960OC-4GD) Audio was working fine before the...
  2. F

    sherwood reciever to roku smart tv hookup

    i have a Sherwood receiver with rca jacks only... i had to buy a new tv so i went with the tcl roku smart tv... it doesn't have female rca jacks for my stereo receiver... i bought a hdmi, toslink , and hdmi converter but cant get anything to work... any ideas or solutions are...
  3. G

    i need 2 front covers for fisher studio standard model 9425 speakers

    the speaker cabinets have no protection for the speakers
  4. H

    My monitor is fuzzy and I can't find a solution to it

    Hi there, I'm running Windows 10 64 bit and am using a ViewSonic VX2453 monitor. I have had this monitor for quite a while and haven't had any issues. I currently have a second (but different brand and model) monitor which works perfectly fine. The monitor itself is a little fuzzy. It's...
  5. P

    [SOLVED] Upgrade PC 600 euro budget

    I currently have this PC...
  6. O

    Need help with my psu and gtx 660 ti

    Hey guys, I’ve been having tdr issues with my galaxy gtx 660 ti 3gb and I think my psu is the answer, it’s 460w and the 12v rating is much less than the minimum. So I got a thermaltake tr2 rx 550w and the 12v rating is 19A, my graphics cards minimum is 24A, please tell me if this is alright, as...
  7. subdistinction

    8 GB RAM sticks showing incorrectly as 4 GB

    I have 2 8GB DDR3 RAM sticks installed but the computer thinks they are 4 GB sticks. What could be wrong?
  8. A

    BSOD new installation windows 10

    Hey guys, I'm a little stuck here with a new build for a friend. I've built many pc's and a few on windows 10 but I'm genuinely stuck right now. I've upgraded a PC and windows 10 will not boot. It goes to WHEA unexpected error when trying to boot. Since I want it installed on the SSD, I...
  9. C

    IE 11 nor goggle chrome will logon

    like the title says Internet Explorer nor Google Chrome will log on and I do have internet service it's working
  10. T

    [SOLVED] 240 hz monitor problem

    i bought it like 1 week ago the game is so smoth but i have some probelm in cs go when they peek me its so mutch fast i cant react ive ben better in my old monitor 75hz lul im so angry like <ModEdit>240 hz and 1ms respons times i cant do better than 75hz <ModEdit> <ModEdit> Language. Barty1884
  11. L

    Stuck on "please press del or f2" after powering up computer every time.

    I built my PC about 3 weeks ago. As the title said I'm stuck on "please press del or f2" after powering up on computer, and if I try pressing del or f2 to access bios nothing happens which means it's probably frozen. The only way to access windows (or bios) is to restart the ckmputer using the...
  12. T

    budget build!! what can i do

    i have got myself a i3 2120 3.3ghz lenovo thinkcentre e72 tower and i am looking to try and upgrade it the best i can the psu is only small so i am asking if someone can please help with what i can put in this tower to make it some how play games like gta,cod,fortnite and most other modern...
  13. M

    Can't boot after shut down

    Hey guys. I just built my PC and I have a problem with it. The specs are msi b450 tomahawk, ryzen 5 2600 and g.skill aegis f4-3000c16s-gisb. I have used the PSU and the gpu from my old system (which had some boot issues too, kind of similar to this one's), Corsair cx500m and gtx 650. So here is...
  14. K

    upgrade power supply

    Hello, I have a Dell Optiplex 380 MT with Core 2 Wuad Q9650, 8GB RAM and a Nvidia GeForce GT 1030. Currently using the normal dell power supply 255W. Please suggest a recommended power supply for the specs i mentioned above mostly watts of 400 to 600. Budget around $50 to $70.
  15. M

    Hifi Vs Soundbar for Music

    Which set up is considered better in terms of music quality (mostly through CDs playback); a soundbar (around 250$) along with Sony's UBPX700 4k player or a mini hifi system, like PANASONIC SC-UX100E-K or LG CM2760?
  16. C

    Corsair RM750x question

    I just bought a new corsair RM750x psu and I see that it is single rail are these safe for gaming? It will power a i7 8700k and rtx 2080ti with small overclock. Is it worth to try to sell this one and buy a multi rail psu?l
  17. D

    Computer boots properly boots only on the second time each time

    Hello, I've been looking all over the web but no luck. each time I start my computer, it freezes on this screen the first time: Link Then, I have to force it to shut down. Then, I wait for six seconds and restart my computer and it starts properly. I bought my computer ten days ago and I...
  18. T

    Unknown spreaker - windows 10 driver issue

    I bought an Aoson R106 Windows 10 tablet and happy with it. Good price quality. My main issue that is driving me mad is that the sound no longer works. It shows "Speaker setup (UNKOWN)" and no sound device is found in windows 10. When clicking the sound icon on the taskbar windows notices...
  19. H

    Wanted, Avexir Blitz Red Dragon DDR3 memory

    Does anyone know where I can buy Avexir Blitz Red Dragon memory DDR3 ? I am based in the UK, but don't mind purchasing from anywhere.
  20. redskizzle

    Looking for a little guidance

    Hi, Im looking for some advice on how I could upgrade my system. The reason for the upgrade is that I am unable to play games at 1080p on anything other than low settings. Current system: Mobo: Gigabyte B85M-DS3H Cpu: Intel i5-4690 @ 3.5GHz (Haswell socket 1150 LGA) Graphics: Nvidia GTX...