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  1. B

    Question Two SSDs failed within a year. SSD, PSU, or Mobo issue?

    A while ago my computer's aux SSD failed and was causing boot errors. The computer wouldn't boot with it, so when I unplugged it and ran the other drives, windows started perfectly. I contacted Samsung for their RMA, got a refurbished 850 EVO 1TB, reinstalled everything, and got it to work for a...
  2. Max_Pare

    Question Black screen on boot right before the log-in screen

    A couple months ago I had a complete OS freeze that forced me to physically shut down the machine, the entire OS was frozen and I had no way of interacting with it. After that happened, my PC started hanging at a black screen that lasts about 15 seconds, before continuing to the log-in screen...
  3. P.m

    Question problems with sharing a pc by multiple users

    Hello guys, I would like to have your opinion and solution for the following problem. We work in a small design office and 3 of us are sharing the same PC running windows 10 , simultaneously using 3ds max and archicad for design tasks. We experience lagging and computer running slow every day...
  4. T

    Question BSOD occurs, different errors each time.

    I have here, a friends high end gaming PC, couldn't tell you the specs on the spot. However, I can give you the dump files from the past 2 BSOD events, that happened today. If anyone can assist that would be greatly appreciated. We're all out of ideas. Check out the drop box link, they will...
  5. C

    Question Windows boot error code 0xc000000e

    I recently bought an intel 660p ssd for my computer everything was running fine as soon as I installed the ssd and tried to install windows onto it i kept getting an error saying that I didn’t have windows on that drive. I reinstalled my old hdd onto it and now I am getting an error of...
  6. K

    Question Flashing cursor on black screen, then boots to Windows

    Hello all. I recently just built another system and have been having some questions. My build: MSI b450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC Ryzen 5 3600 16gb 3200mhz 275gb ssd (Taken from old build), 4TB hdd (Brand new) 2070 Super So when I boot the PC, It displays the...
  7. Kaikualexander

    Question Windows 10 bootloop

    Bear with me here because I am new to posting on forums. A couple months ago I made a ryzentosh using the amd-osx vanilla guide. I set it up so that Mac os used a 1tb nvme ssd and windows 10 used a 128gb ssd. I found the hackintosh experience too buggy for my likings as I couldn't utilize...
  8. Slimpar

    Question Locked out of windows 10 (organization account)

    I've been using a student version of windows 10 on my home pc because it was offered for free by my university. I asked them multiple times if I would still have access to it after graduating, and they all said yes. Lo and behold when I try to log in now I get a message "you can not log in with...
  9. elgiov

    [SOLVED] Fonts and App icons are giving me headaches?

    Hello everybody. I don't know what's going on, but I can't read anything off my main monitor! This started a few hours ago, and I just can't figure out what caused it. I tried changing the DisplayPort cable of the main monitor (ViewSonic XG2401), changed the DisplayPort port, restarted the PC...
  10. V

    Question No signal When trying to boot windows 10

    My pc currently has windows 7 on it, but I am trying to download windows 10 on it. When i load the windows 10 boot media it shows the windows 10 logo then goes to no signal. And if i try to update to windows 10 through windows 7 it fails and i get an error. 0xC1900101 - 0x2000C The installation...
  11. Camfred30

    Question anything windows related on pc doesnt open

    for quite a while now, my pc hasnt been able to open any program that is windows related for example. Windows Settings, Microsoft store, anything that came with the pc as if you were to buy a new pc. the program just doesnt open when clicked on.
  12. majin666

    Question weird app on startup any ideas?

    i was wondering if anyone knows what this weird app is. i always get it on start up, it pops up for a sec and disappears. kinda worried hope it isn't a virus View:
  13. L

    [SOLVED] Task Manager is not showing actual no. of cores.

    I have Amd FX4300.It has 4cores and 4threads.But the Task manager is only showing 2cores and 4logical threads.But when i check in CPUZ it says 4cores and 4threads.But when i do a benchmark on cinebench r15 it also says 2cores and 4 threads.But i also have changed from msconfig to max no. of...
  14. Y

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 fast startup doesn't work

    When my fast startup is enabled my PC boots into a blackscreen. When it is turned off it boots normal. How can I make fast startup work?
  15. B

    Question Can't get past BIOS

    My PC was working fine yesterday and I relocated apartments, and after that I cant get past BIOS. I have 2.5 SATA Samsung EVO 500GB and 3.5 SATA WD 1 TB; MSI Z270 SLI PLUS; i5 7600K; 2x8GB 3000mhz Corsair Vengeance LPX. Everything is plug When I power-off/restart my computer it goes straight to...
  16. L

    Question Laptop only displays on external monitor

    I have this old dell laptop that I upgraded to windows 10 and it booted normally but a few minutes later the screen just turned off, but the display still works because I can go into bios and safe mode but when I turn on the laptop it loads normally then goes into a blank screen. I decided to...
  17. Question Upgraded CPU however crash before i get to windows home screen

    I made a post about this before and one of my problems was my cooler however i have now fixed the cooler (which was broken) but im still getting this error every single time i launch windows This happens everytime and it is just a continous loop My specs Gigabye h110m-s2h motherboard cpu- was...
  18. computerissue666

    Question Startup and Shutdown issues.

    Every time i startup my PC i am greeted with what seems an endless circle and blue windows logo that eventually flashes something along the lines of 'scanning and repairing Drive (D:): 100%". When i am actually done using my PC i cannot shut it down for sometime. Pressing shutdown in the start...
  19. D

    Question Problems after restarting

    Hello, i have 2 problems caused by restarting: 1. My wheel (Thustmaster TMX Pro) always recalibrates when restarting (never has done this until recently) and puts my settings to deafult, its quite annoying having to put the values in every restart - no combination of taking out and putting in...
  20. C

    Question What causes Micro-Stuttering while gaming? Running out of options...

    I've ran out of options to try and solve this problem I cant seem to crack it down, hopefully I have it here. I seem to have this 30ish second stutter in majority of the AAA games I play (CS:GO,MW, VALORANT) etc. I've done some research to try and solve it and seems like everything I try...