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  1. gabriss422

    Question Problem of loading into OS

    When turning in computer, everything boots as usual, until the first windows logo appears. After it disappears and log in screen should appear, the monitor displays only black. If I force it trought restarts into Safe mode, it loads up fine. This all started when I tried to install any driver in...
  2. nightowl5099

    Question Something is messing with programs on my computer ?

    So the last few days I've had issues with playing YT videos at high quality. They'd always load slowly and get set to the lowest quality possible, even trying to up it would cause the video to take longer to load. Then I noticed my Google has slowed down on specific websites but streaming stuff...
  3. S

    [SOLVED] Going to reinstall windows 10 after hardware change how do I back up my important files and restore them after?

    Going to be changing my motherboard soon and need to reinstall windows 10 after changing it. I was wondering what’s the best way to back up my important files(User files and program data) and how I would restore it after the reinstall? thanks
  4. J

    [SOLVED] Jagged Graphics/Text. New PC, New monitor

    Hello, (First time posting here) I just bought my first PC prebuilt Alienware Aurora Ryzen Edition (specs below). And im noticing everything is super jagged. Ive changed resolution back and forth on nvidia graphics and windows. Turned on Clear text and messed with a few nvidia control panel...
  5. S

    [SOLVED] Sudden Black Screen - Possible RAM Issue

    My PC has suddenly had a black screen when booting (LED's and fans turn on). I believe I have narrowed this down to a RAM related issue, as the screen comes on (most of the time) only when I boot with 1 out of the 4 RAM cards installed to a particular slot (not all slots). This is not new RAM...
  6. L

    Question My PC lags after a few minutes of being left idle and then display switches off

    Hey, So I've found that when I'm leaving my PC idle for about 5-10 minutes it starts to lag hard, freezes a couple of times by the display Flicking off and on again even if I'm using it at this point, and then the display eventually flicks off for good and I can't wake it with any peripherals...
  7. MrBearIsHere

    [SOLVED] Screen Tearing When Playing Youtube Videos on Windows 10

    Hey guys, I just installed windows 10 on my crap pc. But when I open edge or chrome to play youtube videos, it has many SCREEN TEARING. Before this I'm using Windows 7 64 bit and youtube videos play smoothly. I'm using gigabyte geforce gt 630 (not bad but not so good) and installed latest...
  8. D

    [SOLVED] Input delay makes my game unplayable

    Recently, after i factory reset my pc, ive been having lots of issues with input delay/lag which is making my games unplayable. im up to date on my windows and driver updates and i have optimized my nvidia control panel and switched my power mode to performance. but for some reason i still have...
  9. M

    [SOLVED] Realtek combining Speakers and Headphones in one setting

    I have been trying to separate the headphone and speakers in settings and i haven't had luck. Everywhere I look when it comes to tutorials has either different setting or I'm missing something they want me to have. I'm on a hp laptop with realtek audio. Some websites talk about a yellow folder...
  10. G

    [SOLVED] windows to ssd

    can anyone help i bought my ssd and would only like windows there i don't want my personal file and applications there .
  11. T

    [SOLVED] BSOD occurs, different errors each time.

    I have here, a friends high end gaming PC, couldn't tell you the specs on the spot. However, I can give you the dump files from the past 2 BSOD events, that happened today. If anyone can assist that would be greatly appreciated. We're all out of ideas. Check out the drop box link, they will...
  12. H

    [SOLVED] Blue Screens of Death when I try to launch random programs-

    My Computer: Proc: Intel I5 8400 MB: MSI Tomahawk Z370 RAM: 2x8 GB Ballistic Ellite Power Supply: EVGA BQ600W HDD: Samsung Evo Plus 970 and Kingston M.2. 120 GB Hi, i'm becoming crazy since two days ago. Everything started with random Destiny 2 freezes (No Blue screens of death, from now on...
  13. F

    [SOLVED] How to hide tray icons that popup with the arrow

    I'm trying to hide certain icons that are in the list when you press the arrow in the bottom right. Windows 10 64x
  14. W0lfH0und

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 desktop files gone

    I had restarted my computer and I had logged in when my background was the default Windows 10 background and there were no files on the desktop and the taskbar had none of the programs that I had pinned. I thought maybe the desktop just reset or something. So I went and found the desktop folder...
  15. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Convenient Way To Back Up Windows Settings & Installed Programs?

    Hey everyone, So for each computer I've been refurbishing, I've been manually tweaking a bunch of Windows settings and installing utility programs to improve the performance and security of Windows 10. Is there a way I can create a script, profile, or something to where I can back up the...
  16. $$milana$$

    [SOLVED] Problems with my PC

    So yesterday i was just playing some games on my pc when suddenly my wifi was acting weird and stuff so i wanted to reconnect but guess what i couldnt, when i clicked on my wifi network my pc just freezes. So i restarted my pc but then like there was a black loading screen for 10 minutes and it...
  17. E

    Question Why I am getting BSOD with the message inaccessible boot device after updating display adapter?

