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  1. basedgod221

    Question Keep getting windows installation error code 0xC0000005

    Hey I've been trying to install windows via iso via rufus, every time I try to install windows I get the error code 0xC0000005 (video of error below). Things I've tried/taken into consideration: SSD health check / (SSDs are brand new) Ram seems to be working fine (multiple os's/intense...
  2. anchus

    Question Frequent BSOD errors. Please help!

    From 2 weeks now, I've been getting frequent BSOD errors and I'm not able to use my laptop properly. It shows WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR and when I check the event log, I see these : Event ID 6008 Event ID 161 Event ID 1101 I tried most of the things I can, I don't know if I'm missing anything . I...
  3. E

    Question Black screen on first boot + Windows sign-in takes too long ?

    Hello, I’ve been having some trouble lately with my PC. When I first boot my PC, the pc boots to a black screen. My Bluetooth headphones automatically connect to the PC even if there is a black screen which indicates that this is a display problem (it is very possible it has to do with gpu)...
  4. P

    Question Transfering windows 10 license to new HDD

    I had an activated copy of windows 10 on my laptop. I needed to replace the existing HDD with an SSD, and while I did that I installed a version of windows 10 I had downloaded from the internet. I have the previous Product ID and Key. Now I can not transfer the license to this new system no...
  5. Naxian99

    Question Windows 10 can't see my NVME while trying to make a clean intalation

    I recently built my first PC. I have a Samsung ssd 970 EVO 500gb as my main and only storage unit at the moment, in which i will install Windows. I am using an external HDD as a bootable USB device in which i have the Windows iso. While i can see and detect my SSD in the BIOS of my...
  6. S

    Question Troubles with Asus ROG strix x570 e-gaming (BSOD while installing OS)

    Hello guys, I recently bought new computer parts. After building everything together I am having problems with booting my PC. My setup is: Asus ROG STRIX X570 E-GAMING, AMD Ryzen 9 5900x, EVGA SuperNOVA 750 G3 80+ GOLD, ASUS ROG STRIX LC 360 RGB, G.Skill D4 64GB 3600-16 Trident Z RGB and Asus...
  7. VitorMoreira2525

    Question Can't Boot Into Bios because my keyboard doesn't work

    i bought an ssd for my laptop, however the keyboard does not work ... is there any way to access bios without keyboard? when I try to put the pen Drive, the brand logo keeps flashing. Thanks!
  8. P

    Question SSD Causing Problems

    I left this weekend and when I came back I turned my computer on. I have my Windows 10 installed on an SSD, so when it was taking a very long time to boot I became worried. Nothing happened, so I restarted the computer. It went into endless automatic repair, which it would do every time from now...
  9. G

    [SOLVED] Possible Hardware issue of BSOD?

    Hello, I have been ignoring this BSOD for the past 2 days until it became so frequent that my PC is almost unusable. I just want to gather details on what are the possible Hardware issues that cause BSOD? I did all possible troubleshooting like: *Updating all drivers ( chipset, processor, gpu...
  10. Question Is it normal for rundll32 to use the mic ?

    is it normal rundll32.exe to use the microphone like this ?
  11. K

    Question HP ZBook WIFI Light Orange - Adapter Won't Enable

    I updated my ZBook from Windows 7 to Windows 10 as a requirement for some new work security issues and now my Wifi no longer works. I'm hard wired most of the time but the Wifi Button (not a function button but a stand alone button) stays orange. When pressed it toggles Airplane Mode but doesn't...
  12. Mikhal_Zubaz

    Question How to go back? Accidentally installed windows 10 over windows partition disk

    I thought I was installing windows 10 onto my ssd, but I think I installed over my computer’s windows. Now I have a windows.old.000 folder in my C: drive, and I know that’s going to delete 10 days. I copied my personal files into my ssd, but I just want to return to the windows 10 I had before...
  13. dwbb

    Question headset with mic can only choose mic in or headphone exclusively.

    Hi, I have a headset with mic. When i plug in the pink color jack > choose Mic in > can record sound but cant hear sound pink color jack > choose headphone > can hear sound but cant record sound. usb extender with jack> pink color jack >unable to choose headphone or Mic in > very low...
  14. A

    Question None of my shortcuts works on Windows 10

    Hello, Since the last month the shortcuts I put on my desktop from my external hard drive doesn't work. Only the web links shortcuts are working. I hope you can help me.
  15. bulva2

    Question [BSOD] Windows 10 machine BSODing on shutdown ?

    Hello everyone! In the last few weeks i'm having a flustrating problem. Every like 4th time I try to shut down my PC it says Shutting down.. then the screen goes black the PC is still running and after few seconds I get a BSOD (Most commonly "memory_management" but yesterday I got...
  16. T

    Question Windows 10 Persistent Audio Clicks

    Hi, I built a new PC last November and moved to Windows 10 and al lwas well. Then at some point around January I started to notice additional clicks and pops in my audio. After a while it became persistent and infuriating. The clicks and pops occur every few seconds, or sometimes constantly...
  17. T

    Info ASUS ROG Series & X99 Chipset Mother Board LAST BIOS TIME ERROR Shows 100~99999 seconds

    last bios time shows 100~99999 seconds and this time is the first boot system to restart system time : So if u have motherboard like rog m10 series you can restart your system and see the task manager the startup tip last bios time maybe show long times and this times is you first start system...
  18. E

    Question Does anyone know what the numbers mean on the volume control?

    When turning up or down the sound in windows you see a number next to the meter. What does this number mean? The number goes from 1-100, you know, "my volume is at 30%." However what does this percentage mean in relative to decibels? Is this number decibels? Is the max volume on windows 100...
  19. D

    Question Windows 10 cannot recover from turning off the monitor

    Hi all, I built a computer last May 2020 and it has been working nicely (except for some recent RMA I had to do). However since the very beginning I experienced a black screen issue in Windows 10 (image remained black in the monitor even the computer looked running normally) everytime I did...
  20. RyzenNoob

    Question How do I turn my old nvme into a cache drive

    I've just updated my C: drive to the ADATA SX8200 pro, but now want to turn my old Crucial NVME to a cache drive for my Storage Space or RAID 1 My mobo has the Intel® Z270 Chipset, the rest of the specs is in my signature for the intel system I have I can't even find this after searching for...