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    Question Windows won't boot, restore or reset after BIOS update.

    Hey everyone, A couple of months ago I've had this problem with my pc a while after I installed my new SSD in it, where it wouldn't shut down or restart properly and would be stuck on the windows logo screen for HOURS. I've tried all the possible solutions on the internet and none of them...
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    Question Bat file problems. Please help!

    ok.. So I tried to create a bat file that would open a menu the amount of times as you inputted a number ex. set /p opt= Amount: Then after that you now have the %opt% set to the "amount" you inputted. Then the way the menu works is like this.. :start1 if %opt%==0 goto end :start2 start...
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    Question Wi-Fi Switch Disappeared

    I know, it sounds very, very strange. I'm not sure if its a bug from the recent Windows 10 updates or my VPN but my Wi-Fi switch is gone. I can't find my wireless network adapter too in device manager. ' In case you were wondering what laptop model I'm using, its a Toshiba Satellite L55-C5392.
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    [SOLVED] Windows randomly created an account i cant delete - HELP

    i was updating my software security and it asked me to restart my computer. after restarting it booted into bios then later continued to windows. i was suddenly confronted with a message saying "the username or password was incorrect. Try again". this was strange for me because i had disabled my...
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    Question Low Voice Audio after Windows Update

    Somehow Windows 10 update messed up my audio. Voices in videos for example became very soft yet the background audio are normal. Reinstalled Nvidia HD Audio driver, checked that it was in stereo instead of 5.1 on my earphones, all to no avail. Does anyone know a solution to this issue?
  6. Question NVIDIA Driver won't update

    I formatted my PC and downloaded the Nvidia driver specific to the OS and GPU, while installing it. Here are some pictures for reference. Tried updating the OS and still the same problem. Also tried using windows 8 and the problem is the same GPU: Nvidia GT 730 Processor: i3 - 4150 RAM: 4gb
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    Question Why can't i install windows 7 OS properlly in a laptop?

    So my brother asked me to format his laptop's HDD (intel i7 4th gen, acer aspire V, WD blue 1TB HDD), so i did that, and then he asked me to install an OS (he was using windows 8 and wanted win10). So i tried installing windows 10 by using a usb boot drive key i created with microsoft's official...