    My laptop was working fine in general, no such problems occurred before but I formatted it today because I had tons of stuff that I needed to remove as my disk was all used up and I don't know where to start from so decided to format it, I used windows media creation tool and created a bootable...
  18. S

    [SOLVED] My Windows 10 Audio is out of sync with video after 20 minutes or within.

    Before I lay all the happenings, here is my overall computer spec. I built this windows pc around January of 2019 Operating: Microsoft OEM Windows 10 Home, 64-Bit, 1-Pack, DVD Motherboard: GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS PRO WiFi (Intel LGA1151/Z390/ATX/2xM.2 Thermal Guard/Onboard AC Wi-Fi/RGB...
  19. B

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 RAM problems - of 8GB installed, 3,6GB available

    Hello to anyone taking the time to read this, ive acquired a new HP laptop and installed Windows 10 Pro on it. The problem is the RAM. There is 8GB of DDR4 RAM installed, but 2,1GB hardware reserved and 2,3GB constantly IN USE. After all those schenenigans im left with 3,6GB to use, so sad...
  20. L

    [SOLVED] Missing programs on clean install (windows 10)

    So pretty much i got a brand new pc last december right, It's an acer nitro 50 desktop pc. Recently i decided to do a clean install from the acer software that pretty much keeps all the standard apps that were preinstalled when you first booted it up. It took me a few days to notice that my...
  21. N

    [SOLVED] PC keeps restarting when playing any game [Windows 10]

    Hey guys so I just recently built my own pc. im a noob so I did what I could to install drivers and windows 10 upon playing a couple of games my monitor would just go blank and i can see my pc shut and turn on again - and back to my home screen. Can anyone please help me? ive went into event...
  22. H

    [SOLVED] Dying drive requires me to get a new boot drive. I have questions though.

    The boot drive in my desktop is getting old and showing just about every sign that is is about to die at any minute. it is a 1TB Seagate Barracuda HDD and it is currently my boot drive. I have everything on that drive that I want from it backed up on other drives I have so I will be ok if it...
  23. SomeJuicy

    Question How do I Install a SSD with an existing HDD

    Hello, I've been wanting to install the Samsung 860 EVO into my computer along with my HDD. I'm really not sure how I would proceed with adding an SSD, so I'm just looking for some guidance.
  24. N

    Question Windows 10 dots frozen on first boot of new pc

    Hi guys! I found this community and it seems super helpful, so I am posting my first question about my new pc here. I built my pc a few days ago, and when I turn it on all fans are spinning, and the lights on the liquid cpu cooler, graphics card, and motherboard are on. The monitor's hdmi...
  25. P

    Question Windows won't boot, restore or reset after BIOS update.

    Hey everyone, A couple of months ago I've had this problem with my pc a while after I installed my new SSD in it, where it wouldn't shut down or restart properly and would be stuck on the windows logo screen for HOURS. I've tried all the possible solutions on the internet and none of them...
  26. G

    Question Bat file problems. Please help!

    ok.. So I tried to create a bat file that would open a menu the amount of times as you inputted a number ex. set /p opt= Amount: Then after that you now have the %opt% set to the "amount" you inputted. Then the way the menu works is like this.. :start1 if %opt%==0 goto end :start2 start...
  27. P

    Question Wi-Fi Switch Disappeared

    I know, it sounds very, very strange. I'm not sure if its a bug from the recent Windows 10 updates or my VPN but my Wi-Fi switch is gone. I can't find my wireless network adapter too in device manager. ' In case you were wondering what laptop model I'm using, its a Toshiba Satellite L55-C5392.
  28. Z

    [SOLVED] Windows randomly created an account i cant delete - HELP

    i was updating my software security and it asked me to restart my computer. after restarting it booted into bios then later continued to windows. i was suddenly confronted with a message saying "the username or password was incorrect. Try again". this was strange for me because i had disabled my...
  29. T

    Question Low Voice Audio after Windows Update

    Somehow Windows 10 update messed up my audio. Voices in videos for example became very soft yet the background audio are normal. Reinstalled Nvidia HD Audio driver, checked that it was in stereo instead of 5.1 on my earphones, all to no avail. Does anyone know a solution to this issue?
  30. U

    Question NVIDIA Driver won't update

    I formatted my PC and downloaded the Nvidia driver specific to the OS and GPU, while installing it. Here are some pictures for reference. Tried updating the OS and still the same problem. Also tried using windows 8 and the problem is the same GPU: Nvidia GT 730 Processor: i3 - 4150 RAM: 4gb
  31. P

    Question Why can't i install windows 7 OS properlly in a laptop?

    So my brother asked me to format his laptop's HDD (intel i7 4th gen, acer aspire V, WD blue 1TB HDD), so i did that, and then he asked me to install an OS (he was using windows 8 and wanted win10). So i tried installing windows 10 by using a usb boot drive key i created with microsoft's official...