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  1. H

    Question GPU overheating and black screen after log in to windows 10

    I have been using my new build PC for around a month now and have had no issues until about an hour ago whilst playing lego star wars the screen went black and my headphones were producing a loud buzz. I couldn't get any feedback using any keys so I restarted the PC with the on off switch, once...
  2. S

    Question GTX 770 graphics card seems to be acting up ?

    The whole thing started about a week ago, games started crashing and windows deadlocking, after restarts, i see visual glitches some times like the following View: I tried uninstalling and updating all drivers, scanning for malware, fixing registry and broken system...
  3. Bradharker

    Question Ssd not recognised anywhere

    Hello, I’ve recently bought a new low(ish) end set up (i5-3570k, GTX 560, P8H61-MX) and trying to install windows to a new, larger ssd, however when I set it up and go to install the boot media (usb) the ssd is nowhere to be seen, this is the 3rd one I’ve tried with multiple sata leads...
  4. m4r1n7

    [SOLVED] Hello everyone, need help! whats the case here?

    The problem occured like 4 weeks ago. Iam using nvidia asus strix 1080ti card. The problem was like occasionally 2 times happened during Elden Ring -THE SCREEN GOES BLACK and GPU FANS start spinning ( you can hear them really good). I need to restart via button my pc and everythings back to...
  5. C

    Question frequent long stutters occurring from "system interrupts" ramping up usage CPU usage to 100% according to Task Manager.

    I have a Acer Nitro 5 AN515-54 that started having issues with Windows having corrupted drivers, preventing it from even booting (before this happened, there wasn't any system interrupts). Inside the laptop was an M.2 NVME SSD, and I ordered a ADATA SU760 SATA SSD from Amazon to replace the NVME...
  6. A

    [SOLVED] Harddrive permissions, can't save to this location.

    Recently I've come across a problem saving files to my external ssd. I tried save a .txt file to my ssd today via my browser and it didn't work, this prompted a message saying "You don't have permission to save to this location, save to pictures instead?" This is really annoying when saving...
  7. H

    Question PC turned itself on when i unplugged an external drive ?

    I shut my pc down and there was an external drive mounted. While it was shut down I unplugged the drive and all of a sudden PC started running and I had to shut it down again. What could be the reason?
  8. W

    Question No connection after win10 installation

    I have recently built a computer with a MOBO with no built in wifi . Did a installation of Win10 by downloading it off the Microsoft website and did the normal run through of set up . ( I didnt purchase Win10 yet ) I do have a router with a ethernet cable. It appears my ethernet cable isn't...
  9. C

    Question PC goes to bios everytime when restarting

    Hi everyone, Recently I have been having a weird one. (I don't know exactly when I started to have this issue but I think it was after installing some new windows 10 updates ... or new drivers?.. I don't remember :( ) Basically when I restart my computer it goes to BIOS everytime and keeps...
  10. N

    Question Error while updating from Win 8.1 to Win 10

    Hi, I have following error while upgrading from 8.1 to 10. See logs setupact and setuperr attached, which I find in C:\$WINDOWS.~BT\Sources\Panther. I ran SFCFix but no errors found. Logs available on: My PC specs are as follows: Acer Predator G3-605 DDR3-SDRAM...
  11. R

    Question PC on hibernate/sleep automatically wakes itself up after a few seconds ?

    My PC automatically wakes itself up a few seconds after I've set it to hibernate or sleep ? I've already removed all computer peripherals (mouse, keyboard, LAN, speaker, wireless adapter, display, webcam etc.). The only remaining device plugged in is the power supply but still it automatically...
  12. Y

    Question Various windows issues upon starting as well as apparent corruption [Please help]

    I woke up today after using my pc successfully the other night and found mysf stuck in a boot repair loop, I tried various of things on the internet such as trying to go into safe mode (it wouldn't even let me do that) and a lot of cmd stuff which didn't work (friend said it's because I don't...
  13. V

    Question Using Powershell to install asus driver - for dummies

    I am completely ignorant about powershell but an ASUS driver has to be installed with powershell windows 10 operating system Download - done Click to run powershell as admin done NOW WHAT? THIS IS WHAT POWERSHELL window says: PS C:\Users\cance\Desktop\touchpad\Touchpad> THIS IS WHAT THE...
  14. E

