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  1. A

    8700K + H100i V2 High Temps

    First, here's my PCPP link: CPU is not overclocked. So the PC was built around last July, with the mobo + CPU upgrade in December. Upon installation in December, the PC ran great. CPU temps were ~30-35C idle with a gaming temp of ~60-65C and a Prime95...
  2. Agent Dash

    Need help picking out wifi adapter

    I am living in a cabin that's detached off to the side of my family's house while I do online school but I can't get much signal in here. What can I buy that will connect to my PC and be able to detect wifi from far distances and get good signal?
  3. A

    Can I install Intel HD 4000 on my Low end Laptop?

    My laptop CPU is Intel® Core™ i3 CPU M 380 @ 2.53GHz.. I could only install Intel HD Graphics but the game that I want to play requires Intel HD 4000, is there a way to install it?
  4. A

    RX 570 power consumption

    hello everyone,im looking to buy a used sapphire rx 570 nitro+, but im worried wether my psu will be able to power it with no problems. My system specs are as follows : i5 4590 with arctic freezer 33 cooler 2x4 gb 1866 mhz ddr3 ram 1 TB HDD Asus h81m-k mobo Fractal Integra M 450w psu
  5. W

    Does lowering the refresh rate damage the display?

    Hey all, I am a noob when it comes to pc's and i was wondering if using custom resolution utility to lower my monitor's refresh rate will damage the display. I have a 120hz monitor and i wanna lower it to 60 because some games don't run at 120hz
  6. H

    Gigabyte 1070 TI Gaming vs Gigabyte 1070 Gaming

    Hi everyone, I am making a dual QHD 27 inch monitor setup on which i plan to game occasionally. I am torn between these 2 options:. --- which is 490 dollars in my country...
  7. Y

    Assassins Creed Odyssey or Memory Fault?

    I was trying to play Assassins Creed Odyssey, but when I start the game shows empty dialogue box. In Task manager it says not responding. So I contacted Ubisoft they said my memories might be faulty. I have EVGA Super-clocked 16 GB (2X8GB) DDR3 1600 MHz memories. I restarted my PC with single...
  8. L

    Sell PC as seperate components or all together as one computer?

    Hello, I decided to improve my secondary PC, and the more I thought and researched, the more parts I wanted to update, to a point at which I am now replacing every component bar the HDD and the PSU (which both still suck). In order to finance this, I thought I could sell at least a little bit...
  9. F

    psu for 1080ti ?

    my psu is chieftec a-135series 650w which has 585w on 12v (>85% effectivity) will be it enough for a bit OC ryzen 1600x (to 3800) and 1080 ti (jetstream)? im not gonna oc videocard.
  10. Shaun98

    [SOLVED] Windows crashes/won't boot and goes to start up repair when installing gpu driver

    Hi, I've had my gaming pc for about 3 years now and one day a few months back I was playing a game and my pc crashed and now just goes to start up repair. It's on Windows 10 at the moment and I've recently tried reinstalling it to Windows 7 and a fresh Windows 10 both boot the first time and as...