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  1. razo32

    Question CSR8510 A10 Bluetooth Driver compatablity with Windows 10 pro

    I have a PC with Windows 10 Pro (version 1809) without an embedded Bluetooth hardware. I have bought CSR8510 A10 dongle for that cause and currently the PC doesn't identify him (it used be before I formatted this PC). I tried to update it's driver and I have received " Windows found drivers for...
  2. P

    Question (Windwos + Shift + S) opening but not working

    after I press Windows Shift S, the program works and auto highlights what my mouse clicks, and after I let go it just disappears (like it's supposed to) problem is, it's not saving anything, I usually get a notification to save the file but now I'm not even getting that, it just disappears. I've...