    Question Dual boot of Ubuntu and Windows 10; High fan speed and high cpu temp only for Windows 10

    Hi everyone, I have been using my desktop with both Ubuntu and Windows 10 installed for two years. Suddenly, from the last month, I found out that when I boot the computer with Windows 10, the fans go crazy, even though I didn't run anything. (I checked the task manager and the CPU and Disk...
  15. H

    Question Random MemoryManagement BSOD

    Getting random memory management BSOD since December.No special driver was installed ,no app ,no update from windows it just started doing this randomly. Tried sfc , dism , chkdsk .Ran memtest and got 8 passes. Upgraded every driver possible but still nothing. Here are some...
  16. cjwolls

    Question BSOD after a fresh OS install.

    Hello everyone, this is my first post onto this forum after quite literally years of lurking. I apologize in advance if this is not posted to the right area. I have been experiencing periodic blue screen issues with my PC for about 2 to 3 months now. Various things causing crashes, too long to...
  17. Evosphek

    Question My available memory is less than total memory

    View: I have 8GB of RAM installed. My total physical RAM is 7.80 (I am aware of this) but the available physical memory is less than 4GB. Can someone help?
  18. A

    [SOLVED] booting straight to bios after installing new cpu and motherboard

    Soi have updated to new cpu i5 11400f and motherboard msi h510m pro e motherboard rest all system is same. This is my my first build by my self. Windows is already installed in my hard drive. But when ever i boot up my pc it takes me straight bios. I have checked bio both my harddisk are being...
  19. Evosphek

    Question CPU fans/Sys fans and lights are still on after shutdown

    Everytime i press the power button or manually shutdown in windows the fans and lights are still on. I've check bios and turned quick boot off aswell as windows power options but it never works.
  20. P

    Question Audio/Screen Output is lagging every 7 minutes

    I have had this problem since I installed Windows 10 about 2 years ago (new custom PC), but the problem was occuring very rarely until some days ago. I have tried Windows reset, clean install of drivers of audio and video card with no luck. I noticed it is happening every 7 minutes (after...
  21. [SOLVED] Can't enter UEFI / BIOS Setup on ROG STRIX Z490-H GAMING ?

    When i go to: Windows settings > update and security > recovery > advanced startup > restart pc into advanced startup > go to UEFI firmware settings > restart to open UEFI firmware settings, the PC just restarts normally into windows 10, and trying to enter BIOS by using the keyboard keys while...
  22. super_computer

    [SOLVED] Can't access BIOS and Windows not starting ?

    Dear Sir, Please help me! I can't enter BIOS even after pressing DEL/F2/F8/F12/END KEY, it only shows 'Prepare to Enter'. After that an undersore symbol keeps blinking at top-left of screen. I can't start Windows either. I did every possible trick but nothing works: RAM Changed, Processor...
  23. Alexithymla

    Question BSOD when starting Minecraft ?

    I've made a thread about this before, but that was apparently only my temporary solution. I've recently gotten my new pc back from the shop, I was using my old 1030 build before this new one and it could run Minecraft without a BSOD on launch. Now I got my SSD replaced around 5 days ago in this...
  24. O

    Question CPU Usage jumps all over the place between 30 % and 100%

    Well, the screenshots speak for themselves The screenshots were taken when my computer was using opera gx with a few tabs open and one image open in the photos app my cpu is a Intel Core i5 10600K it's been going on since 3 days even when i have no other app open it still happens and in the task...
  25. siwging

    Question How to change contrast of an external monitor ?

    Long story short, I am playing some games through my remote PC, and I need to change the game's contrast. Unfortunately, there are no options available in the game, so I can't do anything on that sight. I have found a software called "Dimmer", but it only allows you to adjust brightness. Is...
  26. JohnA55

    Question System won't connect to internet

    Hello! I've been trying to test my RAM through "Memtest" for faults as I've been having some issues but that's a different story. My internet on the system was working fine until I removed all the RAM sticks and tried to test 1 by 1. After putting all the RAM sticks back in the machine, I've...
  27. I

    Question Duplicate screen problem

    Hello everyone, i have this annoying problem: I am trying to duplicate screen on laptop. Right now i am using windows 7 but before that i had the same problem with windows 10. Laptop model is - dell inspiron n5110. It has 2 GPU's - one integrated and other is Nvidia Geforce GT 525M. Laptop has 2...
  28. P

    [SOLVED] Does us msconfig delete the applications on the windows 10 copy?

    I have two windows 10 installations, one on my hdd and one on my ssd. I want to delete the one on my hdd however I have other programs on there so I can’t just wipe the drive. I looked it up and saw that I can use msconfig ( I think it’s called ) to delete the old windows 10 on my hdd that I...
  29. S

    [SOLVED] PC doesn't recognize PS4 drive

    I've taken out my PS4 drive to install it into my pc for more storage, but my pc can't recognize the PS4 drive. When I go to Disk Management the drive doesn't show up, but when I use the software ''MiniTool Partition Wizard'' the drive shows up with 10MB of storage and is labeled as ''Read...
  30. Shylesh VR

    Question Black screen after Windows login ?

    Windows 10 shows black screen after login , the login screen looks fine and after login the wallpaper shows up without any icons for a few moments and I get a black screen. There is a black screen and taskbar which for some reason doesn't respond to clicks or pressing Windows key. I can see and...
  31. Y

    [SOLVED] How to Seperate System and Boot Partition

    Hi guys, I have a windows 10 installed SSD which has system and boot partitions together. On the net, I saw that, in most of the installations these partitions are seperate. I've read that its not a big deal but if I were to use dual boot or something it would be a problem. I will install...
  32. B

    [SOLVED] ASUS Anti-Surge Triggering Inconsistently

    Hi All, Hoping you can help a fella out. I've had my PC for 7 years now, and over the past 6-months or so it's started abruptly shutting down during gaming, but inconsistently with no clear pattern. Upon reboot it tells me that ASUS anti-surge protection was the cause. First thing was to buy...
  33. PeterRomain

    Question Why can't I scan with my Canon Pixma MG 2400 ?

    Hi, I can't scan with my printer but I can print just fine. I have Windows 10 64-bit and I am using a wifi connection.
  34. C

    Question SSD size issue after -k1 option Clonezilla

    I am trying to migrate my Windows 10 old 2To 5400rpm to a new 4To SSD. I tried multiple solutions in order to finally get only one 4To part on the new SSD (and not 2To + 2To, due to cloning method). I ended up by : Converting my MBR partition to GPT using MBR2GPT tool. Succeeded. Cloning the...
  35. W


    Hey there! I was encountering those BSODs for while now, once in a couple of days maybe, so it didn't bother me that much. But as of a couple of days it's been getting out of hand to the point that I've had like 6 of them in an hour. My rig: Intel Core i9-10900k Gigabyte 3070ti Asus Prime...
  36. legendarysnake

    Question Virtual Box- Linux Mint Cinnamon and Shared Folders on Windows 10- Can't share files between the two OSes ?

    hi guys, i'm not able to do something simple in virtual box. As this is a problem related to linux mint, I decided to post in this forum section. I'm using Virtual Box inside Windows 10 and inside virtual box I installed linux mint Cinamon. I enabled the option where I can transfer downloaded...
  37. Question Windows Explorer huge CPU usage whole computer hanged

    any help would be highly highly appreciated, my windows 10 taking huge CPU usage on windows explorer. I have tried every possible solution defragment, removing all unnecessary software, removing all extensions, removing all caches files and cookies still, it's hanging a lot
  38. C

    [SOLVED] System cant install windows 10/Ram issues

    I build an pc. And I have big issues to install windows 10 and its BSODS. Here the specs: - Asus Crosshair Formula VIII -AMD Ryzen 9 5900X -Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 4 x 8GB, DDR4-3600, DIMM 288 pin CMW32GX4M4D3600C18 -PSU LC Power 1200 W -MSI Mech2x Radeon RX 6700XT Generally I have the...
  39. S

    Question Script Error Coming on Windows 10

    Dear Community, I am facing this Weird issue that some times when a user re-authenticates through Firewall he/she gets this error while connecting outlook. The user has clicked on yes to proceed. This issue also occurs when they change password of their system , We are not using Internet...
  40. S

    Question Keyboard and windows 10 driving me crazy

    Hi All, My computer is driving me insane, my keyboard is holding keys when i press it once, it cuts off completely until i reset the computer. I can not work or so anything with it, its not the key board as i have tried multiple keyboards both wired and Bluetooth and still the situation stays...